Henry’s strange adventure! (7)

Henry sat in the dark and cold prison alone over night feeling that he might make a river. Henry looked out of the prison door. It looked as if the storm sprites outside the prison were about to all fall asleep on the chairs. He waited for a few minutes a to see if the storm sprites were going to fall asleep. Five minutes later all of the storm sprites were asleep. Henry creeped over to the door of the prison and got the keys from the lock. He opened the door and saw an open window to climb out of.

The Epic Fail

One day there was a farmer who once had a big lake that was all murky, dirty and green.He tried to swim in it once but it guess what it was an EPIC FAIL!!!.So he tried again but he went a bit higher and jumped on a higher spot and it was an EPIC FAIL again.So he tried again with higher jump with the biggest jump he could ever do and it was the most funniest fail ever.I had never seen anything as funny as that was it was hard for me to breath it was that funny.





Are class did nothing wrong and we are the only class that gets HOMEWORK AHH. You might be thinking  I get HOMEWORK so why is she moaning. This is not normal homework in a school week . Oh no . We had Christmas half term HOMEWORK. I know it terrible right . And even worse it was Science . At least we were aloud to partner up with a friend . I was partnering up with Honey so we got to work . We worked and worked and worked until it was Done.

The Little Boy’s Problems.

Once there was a normal little boy named Matt. He lived in a small house with his mum, his dad and his little sister. In this story, I will be telling you about this little boy’s problems.

One of his problems was when he and his dad were on a boat ride in the sea. The boat started to shake when,”SSPLAASSHH,” he fell off the boat and into the sea. His dad had to call the lifeguards to come and rescue him. While they were waiting, the little boy grabbed onto a rope on the boat that was put there for decoration.

The second problem is when he was walking in the park and he fell into a puddle. He was just walking along when he fell in head first. The puddle was very deep. All you could see were his boots and a bit of his jeans. His mum and dad had to pull him out while his sister just stood there watching.

These are just some of his problems. I will tell you more in the next story though!


stuck in the mud

One day i asked my mum if i can go to school next week and mum said “um yes” so after that i went to my bed room telling my friends that i m coming to school on Monday. A week later one Monday i went to school and all my friends were there and we done english maths and a stater of science and then it was play time and me and my friends went the gate to play it and then half of year five came to play. so me and my friend Lennon  wen into the woods and there was a swamp and i fell i  upside down and Lennon pulled me out


The End


The epic fall

One day there was a man walking his dog they went to a place where there was loads of space for the dog to run around and stretch his little legs they had found a really good place for them to have a walk and take the dog for a walk when they had let Matthew the dog the dog of the lead and he went like a bird that was getting chased by a bird he ran so fast he did not recanise that there was a tree in front of him coming to wards him and he jumped into a lake to have a swim he tried to get Matthew out but he slipped and went head first in the lake

the mum

One day there was a young family a mum a boy and a dog.They were going to the park  when a big bang happened they ran as fast as they could  because they fort that it was a bome they ran to a bench and hid under it but little did they now that a crimal was the cors of all the noise they jumpt into a lake and they sore a kindame  they wanted to explor what they had seen  so they did but they stated to run out of breth and did not get out in time!

The weird reflection

I was on a walk though the park when I was the most strangest thing I had ever seen. I looked across the water and I saw my reflection shinning in the water. The only thing was it looked like I was sinking into the water. I told my  big sister so she looked across the water at her reflection but she looked as normal as ever. Suddenly I felt something or someone grab my leg and the next thing I new I was in the water. So my sister jumped in to. After that we found each other drifting to the bottom of the water!


One day there was a boy called Tom,Tom was tall,blond hair and dark eyes,Tom was going to Jim’s house for tea.Jim saw Tom from a mile away,Jim ran down the hill and said”I haven’t seen you till last month”  Tom was very happy( but Jim did not no that Tom made a trap near the lake.) They both walked up the hill talking about who is there favourt person in the world.When they got to Jim’s house, POW  Jim fell through the lake,AHHHHHHHH HELP ME,”ha that ‘s right you are not my friend now are you NO. (see you in 10 years time).

Going fishing with my Uncle

Hi my name is Amelia and my uncle is Sam.One morning my uncle came to my house and suprised  me with a trip to the public fishing lake i was super excited so i raced downstairs.When we arrived at the lake i said to my uncle “How many fish do you think you will catch”said Amelia.”I think i’m going to catch more than you lets do a challenge”.”Sure” said Amelia.All of sudden my uncle caught a fish and it was  super heavy so he fell in i tried to help him but i couldn’t reach him.But the rest of the day i enjoyed .Out of me and my uncle i caught the most fish i got 9 fish Sam got 1 fish.I had a great time!!!!


The end !!!!

The not so lovely pond to go fishing…

(A quick note: the mysterious light bulb 2 is still being developed so i will be finshing it soon enough.)

