From Ohbot

Greetings humans of earth this is a message from Ohbot  in this this message about me it will include;what food I like,my daily routine and much more.               I will tell you about the food I like I like eggnog,sathimii,belgom and calshineee these are normal foods for me.                                                                              All about my routine                                                                                                                       when I wake up from my charger I eat eggnog then I meet my owners after that I have some sathimii then I do some snarelov training [snareloves are dogs to you] my snarelov is called Jamilo doge.                                                                                              then I go to my charger and charge up goodbye humans 


“Greetings humans of Earth I am the robot of space and I am going to read out a story,”. “A very lonely robot once came and had a chat with humans then he left and that robot was my best friend anyway. Now I have arrived and now I am lost please can I have some help. Now then I shall soon go home. Now than where was I are yes now that my balloon is fixed I will say that I am sorry that I have to leave now goodbye everyone I loved telling my story goodbye. The End.