My Mose Worse Nightmare!!!!

Hello i’m Tom and I am playing out side with my friends Fred,Josh and Nathan at school.
When me and my friends where playing around I saw my Nan and Grandad walking past the school
gate but where were they going? I shouted “NAN GRANDAD” but they didn’t hear me.
I looked out of the gate I could see them walking along but then they disapeard in a blink of an eye.
Then I got scared and woried but then I woke up in my nice worm bed. It was a nightmare,and I am glad it
was only a nightmare.

A mistery day

It was a nother boring day school.We were doing maths when in the coriner of my ear I heared a noise I looked in the coriner of the classroom near the door and I saw two gobilens and they were up to no good.but where were they going I thought.I put my hand up and peterened Ineeded the toilet so I went but I achily folowered the gobilens dowern the coried I wandered where I was gowing and what they where up to.


Hi my name is bob I’m doing maths suddenly I can see a shadow I was confused, baffled, puzzled and flummox and I thought where were it going and I have finish maths and the shadow turns out to be a ghost and it is flowing me and I thought it will stop flowing me but it did not and it woke me up in the middle of the night a it freaked me out and I keep on feeling a hand on my back and the ghost is gone and I think it is a dream and my mum agree.

Ghost Search

One night my friend Freya came round for a fun sleepover.We had a midnight feast it was good.But we saw some foot steps up the top floor.So we went to see who it was.It was a shock there was no people there.We went to get my mummy to show her but we don’t know how to show her.She went up but she did see anything there.She didn’t trust me or Freya.We moved why Freya was hear with us.But we didn’t know it was haunted.The ghost or what ever it is haunted my dreams.But where was the ghost going…it’s a mystery;)

The Unicorn!

One midnight there laid eggs. The next morning I said  ” but where were they going? They kept running away from me. And it was crazy. My mum said they might be birds. I said it is a mystery! One egg cracked like a crumbly rock.Suddenly a rainbow tail popped out. It was a tinny hand size unicorn “ahhhh it is so cute I said”. I played with the tinny little unicorn all day every day.I would never let it go but my mum took it away from me and into the woods. but I found it in the woods YES.:)

The lion dream

I had just got up. My friends normally wait outside but today I could not see them. I started walking to school. Then I saw them, they were going the wrong way but where were they going? I quickly followed them to see where they were going but bbbbbbut there I saw a huge, yellow, scary lion! It chased me and I ran as fast as I could! I ran all the way to the school and I told them but now there was nothing there. I walked through the whole school looking for it. So where had it gone?!

The Evil Trolls

Once there were a group of ugly warty trolls who always stole toys,sweets,money and anything that they thought was valuable.                 After they steal things they went somewhere but where were they going?               One day they were not being careful and a curious little boy called Nathaniel sneakily and carefully ran after the evil trolls.                                He saw a network of trolls putting all the stolen property including gold,jewels,Ipads,computers,giant amounts of money even lambourgins in titanium vaults.  Nathaniel went back home and got all his friends to help him return all the stolen property battle had begun Nathaniel and his friends won  

The Mermaid

Me and my family were going to the beach for my tenth birthday.My BFF Grace also came,we finally got there it took us a while to set everything up.Grace me and my little sister Bo went down to the water but then I hared something”do you hear that?”I said and then I reckornized it so did Grace but Bo did not understand.”Its MERMAIDS singing!”Grace shouted.One of the mermaids poped out and asked for our help.”Yes of cause we will”Bo said quitly”but how will we breath”I said “I have some powers”.She turned us into mermaids then dissappeard where did she go.

The day my freinds gone

One sunny day was a boring day but It won’t be a boring day for long because my friends were comeing. I had a fun day we played out side but where they going then I saw were they went they went in the gardan and I went in the gardan but I saw them runing away then they went when they saw me so I went to sleep because I was tierd. The next day It was school my friends wert at school so I made new freinds they were better then my old friends they all came round.


