The city with lots of lights

One day there was a man called Jake.Jake lived in a very very light place he lived in a house with the most light and candles his wife thought she should take some cadles out because the house might light on fire Jake did not let his wife do it because he loved the light so much and wanted to be the person who had the most light’s so he stayed awake all night trying to see if some one has stole

The perfect photo gone wrong.

Click! flashed the camera, I look at the picture I had just taken, oh no everything was fuzzy. Everyone looked like a ghost.Then the lights started flashing on and of in the buildings around me. I got scared , but I was only 8. Oh  yeah I’m Sophie I am now 10. I’m going to tell you about my story of a trip to London. We were sight seeing in London so I was taking pictures and thats when the camera clicked and I took the  fuzzy photo .Even though the photo is a bit scary I will never forget that special photo


One beautiful ,sunny morning there was a girl called Millie playing happily in her massive back garden. Millie was a lovely, pretty, wonderful ,nice girl . Millie was  really excited because she was going on holiday to Spain in a couple of days . The day had finally arrived and it was round about 3am in the morning . When they got in to the airport and had all of there breakfast Millie needed to go to the toilet Millie was older so her mum let her go to the toilet by her self .Just that moment ,Millie heard the scary voice in the world she jumped out of her skin this  is what it said “be careful ” Millie ran out of the toilet even though she was despite for the toilet and she had a little insterdent and when they got to Spain they went out on that night and Millie took a picture and when she took it ghost came up on her phone and she remembered  in the bathroom and she put up with it for the wrest of the weak.




I was walking on the same street as GHOSTS ! I heard lots of voices coming from  different directions saying her name “Poppy” “Poppy” said the wired voice . Later that evening she went to London . Was it just Poppy or was it the people in the street really turing in to ghosts? Now her mum was turning  into a ghost to. This was sad .She decided to run .  Poppy was scared so she ran even faster. Then Poppy found her self in her room she felt like she just woke up. Did she see a real ghost or was it a dream .


The unknown ghosts

Tonight i was out with the woman of my dreams. We had fun together, we played pool, chess, arcade games and more. Someone almost stole her purse so i beated him up, he must be drunk. But i saw some one with a computer and he was playing around with commands. I wonder what hes typing… But then i saw him type, c:\summon coded_ghosts             He entered the command, Are you sure? Y\N            He went for yes and random ghosts summoned “EEEEEEAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!” she screamed. But there were harmless but he typed, c:\make the coded_ghosts attack          an entered the command. Then the ghosts started attacking us, everyone screamed and then he typed, c:\make coded_ghosts dissapear         Then it sayed       not a valid code So then they started to get faster. “YOU IDIOT TURN THE CONNETION OFF”  Then he did and the ghosts slowed down. I snatched the computer off him and typed   c:\delete system_32 and clicked yes………….. The computer turned off but the world turned off……..


The city of ghosts

Hello, I am a ghost and my name is Harry and I am 5 years old.All me and my family are ghost and we live in a big city called Candy land.And there were more sweets than ghosts so we went on the candy.And saw a brilliant view of candy.Guess what happend we jumped on every piece of candy and fell but we didn’t heart ourself it was more fun than heartful.We carried on until we got to a massive doughnut and it was a challenge who could jump the furthest and get through it.So we tried but it failed.



Suddenly I heard a loud boom boom BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! And it the sound  got louder and louder and I was scared I was just was walking in the middle of Japan no one was their but me but I started seeing explosions. and heard boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom! And then I remembered  were to go I piked up a proton pack all people and then I shot them back out and they turned back into real people and I never heard a boom ever again boom boom boom THE END!

(the rising dead of ghosts)

One, day there was a boy and a girl the boy was called Tobias and Nicola we were at home At . 3:00 Am and we asked our mum if we could go shopping in town our mum, said all wright but you can only go out for 1hour and a half ok said me and Nicola we went to the sweet shop and bough marsh mellows and skittles 1 hour past midd night our mum was worried about us she had to call the police the police cars roared passed the ally way that we hiding in people walked by the cold dark ally way the people looked like ghosts to be continud

The light show on halloween

One day there was a girl called Annabelle and she was 22 years old.Today she was going to town at 8pm to see the lights come on .She met her friends  in Starbucks and they had a warm drink because it was really cold outside.At about 9pm the lights were on people were dancing on stages and it was great fun.But there was a problem Annabelle took a picture of the lights and these faint people appeared in a picture she found it really creepy  so she said to her friend  “Kacy i just took a picture of the lights and there was something not normal in it “so her best friend Kacy replied “Thats awkward we will leave town as fast as possible ok”.”Okay replied Annabelle lets go. So they all went to Kacy’s house and they zoomed in on the picture until Kacy saw  a faint couple passing by staring at them and they were scared after that night  this is what they said toghether “We are never ever going out the house on halloween ”     The End


one day there was a small ghost he with his mum and dad (which are also ghosts). They lived in a small wooden house just out side of London. when they needed food they went to the supermarket in the center of London and secretly stole some liquid food ( ghosts can’t eat solid food because they are not solid them selves) . One day when they went shopping they met another ghost called john which was experimenting with chemicals and trying to make a soldifing potion so that they were humans again and after a month of experimenting it worked. The first ghost who tryed it was him self and then it was the family’s turn and the all the ghosts got set some and the the ghosts which are now humans lived happily ever after

