Ed Sheerans story. Copy

Okay so, hello guys my name is Ed Sheeran  and I am a music artist well, beginner. My  first song is called Perfect it kind of goes like this. Dancing in the dark with you between my arms, wait I forgot to feed Nick, Nick is my pet snake his scales are red his cage is next to the clock so when we look at him we don’t forget to feed him. But back to music, my contest is rack-su their song is called DimeloI’ve heard it and its good I don’t think I’ll win this year to become an artist their song goes like this, Dimelo dimelo dimelo you’ve got the moves like Shakeera smile like Ameera got me feeling like sheero. Pretty good right?  End Journal Carry on tommorrow.

Wednesday 13 December.

The Red Snake

One day there lived a boy named Jeff and he was cycling to school suddenly he felt something on his back so he stoped and looked but there was nothing there so he walked the rest of the way.He looked at the clock and it was 8:35 “oh no im late ” then i seen a red snake i fanted i was in a hosbital .       and the snake was next to me deid befor that heppend i left my bike a the feild i sed mum can you go get my bike for me i left it a the old feild please.

toy shop!!!!!

Once there was a man called Sam he was a zoo kipper . He has a pet snake before Sam went to bed he had some milk and a tablet. The next day Sam cycled to his work he works at the toy shop he makes red fabric and sow it to the toy. Once Sam cut his hand and shot of like a pullet to his house to get a plaster and put it under cold water.he put cream 
then it will get better the next day the cut was gone Sam missed work for a cuple of days 

                     THE END

The Red Clock goes Tick! Tock!, or does it…

The red clock goes Tick! Tock!                                                                                                 Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

The red clock goes Tick! Tock!                                                                                                Before the snake got cycled.

I made that song up, it great isn’t it – well I won’t brag to much, it’s kind of random and weird, so I won’t brag anymore – yes I won’t – yes I won’t,  yes I won’t brag. Or will I… no of course I won’t brag! Ha Ha! Did you actually fall for that! Ha Ha!

Well I guess I’ll be going after all those tricks Ha Ha! wait don’t go I like tablet time So Geometry Dash would be good! Thanks! Bye Bye!

the red snake

Once upon a time there was a red snake who liked eating clocks (they were his favourite). But every morning he eat is alarm clock so he would not get up and it cycled and cycled and cycled until one day he found a clock so he  took it home. Once he got home he started eating the clock but it didn’t break so he tried agin and again and again but it wouldn’t budge. He tried again before bed but it did not budge. The next day he tried dropping it of a tree and it worked.