Once there were two children they thought slender man was not really real  but where were they going going to a spooky and gloomy forest that was foggy and in some time they got lost and lost their way home.Then they saw a old house and they went in side they went upstairs and in a bedroom and they saw blood on the walls on the floor and on the windows but then they herd a sound it was a stream coming from outside and they saw  paper on the tree.

puppies and kittens

One day I saw a puppy with my auntie on my mums phone. It was so, so cute I wanted it . It was a bull dog and I loved it. My mum wanted it as well. It was really adorable and I don’t think it had a mum or a dad, so that is why I wanted it. I already have a dog and it is a puppy. Sometimes when I go out side he play with the ball and he likes to go for walks. The next DAY I went to the hosplie and . I did not now how that was that then I so how it was the lady AND I sat next to my auntie and we went to a pub and we had dinner they .

Jim’s Bad Day

“But where were they going”?I said to my self as I looked around the empty classroom but then I simply looked out of the clear window and saw them all walking into the quiet area and they were releasing the butterflies without me so I sprinted out to the quiet garden and I finally joined them and the best bit was that I got to name one and I named it Jim and it turned out it wasn’t such a bad day after all so as the butterfly flew off into the fresh air we all went back . THE END.


Wen we went to town I sore this mesteres man but where were they going so I folowed him and he step in to some ones home and he stole sum ones hate then he went to some other home but he went in an old peaple home.                                   This old man said col 991 beacuose there is a robber in here  the poles  came as cwick as there cood.                                                                                                                         There ran orfter him he brock in some home agen and he hide in it.                              The poles went in tride to find hime but he asckaped and ran but he ran into a pole.

School bully

It was a normal day at school and joe was reading my book. joe saw some new people and they where waking,but where were they going. After break joe saw them in the play ground and they were talking to Luke I went closer and I hered them say “Il’l punch you if you don’t tell me were joe is”souted the new boy “I don’t now”said Luke and ran of. joe went to class and then had lunch joe went to break and saw them. I ran away and they were chasing me joe ran in the class and sat down…

The Run Away Dears

One beautiful, warm morning I wanted to go for a long ride on my sparkling, white pony Twilight.I went outside and carefully tacked her up.Then I got onto her bumpy, soft back and rode off down the long, straight road.When I got to the gleaming, fast flowing river at the end of the road for some reason Twilight didn’t want to cross!Then I saw something move in the large, sun lit forest,so I encouraged Twilight across the sparkling river and into the forest.Then I saw the most beautiful group off lonely, sad dears.Then with a flash of a second they all ran off in a hurry,but where were they going?

The Magical Unicorn

It was a warm summers day and I was getting ready to go out riding on my horses. I went out to saddle them up when I heard twilght trotting of down the road with wings on her back but where was she going.I ran inside to tell my mum that I have a pet unicorn but guess what she did not believe me! But before I start having a party because I’ve got a pet unicorn I need to find twighlt. I have been searching for half an hour and i finally found her. But sadly she is back to a normal horse well at least I’ve experiencd it.

Christmas Day

I woke up one morning when I felt the hot fia burning on my face . At that moment I remembered that It was christmas day .”I woke up and I put on my slippers and  I put on my dressing gown and went down to get my last chocolate.Then I went to look at my stoking . Next to my stoking there was a note saying ”you have been so good this tear that your stoking has over flow.At that minnit i couldn’t help my self any longer  I ran In to my  mum and dad,s room and opened my presents .


Ella’s best day ever

One warm, beautiful evening Ella was bored she was always board because her phone had been taken away from her.So she thought she would just go for a walk.Ella went out the door straight away, she loved walking in the forest because it was dark and she loved the dark.Ella ran all the way down the street and in to the forest.It seemed to be very light in the forest so Ella went straight home.Her mum was waiting for her at the door she new where she had gone. Quickly we are going come on but where were they going.

Jenna’s birthday party!!

One morning Jenna, woke up she took a look on her phone to see what Is going on today and  It was her birthday. Her mum called her downstairs so she rushed downstairs there was a whole bunch of presents. she sat on the chair and called her friends over for her birthday party. They all gave her a present so she put them all on the pile. she oppend them up and said thank you to everybody her  mum got her a pet It was a cute puppy.  her mum took them some were but where were they going?.

Eric is lost at the park

Today I am going to the the park with my friend Josh and his family . When I woke up I went down stairs and saw my friend Josh and his mum,dad and his baby sister Hazel . It took 2 hours to get to the park when we got there I saw it was a zoo I was very excited  we went to see the meerkats first. But while I was looking at them Josh ran of with his family and they forgot about me. I shouted ” where are you going ” But where where they going because they left me and I bring the fun . Then they probable remembered me because they came back and took me home.