Henry’s strange adventure! (7)

Henry sat in the dark and cold prison alone over night feeling that he might make a river. Henry looked out of the prison door. It looked as if the storm sprites outside the prison were about to all fall asleep on the chairs. He waited for a few minutes a to see if the storm sprites were going to fall asleep. Five minutes later all of the storm sprites were asleep. Henry creeped over to the door of the prison and got the keys from the lock. He opened the door and saw an open window to climb out of.

The Epic Fail

One day there was a farmer who once had a big lake that was all murky, dirty and green.He tried to swim in it once but it guess what it was an EPIC FAIL!!!.So he tried again but he went a bit higher and jumped on a higher spot and it was an EPIC FAIL again.So he tried again with higher jump with the biggest jump he could ever do and it was the most funniest fail ever.I had never seen anything as funny as that was it was hard for me to breath it was that funny.





Are class did nothing wrong and we are the only class that gets HOMEWORK AHH. You might be thinking  I get HOMEWORK so why is she moaning. This is not normal homework in a school week . Oh no . We had Christmas half term HOMEWORK. I know it terrible right . And even worse it was Science . At least we were aloud to partner up with a friend . I was partnering up with Honey so we got to work . We worked and worked and worked until it was Done.

The Little Boy’s Problems.

Once there was a normal little boy named Matt. He lived in a small house with his mum, his dad and his little sister. In this story, I will be telling you about this little boy’s problems.

One of his problems was when he and his dad were on a boat ride in the sea. The boat started to shake when,”SSPLAASSHH,” he fell off the boat and into the sea. His dad had to call the lifeguards to come and rescue him. While they were waiting, the little boy grabbed onto a rope on the boat that was put there for decoration.

The second problem is when he was walking in the park and he fell into a puddle. He was just walking along when he fell in head first. The puddle was very deep. All you could see were his boots and a bit of his jeans. His mum and dad had to pull him out while his sister just stood there watching.

These are just some of his problems. I will tell you more in the next story though!


stuck in the mud

One day i asked my mum if i can go to school next week and mum said “um yes” so after that i went to my bed room telling my friends that i m coming to school on Monday. A week later one Monday i went to school and all my friends were there and we done english maths and a stater of science and then it was play time and me and my friends went the gate to play it and then half of year five came to play. so me and my friend Lennon  wen into the woods and there was a swamp and i fell i  upside down and Lennon pulled me out


The End