Robots Messeges

Etenition everybody said the robot in his loudest voise. nowon hered him. sow he shouted and people heared him he shouted Greetings humens of earth I am hear to tell you a inportent messege oh and by the way I am a robot and my name is ohbot. All robtos are comming to live with you.evry body screemed aaaaggghhhh!!! all the robots fell down to the earth everybody ran to there houses.robots kept noking on peoples dores but no won asered.but who nows what will happen.

Peaky’s speech

“Hello humans, my name is Peaky. It is so dark up here in space. It is silent. It is also very cold. I can see millions of bright stars and planets. Planet Earth looks very small from all the way up here in space. I have an important job to do. My mission is to say hello to all the people on Earth and to find out if I can visit your planet. I want to make a friend so I can have a sleep over and play at your houses and live with you because I don’t have a home to live at.”


“Greetings humans of Earth my name is Ohbot oh ye and I’m a robot and I’m going to space.”Hi my name is Bob I’m doing the 100wc and I’m witting about a robot going to space and the robot is called Ohbot and if your lucky your work can get read by the robot and it will by sent in space and I won and at five o’clock and I’m back to school and it is maths and then more witting and then I went home and went to bed and I was very tired and I’m a sleep.




Its really dark up in space. I can see an air a plane under me. Wow is so cool in space. Now it getting very cold. Wow i see a rocket ship going past me. Its very cool up hear but earth is better.  Its very cold and its very warm at earth.I really want to come back to earth its very lonely in space. please can i come back to earth after the test. Well your in space peaky it must be fun to be one of the robot to be in space well your right i am lucky.

Ohbot A Robot Sending A MESSAGE Near SPACE!!!

A robot named Ohbot, is going to space to see if he can send message to reach earth so hear it is.” Greetings all humans of earth I need to tell you something very important, about the community.Stop littering and you should be more respectful.I mean,if you look onto the earth it looks like a mess.And what are you doing with your H2O, I think that your wasting it.Now anyway I hope that little message was useful oh just one more thing when your shopping for anything really always remember don’t spend all of your money bey”and that’s what he said.