My Wish

One beautiful, warm morning in 2017, I hope I get a snowy, white pony that I could ride all day long. I also wish that I would call it Twilight and I would be in lots of competitions. I also hope I could go on camps with her and talk to her. The best thing I would want to do with Twilight if I had her is go on long rides together. I would love to go out with my friends riding everyday and go into the woods and explore. The only vigorous creature that I would want is a horse!




In 2017, David hope’s for something.

In 2017,David hope’s for a better life because he wants to spend time with his family but he can’t he’s got loads of work to do at his office before Christmas,he just wants to spend time with his family for the holidays but his boss won’t let him because he has loads and loads of work to do and he wishes he could get it done somehow so he sits at his desk and looks at   his work thinking should he ask his boss one more time or just go home and leave a note for his boss saying sorry Mike I really wanted to go home to my family and he goes and askes his boss one more time and gess what his boss said”Yes.”

Brand new year

It’s so close till the new year. 2017 is going to be the best year ever because This Christmas has been the best it could ever be so I hope this is a good Start to the new year. In 2017, I hope it will be the best. A few minutes later it was seconds away from being 2017 and it was nerve raking and the countdown started 59..58..57 until it was time the final ten seconds 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 YAY!!!! A New year has begin, everybody was cheering party poppers everywhere and it was so inviting. When I went to bed I had a good sleep.

I wish!

Happy new year! By the way it is still December but it is the 1st tomorrow I get a special gift. Well night I am going to bed now. In 2017, tomorrow l hope l get a puppy. It is morning now and I am just running down stairs to open my present it was massive. I un rapped bright red rapping paper whith stars on it. “WOW” my wish came troo it was a tiny hand size shiny puppy! Today my mum said we can go shopping for him his name is Teddy. We bought him a cut squeaky toy.

The Fastest Boy In The School

In 2017,I hope that I could be the fastest in the school.”you will never be the fastest in the school,loser,”said the school bully.well then lets test it,exclaimed Barry. So the very next day they did test it so the bully got the fastest person in the school and Barry got his running trainers on and so they raced.Barry had a good feeling about this race. Get set GO!Barry is behind but not any more OMG Barry is actually winning and OMG BARRY WON and the bully never bullied him again.So nobody ever doughted him again and that is it guys.