One cold frosty morning I was sitting on my bed by the fire .  The flames were growing rapidly ,they grew so big that I ran downstairs to tell my mum . But there was no sign of her so I went in the garden to get the hose . Then I wound it so far that I could go all the way upstairs . I went to spray the fire .But when I sprayed the fire ,  the water was a white sort of colour . The water was spreading quickly , I put the fire out and while I celebrated I thought I hope when I go swimming tomorrow it won’t be like this .


Tomorrow will be the 5th of November and my friends will set off white, yellow and green fireworks because all my friends will celebrate bonfire night and they will set a flame to the fireworks. Their bonfire is massive and it is made out of old wooden pallets, wood from cut down trees and any wooden scraps. On top of the bonfire there is a made up Guy Fawkes made from old clothes and straw stuffing. there will be a lot to eat and drink at the bonfire. On the 6th of November I will go swimming to achieve sea otter level at Kimbolton School pool.


As the flame flickered warmly around the clearing the children were spinning there sparklers high in the air. The white flashes were makeing lots of different patterns in the darkness. Sausages on the grill were sizzling noisily. Suddenly a big spark lit up the sky followed by a loud BANG! The children jumped with fright and ran to hide behind their perants. The children were brought out again by a beautifully coloured Cathrin wheel exploding in mid air. To finish off the night they threw the guy fawks they had made onto the blazing fire. What a great night they had had as they celebrated bonfire night. Tomorrow was Amelia’s Birthday and all her friends would be there for her swimming party.


One day there was a girl named Holly. Holly was so excited because it was her birthday in three days . That day, Holly posted all of her invitations.  The next day, Holly’s friend Amber got the invitation in the post. Amber begged her mum if she could go to Holly’s swimming party, her mum finally  said “yes”, Amber joyfully jumped with excitement because she loved swimming. The day before the party, Holly and her mum filled the party bags. Holly said to her mum”mummy is it my party tomorrow?” Holly was so happy that she could not sleep all night. Finally, the day arrived, it was time for her party and people started to arrive. Holly’s swimming party was in a huge white building. Holly’s mum served the cake that she’d made, she put a big splarkler that had flames coming out of it. Holly was so happy because she got to celebrate the night with her friends.


The Wonderful Bonfire Night Of Halloween!

One night we got some rockets and fireworks for bonfire night and I was really exited! All the explosions and flames every were so when I got back home I took a rest… When I got out of bed I didn’t realise that my calendar changed to October! So I kept on going and when outside and met my brother who’s gonna light up the fireworks. When he lit one up the flame turned white!!! And suddenly my brother started laughing and his skin fell of! And the firework explosion made it rain blood!!! Then my dead brother jumped into the swimming pool and disappeared. Suddenly I woke up and it was a dream! The fireworks was happening tomorrow! A skeleton appeared saying WAS IT A DREAM OR NOT HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA NOW LETS CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN IN THE UNDERWORLD!!!!!! So we celebrated Halloween in the underworld……………


The next day!

Tomorrow we are going to go to a camp where there is a swimming pool with white lines around it.we are going to celebrate new year there, there is going to be a massive flame lit up in the night so we can go exploring. Two days ago we celebrated toms birth day and we ate loads of cake we also watched a movie called the great teacher called mr Murphy.

About Diwalli

One Saturday afternoon.I went to swimming then after that it was evening we celebrated Diwalli.I’m a sikh,for sikhs in Diwalli is very important because it celebrated the release from prison of the six guru.In Diwalli we decorate our special ‘diva’ in white and then we put oil in the ‘diva’with a woolen wick,the ‘diva’is litreally swimming in oil.Then we light the flame for the ‘diva’.While we celebrate the fireworks,we cheer!Tomorrow we’ll clean up the bits of the Diwalli and the mess.

The Swimming Party

It was a sunny day, it was Hannah’s birthday tomorrow and she knew that it was going to be the best day of her life. The day after that, it was Hannah’s birthday and she was going to have a swimming party! After the party, they celebrated with a BBQ! Once a flame came up they all cheered. All the mom’s were wearing dresses. The dad’s were wearing white T-shirt and a tie. The day was ending and Hannah started to open the present she got clothes,chocolate,toys and lots of money to spend.























































Bonfire night

One night my friends where coming round for fire work night but first we where going swimming, my friends where coming with us. we were having fun and my friends where slepping round my house tonight, Tomorrow were going to have the fire works party. It was the next day it was the day of the party my friends and I where all excited  we were all bored then we thought we should play with our scooters and bikes it was the night of the party and out guests are turning up to our house, we start doing the fire works and flames where coming from everywhere  and we all celebrated the different coloured flames there were  white ,red, blue ,and green flames.







The Little Boy’s Problems (part 2).

So I will continue with the story…

All the little boy’s friends celebrated his tenth birthday once. Everyone started singing ‘Happy Birthday’. His mum had lit all ten candles on his cake with a big flame. It was time to blow the candles out, he took a deep breath, leaned forward and blew the candles out. “AAHH!” Everyone screamed. The, now ten year old boy, did not know what had happened. Then the little boy smelt burning and realized his hair was on FIRE! He wet his hands and patted his hair but that didn’t work. So he tried putting his hair under running water and that did work.

