#School again

It’s never good to have a wet bum or a wet body. But nothing is worse then Going to back school when you’ve just come back from winter break. it was so soannoying when I woke up because I had the best sleep of my life. And it was the first time I didn’t sleep in my bedroom. As if the day we all go back to school I did have a good sleep, I’m not very happy. The last time I went to school was about two weeks ago and thank god they let us have two weeks.

The big bang

One day Jojo herd a big BANG so she went to the door and as she opened it and there was a old lady but she was not a lady it was a man but he moved the wig and Jojo pushed him out and she herd a noise from outside and the man was in the gardan and my friend came and called the poice so the man was gone and my mum came home and I ran up to my room mum came up stairs and I told my mum the hole story and my friend went home.

The new family member ! !

One fun day I got a pet hamster called Ginger she is so CUTE! Ginger has dark black eyes like the night.She also has a white belly and is ginger all on her back.Ginger lover to play on my legs like it’s a slide.I take her to the shop , in the park and in Macdonalds (yummy).Today is the first month I have had her.I am getting Ginger a new weel for her cage and more hay.I got Ginger on December the six.Are love for each other is so deep.I will never let go of her.She is my best friend forever.

A Leopard In The Forest!!!

I was walking home from school ,luckily it was the day of it.I was taking a shortcut though the forest when I saw something.”OMG OMG OMG it’s a LEOPARD”!!!. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then the leopard looked at me .I thought it was going to run at me then pounce but she didn’t.Insted she walked over and spoke she actually spoke.She said “Hi Lola I’m lost can you help me find my way,”said she. Then she disappeared so I went back home. I told my mom but she didn’t believe me nether did my dad.So I forgot all about it.


Some one bort a bugatti he took it home he poleshd it and hooverd inside it he took it alt for a spin it had a mind of its self it dro0ve by its self it crasht and basht and it got baterd he trid to take it home but it dident let him he cept trien and trien but stil it dident he trid to get alt but the doors wer sut so he dident no wat to do so he dident do enythink but then an ider it was to gump alt of the roof of the car.