The haunted house

It was a sunny Saturday morning in California, it was also a very special day. Special because it was Halloween lots of people celebrate Halloween but there was a house down a girl called Olivia’s road that really hated Halloween there name was Bill and when I say hated I mean they rip decorations down. But Olivia loved Halloween so she ignored that house and the Bill. So as it was Halloween after dinner Olivia went out trickle treating as she put her shoes on she heard a bang out side and screams. Then the weather changed dramatically then there was a knock at the door.

The Weather Changed Dramatically

The sun smiled down the happy people. No annoying children screaming alarming or dogs yapping loudly it was all quiet happy days. Suddenly, the clouds turned grey the sun faded into the darkness.Rain fell to the ground while big strikes of lightning struck ,the weather had changed dramatically. The sound of dogs yapping started and so did the alarming sound of children crying.







i fell out of deb then  my sister pushed me downstairs . I dropped my searyel. I like ? dices it’s razing. BUT I FELING!  I claimed out the pond dut my dad and sister

lathing . I was not. I went home ? . I got driy and then wet on the trapalean which had trees ? one ☝️ fell on the trampoline and sent me fling.  I fell on the tree ? face Faust.

The Bad Day!!!

It was a lovly, sunny day and Molly was having a garden party all her friends were coming any minite  now. Molly heard a nock on the door it was her friends Mia and Milena. Soon all her friends were in her garden.they played tag and hide and seek. Then they had some party food and cleared every thing away. But                    then the wheather changed dramatically. It started raining really heavily when they were about to do the cake

A Day At The Beach!

It’s the summer holidays and today we are going to beach.My name is Mia by the way. I have a little sister called Lola a mum and a dad.We set of at 9:15am.We got there at 11:31am finally!The beach we went to was Caister,it has lots of sand dunes so we could have a great adventure.Once we spent two and a half hours at the beach the weather changed we were all deverstated.