The big spill!

One beautiful day in a small world the humans dropped a big egg, there were builders that were there but one drowned and they could not find him. There were 3 cones around it so know one would go past. “Help we have to cleen it up because it is spredding quick  yelled Bob. Altho it gives us food lots because we are small. Human food is a lot nicer than ours. We live on mars and breath that air and are skin is speshile so we sive . Did you know we call eany typs of brushes diddlybops”. “We love Mars”!

The Day My Home Cracked

That day my home cracked in two, it changed my life forever! We no longer had warmth, shelter and the food was all spilling out. I had worked for ten years of my child hood getting all of that food and now in a matter of minuets it was all gone. I felt an angry tear rush dow my cheek watching my home being a destroyed. Then I suddenly felt like I was flying, but no I was getting eaten by the person who destroyed my beloved home. Can you guess who i am and who ate me in one bite?

The Amazing World Of Sweets

At Christmas time we went to a sweet shop and looked for a gingerbread house. Two minutes later we found the perfect one, it had a big mouthwatering house and it looked like it was in construction. There was a cracked open cream egg and little men which were made out of icing were surrounding it. so we bought it for £8.99 and overnight something had changed , the men had moved and they were now all on the roof and the cream egg was gone. i ran up to tell mum but she didn’t believe me and thought it was me.