The secret life of puppy’s part. 2.

Annabel and Amy woke up and got dressed into there summer dresses brushed there teeth and went outside. When we opened  the door rite in front of are feet was a big pink box.Then we took it into our secret garden and opened it up WOW rite inside was a big box of grey kittens.So me and Amy took them inside OMG they are so cute what shall we do with them  Amy I think we should keep them after all they are so cute OK good idea .So that was the end of it they were all happy .THE END

my bad DAY!

I over slept fel down sters and landed face farst spilt my drinck  all over me I was late for school and got detenchon I had stay in at lunch time 1 heawer later there was a test I GOT 0/30    I went home

and for tea  TOTMATOS! AND VEGDBALS AFTER TEA WE WACHED THE WARST FILM efer my sister kiked me and chast me then THE DAY WHENT GOOD I PLAYED chest with my dad and played no the xbox and computer then played onno with mum and dad my sister  and dad wun  at 9.30 bed good drame the next day









scoot for life

Hi i’m Ryan  and i love scootering i’m the second best at scooting in my school i can double whip up a box  and i can bry at corby.This is how i got into scootering and biking p.s i’m the best at biking and Kian is the best at scooting . ok so one day my friend Aaron came around mine with a new scooter and he said do you want to go to ramps . I said yes so we went and then we whent so thats my story about how i got into scootering .

My Magical Puppy!

The summer holidays has arrived for me Laura which I am dreading.The first reason is I have to put up my broken leg and my two best friends are going on holiday with each other.Here
I am sitting on this bench waiting for my mum when…Bright sparks surround me I get blinded for a minute.All of a sudden a cute spaniel appears right in front of me.”Hello” said the spaniel.Is this true a cute brown spaniel with hazel eyes.”Yes it is true my name Cloud and I need to hide back in my world spies are out to get me.A week passed I’m having the best time with Cloud today I’m getting my cast of yay!Oh mum it’s going to be ages till we go in “why don’t you go outside and have a wander”.Said mum.All of a sudden Cloud started getting very timid and shaky. By Laura it’s been nice meeting you but I have to go.

Jenna’s scary calls!

One day Jenna went to school. When Jenna came back her mum and dad rang up and said we will be back at 10:00. So s he watched a movie with her sister. She got popcorn and suddenly a call it said I am neer. She called somebody to trace it done and it called again I am heer now. The trace was coming from the spare bedroom the police was on there way they said hide in a room until they get there  so they did and suddenly they turned on the light and found a skelington in the room.

#School again

It’s never good to have a wet bum or a wet body. But nothing is worse then Going to back school when you’ve just come back from winter break. it was so soannoying when I woke up because I had the best sleep of my life. And it was the first time I didn’t sleep in my bedroom. As if the day we all go back to school I did have a good sleep, I’m not very happy. The last time I went to school was about two weeks ago and thank god they let us have two weeks.

The big bang

One day Jojo herd a big BANG so she went to the door and as she opened it and there was a old lady but she was not a lady it was a man but he moved the wig and Jojo pushed him out and she herd a noise from outside and the man was in the gardan and my friend came and called the poice so the man was gone and my mum came home and I ran up to my room mum came up stairs and I told my mum the hole story and my friend went home.

The new family member ! !

One fun day I got a pet hamster called Ginger she is so CUTE! Ginger has dark black eyes like the night.She also has a white belly and is ginger all on her back.Ginger lover to play on my legs like it’s a slide.I take her to the shop , in the park and in Macdonalds (yummy).Today is the first month I have had her.I am getting Ginger a new weel for her cage and more hay.I got Ginger on December the six.Are love for each other is so deep.I will never let go of her.She is my best friend forever.

A Leopard In The Forest!!!

I was walking home from school ,luckily it was the day of it.I was taking a shortcut though the forest when I saw something.”OMG OMG OMG it’s a LEOPARD”!!!. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then the leopard looked at me .I thought it was going to run at me then pounce but she didn’t.Insted she walked over and spoke she actually spoke.She said “Hi Lola I’m lost can you help me find my way,”said she. Then she disappeared so I went back home. I told my mom but she didn’t believe me nether did my dad.So I forgot all about it.


Some one bort a bugatti he took it home he poleshd it and hooverd inside it he took it alt for a spin it had a mind of its self it dro0ve by its self it crasht and basht and it got baterd he trid to take it home but it dident let him he cept trien and trien but stil it dident he trid to get alt but the doors wer sut so he dident no wat to do so he dident do enythink but then an ider it was to gump alt of the roof of the car.




