One cold frosty morning I was sitting on my bed by the fire .  The flames were growing rapidly ,they grew so big that I ran downstairs to tell my mum . But there was no sign of her so I went in the garden to get the hose . Then I wound it so far that I could go all the way upstairs . I went to spray the fire .But when I sprayed the fire ,  the water was a white sort of colour . The water was spreading quickly , I put the fire out and while I celebrated I thought I hope when I go swimming tomorrow it won’t be like this .


Tomorrow will be the 5th of November and my friends will set off white, yellow and green fireworks because all my friends will celebrate bonfire night and they will set a flame to the fireworks. Their bonfire is massive and it is made out of old wooden pallets, wood from cut down trees and any wooden scraps. On top of the bonfire there is a made up Guy Fawkes made from old clothes and straw stuffing. there will be a lot to eat and drink at the bonfire. On the 6th of November I will go swimming to achieve sea otter level at Kimbolton School pool.


As the flame flickered warmly around the clearing the children were spinning there sparklers high in the air. The white flashes were makeing lots of different patterns in the darkness. Sausages on the grill were sizzling noisily. Suddenly a big spark lit up the sky followed by a loud BANG! The children jumped with fright and ran to hide behind their perants. The children were brought out again by a beautifully coloured Cathrin wheel exploding in mid air. To finish off the night they threw the guy fawks they had made onto the blazing fire. What a great night they had had as they celebrated bonfire night. Tomorrow was Amelia’s Birthday and all her friends would be there for her swimming party.


One day there was a girl named Holly. Holly was so excited because it was her birthday in three days . That day, Holly posted all of her invitations.  The next day, Holly’s friend Amber got the invitation in the post. Amber begged her mum if she could go to Holly’s swimming party, her mum finally  said “yes”, Amber joyfully jumped with excitement because she loved swimming. The day before the party, Holly and her mum filled the party bags. Holly said to her mum”mummy is it my party tomorrow?” Holly was so happy that she could not sleep all night. Finally, the day arrived, it was time for her party and people started to arrive. Holly’s swimming party was in a huge white building. Holly’s mum served the cake that she’d made, she put a big splarkler that had flames coming out of it. Holly was so happy because she got to celebrate the night with her friends.


The Wonderful Bonfire Night Of Halloween!

One night we got some rockets and fireworks for bonfire night and I was really exited! All the explosions and flames every were so when I got back home I took a rest… When I got out of bed I didn’t realise that my calendar changed to October! So I kept on going and when outside and met my brother who’s gonna light up the fireworks. When he lit one up the flame turned white!!! And suddenly my brother started laughing and his skin fell of! And the firework explosion made it rain blood!!! Then my dead brother jumped into the swimming pool and disappeared. Suddenly I woke up and it was a dream! The fireworks was happening tomorrow! A skeleton appeared saying WAS IT A DREAM OR NOT HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA NOW LETS CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN IN THE UNDERWORLD!!!!!! So we celebrated Halloween in the underworld……………