Once upon a time, there was a snake. The snake was a red snake. He was also very smart. To read a clock was one of the things he could do.

One day, the snake was out walking in the street when some people cycled past him. They were wearing black and white with a black face-mask holding sacks of money! Before he could react, the snake jumped into a nearby phone box to call the Police (that was another one of the things he could do).

He ran out of the phone box and at the robbers. The snake caught up on them and bit them. They fell instantly to the ground.


the red snake

One day there lived a snake it wasn’t a ordinary snake it was a red snake with hands and legs.The red snake was a very good cyclest. He forgot to get food before he went to get food he looked the clock when he was done shopping he made him self some dinner he made him self some rice and chicken then he went to bed in the morning all his shopping was gone and the window was smashed completely and he herd something up the stairs he was so brave he ran up stairs and saw a human the red snake got him and called the policeĀ  THE END




The red snake

One day there was a snake which was coloured red and her owner was called chloe smith.She escaped from her cage and was in trouble and while she escaped she knocked the clock of the wall.Before this story started she was locked up tight in her cage .She was left alone once and her owner Chloe went for a cycle around the park for fresh air for an hour.But when she got back she was gone !!!