Pokemon are not real but there are types of them water fire eletric dark fighting fairy and ex are lendrery. Pokemon are in games and on cards The new Pokemon games out is Pokemon sun and moon there on teaes. In childers mind they think Pokemon are real. there are backs of cards you can get for five pound and if your lucky you can get a ex like chazard lugyer and so meny more you can trade to get beter cards you friends will some times and you can get big cards if you trade you can get one

The Magic School bus

One day we went on a school trip. We got on the bus. We were going to a space museum. So the bus took off but very fast it also felt like we were upside down. I looked out of the window and I saw smoke and fire I realised that the bus was magic and turned into a rocket. We flew up and were given space suits and sketch pads and pencils. We scheched stars and the moon. We sketched the sun and planets. When it was home time  we told are mums and dads all about it.

Barry Loser and the case of the crumpled carton

‘Eeve cools said the school bully signing Nancys cast .Darren Darrenofski I arrest you for killing Antonys carton .what said Darren no I didn’t .I wouldn’t. even if u payed me one million pounds I know who it was . it was shazza cause she wanted to get back at Anton for saying that she stole the phantom air   freshener and that explains it.No I didn’t said shazza gordon did it. GET HIM …

All My Favourite Cars

One day I woke and I smelt the weirdest smell ever and I don’t know what it was.
So, I get up and go down stairs and say to my mum and dad “I’m going out side” and
they say ok. When I got ready I followed the smell (like a dog.)finally I reached the
smell and guess what it was car fumes. I know what your thinking (car fumes really) but these
weren’t normal cars these where Ferrari’s Lamborghini’s and many more cool cars. I ran home after ten minute’s to get my mum and dad but they didn’t let me out again because it was to dangerous.

Future Apocalips

I was sitting on the sofa watching tv when the tv opend and suckt me in.I looked around and saw lots abandoned houses everywhere. I herd a scream. some people said come with me they took me in to an old castle they said there are zombies everywhere they also said where are you from, I said Cambridge 2017 “really said one of them this is 3089.We just went to get some food from co op. we are probable the last people in the world. I went out side and saw a shine in a house it was the portle and I was home.

The secret life of kittens part 1.

Amy and Annabel woke up and got dressed into there summer dresses brushed there teeth and went outside .When we  opened  the door rite in  front of are feet  was a big pink box.Then we took it into our secret garden and opened it up WOW right inside there was 5 kute kittens sitting there with only pink tisew paper and white but purple dasies inside.I named them Twincle’and Star and pooding and rose and Scarlet I let them out for a play and they loved  the flowers THE END.

I’m in Minecraft World!!!

It’s bed time for me in England, I’m having a sleepover at my friends house her name is called Stephney and we’re going to sleep. The next morning Stephney and me wake up and find are selfs in Minecraft world,we look at are fingers and find that their in a square shape Stephney and me scream at each other with fright. “What happened to us?”asked Stephney “I don’t know but I’ve played Minecraft before we have to build a house before night comes!” “Why.”asks Stephney “Because when night falls zombies,skeletons,creepers and pigmen come in the night and try to kill you.”I said  “Just one question to ask you what is a creeper?” Asks Stephney “A type that’s like a zombie but with four legs and blows up.”I said “Ok let’s build a house, your starting to freak me out.”Said Stephney. So we stared building a house and sleeped for the  night in Minecraft.

The story will continue again.


Christmas Day

On Christmas Day I waked up and I saw presents under my tree. I
loved my presents from my family. I went to my aunties and uncle and I opened more presents and had so much fun with my family. We had a christmas dinner with my nanny and played games at her house. Then we watched a film on telly. It was funny my uncle picked me up in the air It was fun.Then we played more games and had a loverly Christmas. My nanny loved the dinner and so did I. Everone loved the dinner. I love christmas so much.

My Birthday !!!!!

It was my birthday and I really wanted a party but I was never aloud one so I just sat on my bed. When I woke up it was the morning and I looked on my calinda and it said it was my birthday. Oh my goodness i said but suddenly i stoped ”i cant have a party this is the worst day ever.” I said. Suddenly my mum called me down i had balloons and presents (lots of presents). Then my mum said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN” oh yeah that is my name. ” WOW you rememberd” I said. ” Of course”.

Zoella ??

Hi my names Zoella I live with Alfie my boyf and Nala my pug (Nala is sooooo cute).Brigton is really fun and pretty and the food is sooooo yummy we buy a lot of fish and chips?.We also like the view and the air smells really nice its salty.I love my home It’s so big. Let’s get to the important bit my vids I have two channels pointless blog and Zoella. I have a cheeky brother Joe who is always up to mischief. He does loads of funny pranks on Caspar he once made Caspars flat into a slip’n’slide