The Dog That Can Talk

One day there was a dog and it wasn’t just any old dog it was a dog that can talk.So yesterday he thought he would go to a doggy school and he was the only one that could talk.Their first lesson was hold my paw that was easy for the dog.They went in line the dog was first in line it was easy all you needed to do was lift your paw up and  that is how you do it the next lesson was jump in the air that was so easy that the dog was wearing glasses and that was the end of doggy school day.





The Intresting Week

One day i was just strolling along the street.When i see Mr Jones his leg was were his arm should be and his arm was were his leg should be. His shed was pink and the dog was wearing glasses. The next day i went into the cinemare and the screen was up side down,the actors were speaking backwards.On Friday my car was upside down and the shops were full of CHEESE!!!!!!!!.Today it was the last day of the week and i was so confused and so anoyed but then i noticed that i had no arm and that was it.

The Dog Who Has Glasses

Hi I am a dog and my name is Molly. I have an amazing owner called Megan. I am a Sausage Dog and my fur is a chocolate brown colour. My owner wears a pair of brown socks, shiny shoes, a pink t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. I am writing this for my homework at puppy school. Anyway my owner took me out for a long daily walk and she took me to the playground for a play on the blue pretty slide. But when she was taking me to the shop to buy my favourite ice cream I couldn’t see anything at all. I suddenly got scared and sat down my owner looked at me in the eye and saw that there was a bumble bee in my eye so she took me to the optitions and now I have glasses. They are a baby blue colour. She says and the dog was wearing glasses.

A dog who wore glasses

One day there was a dog who wore glasses and the dog looked super smart but it is not it is super  dum. He has a oner called jack and jack is really smart and he is trying to make his dog really smart in a month the dog was a normal dog then in a year it was really smart it could make drinks and it was smarter the its oner  it was so smart it new how to speak and play games like it.The oner did not only teach the dog the dog  went to a school called y. He was to smart that meant that he had to get a job he got a job as a scientist because he was so smart he made a lot of fings and that is the end of the dog wearing glasses.

The dog that wore glasses

One day I went to the beach and there was a dog wearing some weird green glasses.I was amazed at what I saw ,my best Amelia was sitting next to me and I said to her “have you ever seen a dog wearing weird green glasses before and she said “I have seen a dog like that before my auntie owns one.So I got up and went to find out more about the weird green dog wearing glasses.The owner said his name was green dog and that explained every think.The owner went on and on about how the dog loved wearing glasses and couldn’t see very well.I went back and told Amelia that the dog couldn’t see very well and went back home.When we got to the beautiful pink cottage we went up stairs and started drawing the weird looking dog because we really loved art it was nearly tea and we had a tasty looking bowl of spaghetti.