The Flame-Filled Pool

There was a pool filled with tiny white flames. On the other hand one of flames was not like the others. It was HUGE! The small girl hopped on the slide that led right into the pool and onto the huge flame! She had celebrated her birthday just the day before this. She wanted to go swimming , it was her birthday wish and it came true! The little girl slid down the slide onto the flame, she burned, she itched, she swam away but the flame chased her! She hopped up onto the side of the pool to catch her breath before saying “Mum, I am never going here again!”.

The swimming celebration

Once upon a time there was a boy named Lennon who was a brilliant swimmer he could do 1000 laps in one minute.In a pool the size of the building.So  one day he thought he would go to a lake in USA it’s the biggest lake in the world. And it’s also veeeeery muddy but Lennon doesn’t care he just dived in and saw loads of seaweed (lakeweed).But he carried on it was so discusting with all the (lakeweed)and before you knew it he was half way which was 16miles out of thirty two.And soon he was at the end and they celebrated with a big party.

The flame out

One day there was a boy called white and white’s birthday was tomorrow and he was so excited for his birthday so he slept very early when white woke up his mum got him bloons  and a cake. His mum invited lots of people to his birthday  every one celebrated his birthday his mum put cadles on the cake and lit it up the flame went wrong and started to burn the house so they called the fire fighters the fire fighters flooded the house and every one was swimming around trying to get out of the house they got out safely and had whites birthday some where else and tried not to make the house lite on fire again.

Drifted Ghosts

As I walked around in my town during the midnight sky I saw blurred figures spread across my vision. I didn’t mind it at first, until it got clearer! These silhouettes are people who have had their time alive and have passed away! Their majestic, old fashioned stood out from the real beings other people saw. The more I stared, the more defined their figures became. Drifting, their bodies began to fade! Other people saw nothing; I saw the fading figures! I was clearly flummoxed: I had no idea how to react to this. So I leapt up into the air and tried to snatch one of the blurred creatures, but I slid right through it and hit the ground with a “THUMP”! Then they all vanished!

Circle Stars

Every night when I look up to the stars, I always think that they are round? I don’t know why I think that, but I do! I have always wanted to fly up into the sky and actually see the stars, but that will never happen. One day I decided to go see a museum about stars. As I got to the museum I saw that there were lots of displays of stars and what they look like! But they were pointed, they were not round so I suddenly felt a surge of fury flow through my soul! So I stormed off out of the building with rage in every footstep! Then I took a load of metal from the local Homebase, I didn’t buy it, I stole it! Then I painted the metal with super glue and it all came together, it was a spaceship! I flew up into the sky in my newly made spaceship and soared up into the solar system! I finally saw the stars, they ARE round! “I WAS RIGHT THIS WHOLE TIME!”. She was right and that is how it all came together. Stars weren’t star shaped, they were round!

~Circle Stars