The day in the life of me

The first thing I do is check on Tom. Then I get dressed. After that I go down stairs and eat my breakfast. Then I go brush my teeth. After I brush my teeth I get ready to go to school. When I get to school I but my bike in the shed and go to the front  the school to wait for the doors to open. When it’s break time I go play with my friends. At the  end of school I biked home and jumped on the couch and watch tv pes I do this most of the time


There was a girl called Megan who lived in a huge house which looked like a mansion. Megan was about to go outside as she suddenly heard a knock at the door as Megan came closer to the door the letterbox opened! AHHHH!!! “Who is home let me in?” Megan ran upstairs but before she knew it she heard the door bang again it was a lot louder this time. Then everything went silent! Slowly, Megan walked down the stairs and turned into the lounge and saw the someone sitting on the sofa. What do I need to get rid of this stranger.

Dunkens things.

One day duken got a pill of letters. One sead. Frome the tolit stop sitting on my mawthe then pooing in it. An other sead. From you're dut I've been sick for 10 years drown sloppy stuff has been comeing out of my mouth. My curry Seid "do you wont some curry well call  0055799 that's the evel curry line" 



The Missing Kitten

Scarlett lost her cat Ginger. Ginger was running around the park she thought what should I do now I’m lost I think I should run to the pet shop. Scarlett was in her room crying. Emma found me and took me to the pet shop I thought Scarlett would find me but she didnt find me. Then Scaletts mum found Ginger. Ginger was so happy to be home. Scarlett was so happy to see Ginger. They were both so happy to see Ginger. Ginger was hurt she had cut her leg. She went to the vet. She hade broke her leg.

Holiday time

SQWEAK THUMP HISS ROAR the zoo chattered as all the animals escaped from the zoo to go on holiday.They whizzed of in the car all the way to the beach.Awesome said rana the tiger cub as she jumped onto the soft sand.Norman the  elephant got out the car and started to unload it.While he was doing that all the other animals got into there swim suits ready to play in the sea.Now what do I need said sleepy the panda.Oh year I need my rubber ducky.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK! They cried as they ran to the sea and jumped in.weeeee weeee weeeee yay .

The Failed Fathers Day

It was a Sunday morning and the boiling hot sun beamed melting heatwaves down on my family’s sweaty bodies. “Now what do I need?” Dad thought to himself. “That’s it: sun cream and lots of cool refreshing water.” As we went of to Stanwick Lakes, we saw an ice cream shop called Cafe Romè. We each stopped to get a lovely cold ice cream and it was really funny when my brother mistook sicilian lemon for sillican lemon but it was the worst time ever to get ice cream because it has just starting to pour down.


Fast Cars


Hello I’m late for work. I work at the a factory that makes cars, also when they are built I am the first person to try out the car. I was the first ever person to drive the lambagahini centinario and it was very fun. At the moment I am driving to work in a farrari f12 which is  fast. I’ve got a story to tell you, so yesterday Me and one of my workers were driving around in a Toyota supra and he told this long list of things and I said now what do I need to do.




The day in a life of me!

The first thing I do is I get out of my cosy bed .Then I go check on Morgan and Poppy my dogs  .After that I get some yummy breakfast .The more I eat the more I get stronger .After my yummy breakfast I got dressed .Then I picked up my friend and went to school .Next I go home and get a ice lolly if it is hot.After I had my  ice lolly  I have a very delishious dinner.Now I check on the dogs and give Them yummy  food.Now I go on my hudl and then go to sleep. Continue reading “The day in a life of me!”

Holiday Time!

My family and I are all going on holiday to beautiful Hawaii. Right now, I am packing my bag to go there and so far I have packed a couple of clothes. But now what do I need? I could use some gel and a few more hair products but we won't go into detail. 

Now we are in the car, my dad is trying to be funny; I am so embarrassed. 

Now we are on the plane in business class; it is so fun and very expensive. 

Our five-star hotel is the absolute best and the location is priceless!!!!

How to make a toy.

                                How you make a toy



You will need to make your toy

. Saw

. Tape

. Glue gun

. Cam

. Box

. What you want on top

. Sticks

First you will need get your box. Wene you have your box cut the stick as long as you want. Stick it in a t the bottom of the box. Get a shap of wood put  the shap in with the stick. Get another stick now wat do I need a nother stick cut it how long you want. Put it in the top of the toy. Now you can put your stuf on the toy.


