The Werd dog

One day there was a dog and a man called peter and mike. One day they went to the beach to play but the beach was closed. The next day they went again  and it was open so they went to play on the beach with the beach ball.  The man though the ball and the dog was not there so he went home. the next day he went to the beach and the dog was ling on a sun bed with sun glasses on  and people just didn’t do any thing at all.

The End

My world

In my wold cats are always black and fluffy ,dogs wear glasses and look really funny.There are lots of beaches lots of dolphines .There are ten rainforests. Lots of cable cars to get where you want to go. There are 15 football pitches and 20 gyms, an ice rink, a ten story high M and M world  and loads of landscapes. My favourite place is the spa and the sweet store you can lay on candyfloss pillows even bubblegum bubbles. If you sit in them you can tell them where to go. In my world it is always my birthday and thats where I will live forever

The dog was wearing glasses

One day there was a dog that loved wearing glasses he loved wearing glasses so much he could not even count how many pers he had of glasses. One day he went to go and by some more glasses he saw a per that he really wanted to by them but then he saw the price of them and they were a lot of money he went home and got the rest of his money he put it with the rest of his money he had enough to get his glasses he wonted to add some detail but he did not have enough so he just bought the normal ones and the dog was wearing the glasses.

The Fantastic Superhero Dog

One little dog was  sitting on the windowsill and dreaming what life would be,if he was a superhero dog. Her  name  was Isabelle. The next day, Isabelle went to the park to play with her friends who also want to be a superhero dog. While they were all playing, Isabelle went to a tree which had long leaves like vines then a shine of gold. When Isabelle woke up in her bed, she could magically fly in the so she thought she had superpowers and she did so she wore a superhero costume for dogs and for the final thing the dog was wearing glasses. All the dogs were feeling very jealous!


the silly dog that wheres glasses

On day sam and Tim were heading to by a new dog and they saw a dog who was wearing glasses sam said is that dog wearing glasses and the dog was wearing  glasses he said to the person who owned the shop and asked the lady in the shop can i buy the dog whos wearing glasses please that will be £14:00 said the lady at the counter thank you said the boys by said the lady at the counter at home the boys played with the dog with glasses the dog barked and played with the boys the next night they were all asleep .                                                      THE END