My Mose Worse Nightmare!!!!

Hello i’m Tom and I am playing out side with my friends Fred,Josh and Nathan at school.
When me and my friends where playing around I saw my Nan and Grandad walking past the school
gate but where were they going? I shouted “NAN GRANDAD” but they didn’t hear me.
I looked out of the gate I could see them walking along but then they disapeard in a blink of an eye.
Then I got scared and woried but then I woke up in my nice worm bed. It was a nightmare,and I am glad it
was only a nightmare.

A mistery day

It was a nother boring day school.We were doing maths when in the coriner of my ear I heared a noise I looked in the coriner of the classroom near the door and I saw two gobilens and they were up to no good.but where were they going I thought.I put my hand up and peterened Ineeded the toilet so I went but I achily folowered the gobilens dowern the coried I wandered where I was gowing and what they where up to.


Hi my name is bob I’m doing maths suddenly I can see a shadow I was confused, baffled, puzzled and flummox and I thought where were it going and I have finish maths and the shadow turns out to be a ghost and it is flowing me and I thought it will stop flowing me but it did not and it woke me up in the middle of the night a it freaked me out and I keep on feeling a hand on my back and the ghost is gone and I think it is a dream and my mum agree.

Ghost Search

One night my friend Freya came round for a fun sleepover.We had a midnight feast it was good.But we saw some foot steps up the top floor.So we went to see who it was.It was a shock there was no people there.We went to get my mummy to show her but we don’t know how to show her.She went up but she did see anything there.She didn’t trust me or Freya.We moved why Freya was hear with us.But we didn’t know it was haunted.The ghost or what ever it is haunted my dreams.But where was the ghost going…it’s a mystery;)

The Unicorn!

One midnight there laid eggs. The next morning I said  ” but where were they going? They kept running away from me. And it was crazy. My mum said they might be birds. I said it is a mystery! One egg cracked like a crumbly rock.Suddenly a rainbow tail popped out. It was a tinny hand size unicorn “ahhhh it is so cute I said”. I played with the tinny little unicorn all day every day.I would never let it go but my mum took it away from me and into the woods. but I found it in the woods YES.:)