The invisible people

Once their was a girl called Chloe and she lived Paris.One day she decided to visit the most popular cake shop in the whole world! As she was walking through the bright majestic town she felt some think whizz past her hair”sorry” said a mysterious voice.Chloe stoped “who was that” said Chloe worriedly.The mysterious voice said back I am invisible.Chloe was amazed at what she heard she ran all the way home screeming she ran into the house up the stairs and hid under the covers of her comfey bed Chloe was so scared! She ran down stairs about every think that had happened but her mum didn’t believe her.



Once there was a grandad called Harry. He was not very good at  taking pictures. He tries  every night but when he takes a photo ghosts appear .Every night he gets a hart atack  the next day he went to the pub and got in a fight and got a noes bleed  and he went home and watched tv he watched  the news. he was on the news because he got in a fight for the last glass of gin and that was the last in the wold he went to bed at 5 o’clock. He went to to town  it was in China  and he went in a pub and got in a fight again.

Diary Of Nia’s Adventure’s. Ghost City.

I am writing another diary.
So one day I was on my computer when all of a sudden my computer and everthing that was run by electrisity shut down. My mum told me,’It is a power cut and I need to go outside and play.’. I was so angry with her when she said it that I stomped out of the room and into the garden. I remembered that my mum had told me a story about her mother who had lived in this house and had had an adventure. I remembered what words i have to say. So I chanted them here they are’bibbed bobbed boo’ After that I walked inside and found out that every one in my home was a ghost!

The Mysterious City

St Noels: that was the name of the city. One fine morning a man was walking down a street. Now no person had ever walked down this street because it had just opened. He was just minding his own business when his vision suddenly blurred and was then transported to what looked like another world. He was scared in fact really scared but no in fact he was really really scared so scared that he fainted!!!!! But when he fainted he went back to his old world where it is definatly not creepy nope not creepy or is it… AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading “The Mysterious City”

Ghost In Town

Hello there, I am a majestic ghost so lets start, my name is Barry.I am 3 years old. I have a family but no parents. My mum is alive and so is my dad but when i was 2 months old i died in  the park because i drowned. My nan  takes care of me and so does my grandad cause they are dead and they are both the same age they are 4000000 years old. We once went to the park it was so nice but one day everybody was crying because they missed their family and so did i but what they don't that  in two days we will come to the earth and meet our family and apparently i have a baby brother and it is 12 months.

Are they real

One day, there was a girl called Nicola, she had pink hair, blue eyes ,purple shoes and a blue hairband with a black dotty Jo Jo bow. When she was 12  her granny told her that ghost were real, but that was rubbish until a loud bang came from down stairs kitchen, Nicola was scared to death she went down but she realised it was only a rat. The next day was here and Nicola went to town,Nicola saw a vision everyone she looked at  were blurry even the nearest people. Nicola was getting faint then fell to the ground she woke up and she was in a her bedroom.Nicola said to herself” don’t be silly they aren’t real.” THE END.

Is There A Ghost!!!!!

One day, I was in a shop buying Christmas things. It was dark and no one was about. There was only about fifteen people in the shop, it was so wierd infact it was really wierd. I did see some fady people outiside. My friend Hannah went shopping with me and I said to her “Hannah do you see the three people who look a bit like ghosts out there”.She said “No”. Any way the people I saw were really creepy because they were there but Now  There Gone. The next day I went to the park with my two kids called Lila and Teddy. While they were playing on the swings, I think I saw a ghost!!!

Disappearing Shoppers!

One day I was in town looking for clothes for my interview next weekend. I went into New Look and found some nice,purple high heels. Then I went into a cafe to get some cake and a hot chocolate.  After that I went into Next to see if I could find some clothes to wear for my special interview. I found a nice black skirt and a nice dark purple top.  After I payed for my stuff I went out of the store to find people that looked liked ghosts. They were very creepy. I decided to go home now.

The Ghosts in the Town

Once I just took a picture of this town in London and when I finished to take a pic of it I saw this shadow of three people and I looked really puzzled to be honest.It feels like I’m just having a nightmare because it looks like a real ghost.Now like I’m in town now with my big cousin arran who’s fifteen years old.He was having a nightmare too, we went to Subway and I had a chicken ham salad tikka sandwich so me and arran was eating in front of the window and seriously I can still see the ghosts.

But it happens to you ignore it!

The MLG sunglasses

Once there was a man called Ben he always wore flaming sunglasses. He went swimming with his friend. They got changed and because he always were’s his glasses all the time he forgot to take them of when they got home he forget his sunglasses he was crying. Tomorrow we will find your sunglasses. The next day he was wereng a white top they shoot of to the pool they looked every were but they couldn’t find the sunglasses eany were but what he could find was a trail of fire it lead to a house he noked on the door and found his sunglasses on the floor when he got home they celebrated.