The Robot Dog

This is another story about Professor Jenkins…

Once upon a time, Professor Jenkins was in his lab pondering on all the things he wanted. In his mind, he thought about getting a dog- one of the top things he wanted- but they were to  much to look after. Then Professor Jenkins had an idea. “I am going to build a robot dog!”exclaimed Professor Jenkins. So he started to build a white, sandwich battery powered dog!

After 2 weeks, Professor Jenkins had finished. He thought his dog was perfect though he needed a collar. He hurried to the pet shop and brought a collar for his new robotic dog. The dog was very energetic and could barley get to sleep that night.

To be continued

The energetic sandwich

Once upon a time me and my mum were getting lunch and there was a new sandwich I really wanted to try it so my mum bought it for me . When we got home I ran up to my room to try it I lifted it up to my mouth and just as my lips closed around it it came to life it was so energetic . I thought it must have a battery in it as the white sandwich hurried around I was amazed I am going to sell this I thought but instead I kept it as a pet .

The sandwich battery

One day  there lived a sandwich that needed battery’s the sandwich was very  energetic the sandwich went to someone’s house to see what they were doing but they saw him so  they threw him into a bin and he saw this shiny white thing with lots of dirt so he hurried back to his home to see what it was he put lots of water and special soap on and the dirt started to come of he went to see what it was and it was a gem that could turn you into a human and he really wanted turn himself into a human apparently you hat to eat so he eat it and he turned into a human THE END

The mystery

The battery had gone I was sure I had left it on the side. While I hurried to the shop to buy a sandwich for lunch I left a battery on the side in my kitchen and now it was gone. My puppy was so energetic that he might of knocked the battery . Anyway now I was so hungry so I  decided to have lunch then look for it. I took the ham and mayo sandwich out of my backpack and ate it. I should have told you this at the start but I needed the battery for my toy .

robot william

one ther was a energetie white robot. Ho was ran on battershis his name was William the robot. He was the fastest robot in the weld he had a relly big rase cumind up. He was scerd becaus the best raser in the spanish leage was called snanck. he was a show of  but William wontid to win it was the day of the race.William was reddy GO the gun went of William went as farst as he can he crashed at the end .But he won but sadly he parst away but a happy man He was the best raser and weld champeeon rmember the name.