So that’s the end of that story.

The next story is based at a swimming pool. There are three problems to this story. This is how it goes…

The little boy went to his local swimming pool one time. He was just having a shower, about to go into the pool room, when the shower turned cold. He ran out but slipped (that is why you should never run in a swimming pool). His mum and dad told him it was time to go in to the pool room. “Yay,” He said and he walked to the pool. The pool was massive most of it was deep. So the boy decided to jump into the pool and, just as he was in mid-air, he remembered he couldn’t swim! As he hit the water he felt himself going down, down, down. He could see the white tiles on the floor. Suddenly, he felt himself being hauled up to the surface. It was the life guard! Then he thought, I’m not coming here tomorrow.


Earlier today, I had a swimming competition.There were lots of  obstacles but my favourite obstacle was the hoop of flames. You had to slide to slide through a hoop on fire and land in the swimming pool.It sounds painful but it isn’t. Tomorrow we are having a party to celebrate my win in 2nd place. I am going to were my favourite dress,it is white with black polka-dots.The party is going to be singing and dancing and all my friends are coming.We are having a big feast including cupcakes,sandwiches and biscuits.I am so excited it will be an amazing day.

The amazing bonfire night !!!

“Oh hi there i am called Amy tommorow i am going to see the greatest things at night its so exciting  but right now i am on my way swimming for my lessons”.1 hr later …..” I just finished swimming i am about to go home now see you in the morning”. At 9:00pm at night the next day Amy is at the firework event at the park.”Hi its me Amy i am just watching these fireworks they are pretty so my favourite firework is the big white one  there was also flames at the front to make it more exciting”.2hrs later “That was a great time so our family came over to celebrate . So we celebrated until 11:00pm so late night tonight bye i have got to go to bed now” .

The end !!!!!


Hi, I am a flame and I have a weakness this is how I got my weakness.

I was once at a swimming pool and I was just watching because I was the life guard. I didn’t know that it was a silly idea because of my weakness but I didn’t know I had a weakness yet. So there was this little girl that could not get back in to the shore so I had to save her. I jumped into the water and I suddenly got really cold. I wanted to go back to the shore but I knew that I had to save her. I got out of the water but I was white. Everyone was celabrating except for me. I was thinking what am I going to look like tomorrow………?

The loud explosive night

Suddenly the silence is broken by whizz pop bang! Boom, buzz, wee! The dark sky lights up with neon colours. Red, blue, white, turquoise, silver, gold, green, pink, purple and yellow. The sky is swimming with colour. Sparkles fly and break away filling the sky with colour. Catherine Wheels spin round and round, faster and faster spilling out their fire.

The crowd echoed ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ as each one explodes.


‘Eye popping’


I write my name in the air with my fizzing sparkler.

I can still feel the heat from the bonfire. The flames jump up and one flame exploded. The bonfire is piled high with fallen trees, logs and branches. We stand around toasting out marshmallows on long sticks. The smoke pushing into my face.

That was my memory last year. I can’t wait to see how Bonfire night is celebrated tomorrow.

The Brightest Light

One Saturday afternoon, there was a bright white light flickering in the distance. As I ran towards it there was a massive crowd of people surrounding a bonfire, that had orange and yellow flames. When I approached, I soon realised the crowd were all Hindu and they had just celebrated their Diwali festival. Suddenly my friend Mira from school tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hi Nicola, do you want to come to my swimming party tomorrow?”. “I would love to come, thank you very much”. I replied. We then continued darning around the bonfire until the night ended.

The Best Bonfire Night… Ever!

Once upon a time there was a boy called Adam. He liked to have fireworks! (well now he does but he didn’t when he was baby.) So anyway he is going to celebrate fireworks soon so Adam is going to have lots of fun (hopefully). He will have sparklers and magical fireworks. The first firework was white and was in-between a red one and a blue one they all were ended with a couple of flames. The whole thing was fantastic and everyone was very happy ,also it is his Mum’s birthday tomorrow which is brilliant. Adam had her present under his bed they were going swimming as well as that! Adam went to sleep happy on top of his comfy bed.

Play Time

One day I was playing with my best friend Hannah we were playing The Question game. It is very fun you ask a question and who ever didn’t say the question will answer it true fully. I said to Hannah do you love your toys and she shouted at me saying YES because I know she LOVES toys and I do to. When it came to the end of the day I said “Tomorrow it is the weekend” . She didn’t say any thing and I think it was because she didn’t  hear me. I went swimming the next day on Saturday. When I went swimming, the walls had changed white I was so confused but a change is a change, I didn’t mind any way. There were flames every were and I did not like that. After that day, we celebrated my birthday, I was six years old my cake was massive you should have seen it, it was crazy any way it was a massive teddy bear, I loved it.