Weird Day At Work!

One day I was at work doing things on the laptop. I was told that my work room would have a monkey in it. I was very excited. The monkey came 1 hour later. It was in a grey cage. I needed to go and get a cup of tea so I left the monkey in it’s cage. While I as making a cup of tea the monkey broke the cage and climbed out of it. It went onto my desk and pushed my laptop off the side of my desk. When I came back I saw that the laptop was on the floor and the monkey was on my chair. The next day I was fired!

The day the monkey was angry

Hi i have a pet monkey its currently snowing outside but we cant go out because its to cold.Oh and if i havent said my monkeys name is Sam and he is very naughty.I just went in the kitchen and Sam was havingĀ  a meltdown he was throwing his computer across the room in anger.He is angry because there is no wifi and he needs to do his 100wc.He threw it across the room because he thought thatĀ  would be a good idea but it wasn’t.If i was Sam i would be so mad and upset.Okay i have to go to help Sam now bye read episode to to find what happens next ….