The secret life of puppy’s part. 2.

Annabel and Amy woke up and got dressed into there summer dresses brushed there teeth and went outside. When we opened  the door rite in front of are feet was a big pink box.Then we took it into our secret garden and opened it up WOW rite inside was a big box of grey kittens.So me and Amy took them inside OMG they are so cute what shall we do with them  Amy I think we should keep them after all they are so cute OK good idea .So that was the end of it they were all happy .THE END

my bad DAY!

I over slept fel down sters and landed face farst spilt my drinck  all over me I was late for school and got detenchon I had stay in at lunch time 1 heawer later there was a test I GOT 0/30    I went home

and for tea  TOTMATOS! AND VEGDBALS AFTER TEA WE WACHED THE WARST FILM efer my sister kiked me and chast me then THE DAY WHENT GOOD I PLAYED chest with my dad and played no the xbox and computer then played onno with mum and dad my sister  and dad wun  at 9.30 bed good drame the next day









scoot for life

Hi i’m Ryan  and i love scootering i’m the second best at scooting in my school i can double whip up a box  and i can bry at corby.This is how i got into scootering and biking p.s i’m the best at biking and Kian is the best at scooting . ok so one day my friend Aaron came around mine with a new scooter and he said do you want to go to ramps . I said yes so we went and then we whent so thats my story about how i got into scootering .

My Magical Puppy!

The summer holidays has arrived for me Laura which I am dreading.The first reason is I have to put up my broken leg and my two best friends are going on holiday with each other.Here
I am sitting on this bench waiting for my mum when…Bright sparks surround me I get blinded for a minute.All of a sudden a cute spaniel appears right in front of me.”Hello” said the spaniel.Is this true a cute brown spaniel with hazel eyes.”Yes it is true my name Cloud and I need to hide back in my world spies are out to get me.A week passed I’m having the best time with Cloud today I’m getting my cast of yay!Oh mum it’s going to be ages till we go in “why don’t you go outside and have a wander”.Said mum.All of a sudden Cloud started getting very timid and shaky. By Laura it’s been nice meeting you but I have to go.

Jenna’s scary calls!

One day Jenna went to school. When Jenna came back her mum and dad rang up and said we will be back at 10:00. So s he watched a movie with her sister. She got popcorn and suddenly a call it said I am neer. She called somebody to trace it done and it called again I am heer now. The trace was coming from the spare bedroom the police was on there way they said hide in a room until they get there  so they did and suddenly they turned on the light and found a skelington in the room.