One day a fisher man when to go fishing in a new pond one day. The pond was already mossy because it opened a week ago and lots of animals have already been it. So the fisher man decided to go and fish there. Once he got there he got his boat ready and pushed it a little on to the gental……not so gental water? and climed on to go fishing and also has boots on. 5 minutes later he got 12 fish in his bucket full of water. Suddenly, a little wave came flowing over, then bigger, then bigger,then bigger… The fisher man frew his rod and caught a massive fish! But then it dissapered… And then… HIS BOAT SNAPPED but the ground underneath the water was close to surfes UNTIL HE GOT SUCKED IN FROM NOTHING AND DISSAPERED FOREVER!!!!! No one has seen the fisher man until this very day…

I Fell in the pond…

Once upon a time I was pondering around a farm in my jeans, my boots, my coat and a T-Shirt. I went to see the cows in the fields and the chickens in the farm house. I finally reached the duck pond which was quite mucky and slimy but there was still plenty of ducks in the pond. So I went to stroke one of the tame ones, when suddenly the duck I wanted to stroke sped out of the way and I fell in! My Mummy had to get a member of staff to get me out but I didn’t mind because in the end I was just fine!

The Diary Of Nia’s Adventures

Hi, my name is Emily and I am here to tell a story about one of my adventures. Ok so one day I was awoken by a load of bagging noises. I went outside and saw that one of my friends was throwing stones at my window. ‘WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING THROWING STONES AT MY WINDOW? COME HERE NOW!’i shouted and my friend had to shush me. But apparently we had someone to save. I went to my shed and got out my bike and my mums. Me and my friend got on the bikes. My bike was a pinky-bluey colour. We drove past a lake but I fell in and got completely drenched.

Henry’s very strange adventure!

One day there was a boy walking in the Autumn leaves. This boy was wearing grey boots,navy jeans and a black jacket. The boy’s name was Henry Shepard. Henry was playing in the water when suddenly he fell into the river behind him. This was very strange for Henry as it wouldn’t let him back up to the surface and he could breathe under water. Then Henry realised that this was a very deep river and he was being pulled along by a piece of rope that an under water ship was tugging. Then Henry knew what was happening!

Henry’s strange adventure! (2)

Henry realised that a couple of years back in his life this horrible witch put a curse on him. This curse was that n 2013 Henry would go for a walk in the park and fall into a river and be pulled down to the witches dark under water castle.


A few minutes later Henry found himself in the hall of the witches castle. At the end of the hall sat the dark witch herself in her black shell throne. “Hello Henry dear,” said the dark witch, “How lovely to see you again.” “What do you want with me,” asked Henry?


One day I was walking near a lake, it was very large and it had a bench next to it. So I went to sit on that bench! As I sat down I stared down into the water, as I peered down I saw tiny fish swimming along in large groups. I placed my backpack down beside me and reached in to get a sandwich. Once I got my sandwich out I teared open the packaging and bent down to take a huge bite! As I scoffed down the sandwich I glanced up to see a bunch of girls from my school giggling and snorting behind me! I looked up in shock not thinking that they were planning and whispering something and shot up as my sandwich fell in the lake. I stared back at it as I heard one of the girls snigger “Oh, why don’t you go get your sandwich, it’s where you belong *CHUCKLE*!”. I frowned in confusion. Then all the girls stepped back as they shot forwards nocking me down on to the grassy, muddy ground making my backpack go down with me! They leant over me as I finally got back on to my weak, wobbly legs. As they slowly stepped forward I staggered backwards onto the rim of the lake and because I was wearing bright green crocks my heels got soaked! They took one more giant leap and that is when I started to slip off the side then I tried to do a front flip over the girls but I ended up doing a back flip into the water! I leapt backwards into the cold, fish infested water, I landed in a handstand position. And I never saw daylight again.

the under water world

I was walking along the path and i tripped fell into the water and suddenly found my self in a under water world.When I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful… well at first I didn’t know what it was but then I realised it was a colourful girl with a nice scaly shiny purple tail.”It’s a mermaid”Ben tried to shout but knew nobody would hear him.Ben looked around and saw lots of different shops,houses and even schools where mer children learn.Ben thought hard and decided to get out of the water.Once he was out he realised he was dry…

A person under the water

One day there was a man called max and max had a job as a scientist  he was very very good at being a scientist he was one of the smartest scientist in the world. Max was at college for a long time.When max was little he always went to this little pond and admired it. He watched it all day and all night.He still came to admire the little pond he loved the pond because the pond sparkled in the night and day. one day he went to the pond and saw the pond was all dirty then he went to stand on the water then he fell on his head and the water brang him in THE END.




Henry’s strange adventure! (3)

“Oh I would only want to KILL YOU,” screamed the dark witch! “After all that you have done to me what else do you think you’d deserve,” the dark witch growled. “What have I done to you,” Henry replied shaking with fear. “Well to start you ruined my marvellous plan to wreck the human world and become the greatest ruler of all times and second you nearly destroyed my beautiful castle by throwing a grenade in the river right beside it,” the dark witch howled in anger.                                                      “Well I didn’t mean to do all of that,” Henry said.

Land of da ZOMBIES.

It was the day we have all been waiting for and how do i know well.I was taking my dog for a walk and we come across a small lake with lots of plants in it, then in the middle of the lake I see legs poking out of the river.HUMAN legs I run so fast , i cant even see my leg moving and then i get into my house. I feel so scared my legs begin to shake and i get a very strong head eacke  and then boom i fall on to the floor in shock.