Holiday celebrate ?

Now what do I need ! Ohh hello you caught me while I was packing. My name is Jonny ,who is going on a trip tomorrow to Gran Canaria. I am excited. But I don’t know what to pack I have : my pencil case,paper, iPad,phone,headphones and book . But I’m not sure if I’m missing something think think …

Ohh my colouring book to put my colouring in once I’m finished with it.

My book that I am taking is …

CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS and the attack of the turbo toilet 2000.

I love the series’s of CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS .

I just ┬ácan’t wait till tomorrow I’m so excited ?


The day I had to take my rabbit to the vets .

Today after school I am gowing to the vets then Holly the rabbit will be a bit sad now what do I need I just need the rabbit and the box I put her in and a towel and same food . Then when we get they we take her out of the car sand we take her in to the vets then we sit down and we wait till we are called in to the room . Then we go home and we get bathed ready for my family to came around because today they I having a sleepover at my house for about 20 nights .

The end

The boy who bored.

There is a boy who very bored but one day he was in his brother came into his room a said do you want play the Xbox one or no yeah , but we only have one controller so we just buy one, now what do I need but it a hundred dollars so we ask mum nicely but if she said no get her credit card then they went to mum and said yes but you buying for it but why because I bought the Xbox one then a week later yes! we got it I am so happy thank mum