Cinema day trip. Part 2

“I’ve finished booking the seats,” I called back to Jack.    So Jack  turned off the TV, packed his wallet, got his bank card and phone, put them in his pocket and we left for the cinema but then the weather changed dramatically into sunshine after the horrible rain. When we got inside there was a lot of people standing around to see ‘Despicable Me 3’. “Now what do I need,” I thought.   “I know let’s get some king candy, and we’ll get some popcorn and last but not lest we’ll get two drinks. Ok is that alright with you Jack,” I joyfully said. “Ok let’s do it, Jack announced. So off we  went getting stuff before the film started. Finally we got to room 5 and sat down at the very top seats.

After the film, we went back home put the tv on and watched East Coast trains. while we where watching trains I ordered one cheese and tomato pizza after we ate all the pizza we,cleaned up the wrapper on the pizza we,went upstairs, got into our pyjamas, turned off the light, pulled up the curtain and went to sleep. ” Good night Jack,” I said  “Good night,” Jack said.


Storm of Zombies

“Mum can I go to the park with my friend until 9 o’clock pm?”I said.

“Yes”she grounded

1 hour later as I scored a goal In the corner of my eye I saw a graveyard, so I went to the graveyard. But then the weather changed dramatically and it started to rain, so I walked back to the football field and it stopped raining. But my friend wanted to look in, so we went into the graveyard and I was thought I heard something, but my friend thought otherwise. Suddenly a zombie apocalypse started and that was the end of me and my friend.

packing day

Now what do I need, oh my book and my pens. I got my case out picked 9 pairs of shorts and 9 t-shirts.then I found some other bits of clothing and packed my bathroom bag. In my bathroom bag I put shampoo, conditioner, body whash, a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Then I put my case downstairs and helped my sis pack her bags I put my sis' case next to mine. I ran to my baby brother got some utilities and all in ones for him stuffed them in his case and zipped it up." Were ready to go mum"  "ok darlings"

The apocalypse

I woke up thinking this was going to be a bad day like every other. I got out of my bed, sadly and slowly. I looked out the window and saw what I see every day: an abandoned town. Then saw something I’d never seen. I ran to ask my family what was happening – they didn’t know. I thought, “Now what do I need for what’s happening?” I got a gun from the loft and put it on my bed . I sat there, waiting for some zombies to come. After two hours, my mum came in and said, “Don’t worry.”

The Move

Hi, I’m Super Tom and this is my sister Boring Kelly. The horrific  words that my mum said yesterday changed my life forever. She actually announced that we had to leave the house now because dad lost his job ad we were goin to be homeless . This was not good. What about school? What about food and water? What our toys? How are we going to live? We started to pack the important things that were valuable and useful. “Now what else do I need,” cried mum.

“A home to live in,” shouted Kelly. Two days later we were put in adoption!


…The trip…

“Now what do I need,” I thought. I looked over to my draws and saw a peach mango dress and thought that it be a perfect dress for the disco and that it would look lovely on me. But I only wore it on special occasions like weddings or family members meetings. But today was a special accasion. I was going. I was going. TO HOLIDAY CAMP!!!!!!!! The best place to sit down, relax and just enjoy your time. So I was ready my bag was backed and so was my coat. But suddenly…

to be continued….

(I won’t continue)

What else do you need?

Yay no more boring school for the week.Time to relax on my bed and forget everything.The only trouble is that mum is having a baby and can’t do anything so it                               is all down to me to follow her orders.Great!Why did she even want a haunted,annoying child.I was her favourite now she has replaced me for a sodden baby. The first day of the holidays I got woke at six to get painkillers.Then water,toast,more painkillers and her phone (which was literally 600 feet.)Now what else do you need I shouted every 10 minutes.This lasted all day and all I wanted to do was sleep, so I shut my eyes tight.


Making slime!

Now what do I need, borax, glue , food colour (choice), bowl ,spoon,  glitter( choice), soup.

First ,get a bowl, then put glue and borax in it.

Next ,mix it and add soup then mix that.

Then ,you can add decorations to it if you whant to.

Finaly ,play with it and add a bit more borax, to get it wright.

Now you will have a perfect peace of slime to play and figet with, congrachlations.

Hope you like it.


The explosion!

“Now what do I need?” I said. Eventually I got the last thing on my list to make a potion. I started mixing.It made a bubbles but I poured in the main ingredient which would make it all a potion. It started to moan and groan like it was a monster!  I backed away slowly and the potion was gurgling loudly. Then it exploded!! “uh oh I think I broke the building” I stammered. I had to move house and promise never to make another potion but, when i moved I still had everything I needed to make another potion