Not again?

One day I went round my friend Ruby’s house and next door to her lives Harley (my friend) and round his house was Wyatt (his cousin.) So we all went to Ruby’s house for a sleep over. We went out side and played in the pool, went on the trampoline, and had a water fight. But then the weather changed dramatically we had to stay inside. So we stayed in side playing with dolls and Morgan (the dog.) We stayed up till 12:00 at night watch movies and videos. The next day the weather was better so we played out side.


Hi my name Jonny and I am going to a to a beach because it is nice and sunny. It is an hour away and we are on the journey right now. At the beach there is a huge yacht that is meant to be there. If that is there then we can go on it have a party. A few minutes have passed and we are at the beach, but then the weather changed dramatically. It started pouring and pouring down. It also got very cold and the yacht was’nt there. That means that are trip was sadly cancelled.