Panda’s rainy day 1ūüźľ

Panda was angry because it had been raining all morning. He just wanted his morning bamboo. Panda was so angry he put on his rain coat and went to see frog. He was joyfully jumping on the wet rocks when panda found him. All of a sudden a dragon and took panda he was almost scared to death. So frog went to get dog and cat and they went to find him

To be continued…

The haunted house

It was a sunny Saturday morning in California, it was also a very special day. Special because it was Halloween lots of people celebrate Halloween but there was a house down a girl called Olivia’s road that really hated Halloween there name was Bill and when I say hated I mean they rip decorations down. But Olivia loved Halloween so she ignored that house and the Bill. So as it was Halloween after dinner Olivia went out trickle treating as she put her shoes on she heard a bang out side and screams. Then the weather changed dramatically then there was a knock at the door.

The Weather Changed Dramatically

The sun smiled down the happy people. No annoying children screaming alarming or dogs yapping loudly it was all quiet happy days. Suddenly, the clouds turned grey the sun faded into the darkness.Rain fell to the ground while big strikes of lightning struck ,the weather had changed dramatically. The sound of dogs yapping started and so did the alarming sound of children crying.







i fell out of deb then ¬†my sister pushed me downstairs . I dropped my searyel. I like ?¬†dices it’s razing. BUT I FELING! ¬†I claimed out the pond dut my dad and sister

lathing . I was not. I went home ?¬†. I got driy and then wet on the trapalean which had trees ?¬†one ‚ėĚÔłŹ¬†fell on the trampoline and sent me fling. ¬†I fell on the tree ?¬†face Faust.

The Bad Day!!!

It was a lovly, sunny day and Molly was having a garden party all her friends were coming any minite  now. Molly heard a nock on the door it was her friends Mia and Milena. Soon all her friends were in her garden.they played tag and hide and seek. Then they had some party food and cleared every thing away. But                    then the wheather changed dramatically. It started raining really heavily when they were about to do the cake

A Day At The Beach!

It’s the summer holidays and today we are going to beach.My name is Mia by the way. I have a little sister called Lola a mum and a dad.We set of at 9:15am.We got there at 11:31am finally!The beach we went to was Caister,it has lots of sand dunes so we could have a great adventure.Once we spent two and a half hours at the beach the weather changed we were all deverstated.

The spooky house

My best friend and I were walking home when we saw a house in the fields which we had never seen before. I said bye to my friend and ran to the brick house, but then the weather ¬†changed dramatically and I ¬†knocked on the brown oak door. It slowly creaked open and I stepped inside, it was really messy but I explored downstairs. There was nothing there then I saw the stairs and I ¬†went up. I heard banging and moaning from the only door left, I crept towards the door and knocked slowly. It opened and ¬†I ¬†screamed…


The day it changed

When me and my friends went to the park we saw a really fun swing that we all wanted to go on. But the weather changed dramatically. It all was horrible, the wether was atrocious and we all had to go home. when we got home it was still pouring down with rain. So the next day it was delightful bright, sunny but we didn’t go to the park we went you won’t guess when…… MY BACK GARDEN. Oh yes it’s amazing isn’t it. And because it rained yesterday we all started to jump in puddles. It was sensational!



One morning I woke up and there was a loud nose outside. I slowly got out my bed,I was a stith after last night. I slowly opened my Certern and saw our close with lodes of puddles and rain everywhere. I went down stairs as fast as a tiger and eat my lovely serial and went on my I pad. When I went to school It was nailing and really wetafter school there were storm clouds everywhere and then thunder and lightning. Then that day the wether changed dramatically in my own eyes. Me and my friends were astonished

Cinema day trip!

One morning ¬†I woke up with my friend Jack and we stretched and made our way to our closet to get changed, we went downstairs ¬†and while we we’re eating our breakfast we were thinking of what we were going to do today I suggested we go to the park to bike. ” No maybe I know let’s go,” said Jack. Then we both shouted ” LET’S GO TO THE CINEMA.”.So that was our choice Jack sat in front of the tv and watched trains. I was in the kitchen ¬†booking seats to see the movie ‘Despicable Me 3.

A Short Life For The Boat

“Yay the tiny raft is finished” [a plank of wood]” and I will name it A Small Boat”. We put it on the lake, I got on it and I fell off into the water. So we brought a boat for 70 pounds. We got on the boat and half way on the boat was peaceful but then the weather changed dramatically and a thunder storrm came and we went home as fast as the wind. So we did not go on a boat trip since then so we went to theme parks instead of boats.

To Be Continued [I think]

When I got smiggle pencils

Yestday after school we went to my nannies house and I asked mummmy if they came and she said yes they have came and I was very happy about them coming . And I also said to mummy where are they and she said they are on the table and I said have you opened them yet and she said no I have not opened them . But then when it came throw the door but then the weather changed dreamily and I was so scared when it came my mummmy locked the doors and made sure that the animals was in .

The wether

Snow was falling rain was comming and lightning was comming and going seing boats comminginto the shore .And the clods taking over .what a misreble day and a boring day it was .but there were a bunch of …who liked it .They were the creaturs living under the sea.They liked it when the rain was pitter pattering on the sea.They thaught it was cosy when they ere wrapped up in there cosy seaweed blancits.With there little night lights on. Thomy was reading a book in bed .Milly was coluring in bed .Jack was sleeping in bed .And Lola was asleep

Introduction to THE MUTANTS

Mutants are types of poeple with amazing superpowers like lazereyes super strength telepathic or a mind reader . Now the story I’m about to tell you is about mutants and how poeple are afraid of them!

One day at a school there was a young girl called storm . Now  storms parents were supers or nown as mutants and they were part of an elite group called the Xmen . The xmen where a group of mutants how have powers and go around excepting awards there where five Xmen : Beast , cyclops , nightcawler , quicksilver and wasp .




Ok so today ¬†we are going to go kayaking so of we go ¬†and we are there so we need to wait for our instructor come ¬†on I thought to myself we haven’t got all day avenchally ¬†he came so we got in the boat and the whether changed dramatically and then suddenly the boat tipped .


But then the weather changed dramatically I ran to the jeep  and  slammmed the door and sped off.I  ran inside the log cabin and I dried myself offf and got changed. As I stepped into my roommates side of the room I told her what had happened outside. Then we sat down and had a movie marathon I told my friend  what had happpened in mord detail and I went through it over again and again in my mind carefully.


A Day At The Park

One nice day, the Wood family were going to Bushmead Priory,but sadly it had just closed. So they ended up going to Grafham Waters, the day was both warm and comforting. They had fun playing in the park and going to the seaside. But only one thing stood in their way , the weather had changed, they knew that it was a bad time to get ice cream, as they ran back to the drenched car they all got soaked, every time that they made a step their soggy boots squelched , covering their feet with freezing cold rain . They were devastated.


Die die die??

One day I was playing with my friends on overwatch when the door bell ran . As I walked to it some thing went wrong with the TV. All a sudden I got sucked in the game. Then I was in my game as a character called reaper as I played I did not now what to do. After I learned how to play and got tons of kills but then the weather changed dramatically. After that I got into a Mach and I won it and got up so meany levels on the game and I got out the game.