The Strange Restrant.

It was the 21st of August 2017.My mum promised my family a trip to a restrant .I was super excited.At 12:00 o’clock we arrived at the restrant.The decorations were wired,there were lime shaped everything.Do. not forget about the rats! It was disgusting.There was also a TV with a ship and someone going overboard. It was poposterous.So we left straight away.Thank goodness!

Summer holiday

Today I went on holiday. My friend told me about a rat in her house. When we were packing we were eating lime and lemonade. We were on the plane and it was the best day of my life. The plane was landing at menorca. The holiday was amazing the golden sand the beautiful glistening beach sea. Me and my sister went swimming in the freezing cold swimming pool. That day was the best day ever. We all went back to the hotel and went to bed and fell straight to sleep.

My bad day 2

I was sleeping on the flow. My mum trout on my and I sead ” aowch! ” I silt my drink all over my mum ” go to you’re room” sead mum so I went to my room my sister came in my room then smashed my window then she did a flip out of the window and went to mum and sead that I pushed her out the window.  Next we went to the shop the was trathick all the way the so we had to turn a round so we did. A car hit awer car.

The big rush

It was a warm Saturday morning in Annabel’s town. Excitedly, Annabel jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. Annabel had a really lovley house that actually had lime coloured walls. Annabel was very lucky because she had been wanting to go to a gymnastics class for ages. Today was her first day at the class she quickly looked at the clock and rushed to get dressed. When Annabel arrived at her new class the first thing she saw was a dead rat right at the doorway. “I am not liking this,” Annnabel whispered. There was a lake near by where she saw a man fall overboard. “I am leaving!”Annabel yelled.

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It was a warm Friday morning and cora was putting up the banners for the summer fair .Her best best best best best best freind Annabel was helping set up the fruit for the guests to by .They were very exsited to be incharge of the whole fair.There would be more than 10000000 million people to surve at the fair so they had to work hard.Oh no all the people started to arive as they built up the courage to surve.All right they said to there self as they surved the first coustumer.Here we go as all the fun began yay.