Sorrows and Secrets *SONG*

I have sorrows, I have secrets

I have speed, I have feet

But they will never keep me…

From following my dreams


Sadness, madness

They keep me on my feet

I fall down, I get up

It will always be that way…


I have sorrows, I have secrets

I have speed, I have feet

But they will never keep me…

From following my dreams


I stay locked away… (Locked away)

I stay far away…(Far away)

My tears fall down, until they hit the ground…


I have sorrows, I have secrets!

I have speed, I have feet!

But they will never keep me…

From my dreams!




My something

It lives at my house and is soft as can be . A cute smiley face which often joins me .  I have had it since 2008( when I was 0)I still have it now . It is always right next to me when I go to bed . My great auntie bought it for me the day after I was born as a present that I have kept and will keep forever . It will come on all the journeys I go on . It is something that never bothers me it makes me feel happy looking at it . It cheers me up to see it and it is a lovely thing to have .

My favourite things

This item has a sign in the bottom corner. A very famous girl made it. I have got four of them and they sit in my bedroom. This girl’s name is Jo Jo Siwa. She has loads of YouTube channels, and one of them is Jo Jo’s Juice! She was also on Dance Moms for a while and did loads of dance competitions with them and won many prizes. I wear my precious things on the weekends as I’m not allowed to wear them to school.

Week 6 (no title)

This is my precious thing I have been keeping it in my special box for years. It was given by my parents when I was young and I’ve showed it in my old class for show and tell and people think it’s really cool and I’ll keep my special treasure in my special box for years and years and years and years and years until I’m about 41.And for the last thing is that I thank my parents for this special present, why am I saying special?, because my parents think I’m special, because special people go to crosshall, the best school in the one and only UK. Thank you for listening and have a great day!

Daisy the…

It sits on a shelf, with lots of other friends. She sits at the front with all the other rares. I pick her up, I dress her up, but she doesn’t mind and that’s fine. Her name is Daisy, she is a bit crazy, I treasure her everyday. Her Best Friend Cristie, more like her adopted Mother. She comes to school with me sometimes because she is my friend. I play with her everyday, her sister’s name is May. I wonder what will happen next?

The End!

What is it?

It sits on my shelf every day and i look at it all night.It is shiny and glass and is a delcate animal.It can break and it can smash.It is small and fragile and is a very gracful creature.People look at it when they come round and if i am sad it will chear me up. Some one got it from orlando and was brought for a present.It lives in the sea and is very playful it is blue and green but not until you hold it up in the sun light.what do you think my mysterious shiny object is?


There they are a pear  of them. Thay are black so expens I treasure them . My name is Tim I like lots of Things and my bedroomo is full with toys but these have a speshal tuch  thay are so soft but hard at the botam I wher. Them every Monday , Friday and thersday   These  are my best thing ever  but thay will get worn out one day  so I hoose them when I can.

The Unknown item ?

This is something small, precious and gold I got it from my mum. I hide it in the mini library in my house. I like it very much. It is one of my most prized items i have. There is another thing I would like to talk about. It is a small thing that has two little screens. You can play games on it and you can also use it to take pictures. I like both of them because I got them on special occasions. Try and guess what they are Because I didn’t tell you in my my 100 word challenge writing.

My favourite thing

This thing I love going on at home.It can take me where ever downstairs in my house.I got it for my birthday it was my favourite present I’ve ever had.When I go on it part of it lights up. I love it when ever I’m bored I go on it.When my friends come round I answer the door on it.Or I go on it when my friends are at my house.It is very fast it goes up to 70 mph.It is very heavy.I  love going on it my mum tells me to get of it at dinner you have to press a button to turn it off.

The lost thing

Once there was a man called Zak and he had a wife called Milly. She said “do you want to go for a walk at the park” Zak said”yes why not “. So they did. They packed a pick Nick and they shot of in the car in 1 hour. And Zak lost a thing that he got for a wedding it was a silver thing it is round and it has Roman numerals on the in side of the thing and gold on the in side. He was crying for a long time and they went home and they found the thing and they were very happy


It is always with me and I never let it go I think that is wonderful ,amazing and fun to have with me but my mum doesn’t I just think why did she get it for me .My mum is always trying to get it of me because apparently she thinks that it would have distracts me but I don’t think it does . All my sisters have one but there’s is not a very nice colour there’s a tirifick and horrible mine is the best when it comes to school work she hates me having it and me and my mum get in a argument about it because I’m always on it and don’t get my homework in on time.


Secret safe

I bought him the year I was born. I cuddle him every night . He hears all my secrets and worries . He comes to every sleepover and shall never miss out. He is a bit tatty I will be honest I still love him though. I am sorry if I ever throw him of the bed. I used to dress him up in my old clothes well I still do.Though he did look like a girl. Ha Ha .He is so cute in my eyes . He will never tell a secret to any of you . After all he is my favourite!

My Precious Thing!

They squile at me when they are hungry. They are furry and very cute. I love them very dearly and pick them up when they are outside. My parents think they are creepy but I don’t. There are two of them and they live at home in a hutch and run. They are very small and one is really furry and likes to cuddle and is called Jenny and the other one is a bit shy because we only got her a couple of months ago and is called Luciana. They are both very sweet,cute,fun girls.

My favourite toy

She sits in my bedroom all day.She  is my favourite toy to cuddle when I am sad,lonely and upset.When I was just born my mum,sister and my dad gave it too me.She is very fluffy,cute and the best waiting  for me when I come home I love her so much to the moon and back she is my world I would never forget.Its precious to me because when I was born it’s a cheerful,tearful and happy memory to keep until I’m older . I love her and will never leave her and when I’m older I will still keep her .

The end

A special something

It’s been with me my whole life even when I was a baby. It was my first ever cuddly toy.My mum and dad bought it before I was born. It used to be really fluffy and white. If I go round my friends house it comes with me if I am watching  TV it comes with me if I’m in a show it goes and watches me and I sleep with it.I like sitting down and giving it a big cuddle and lots of kisses. It has a black nose and black paws. I love it with all my heart.

My secret belonging

<My secret belonging is blue and white you can turn the screen on and fiddle with it and you can play games on it I play plane games on it it,s very important to me so if I loose it I kan aske my my to go on a tracker to track it down you might see me playing on it allot if I’m asked to put it down I put it down other wise I will get a consequence I’ll always want to play on my games but I can’t play on it all the time and in my free time I play on my ps 4 I still me times play whith my brother and his also play whith my nan

Lost again

Today was probably the worst day I have had since I was born as you don’t now all ready I am 6. The thing I had lost was so preashus,I was furious and frustrated. It was something I chose when I was little and I new I had to find it ,otherwise I would regret it for my hole life even when I’m 60. I looked under my bed,in the bin ,even In  my mums bed room but no hope was found.So I thought I would give up but no I kept on trying and I think I will find it.

What Is It?

One day I was walking down the road and I saw three of my friends there names were Hannah, Chloe and Poppy. They were going down the local pools slides. Then I came in the pool and I said, “hi ” and asked Hannah,”wasn’t it just us two”. “Yare but then they said to me who are you waiting for, so yare and anyway, come in “explained Hannah. Then when I went down the slide I saw something glittering in the water I thought what is that thing on the floor. So I swam down picked it up, when I was holding it I didn’t know what it was. It was glittery, pink it shimmers in the light it looks so beautiful but I really didn’t know what it was.