The snake that chased the cycler

Once upon a time there was a boy  who was called Harry and he was a very good BMX biker he always went the skatepark . He was always the best one there when he went to do a trick on the ramp everyone would move out the way to let him do it. He does frontflips backflips double frontflips double backflips one time he got chased by a snake. Its amazing its mind blowing its eye popping how he does his tricks at five o clock he would look at the time before he could home by the way he has a red bike which is cool THE END!!!


How Dangerous Are Snakes.

Hi Im snake Inspector James and for years I have been catching wild snakes. Today Im going to tell you a story of when I was In Africa so here we go  It was a hot scorching day and I was in the rain forest when i saw a massive red python on the grass. With my net I swept It up before it could run away. When I got back I looked at the time and It was 1o,oclock so I had to  go back  but I had  an awesome time there and I would never ever forget It.

stay inside kids

one sunny afternoon I was playing my favourite video game when my mum burst through the door “have you seen the time ” she shouted. “what is the time” I asked  look there is a clock there. oh its nearly five o’clock.Why don’t you ride on your new red bike before dinner ,fine I murmured . so I went out on my bike. But I wanted to go somewhere that I have not been before so I decided to go to the woods I was just entering the woods when I saw a snake AAAAAAAAAAAAA I screamed as it  pounced at me.I cycled as fast as I could  all the way home.


There once was a girl who had a pet snake called Hunter.But Hunter wasn’t any old snake he was a very rare species of red snake.He could climb walls, hide well and he could even tell the time on a clock.It was one o’clock in the morning which Hunter knew so he put his tail up when he heard his owner going for a cycle round the block.Hunter then put his tail back up and slid it in the lock he twisted it round and the cage opened before his eyes.He escaped!When his owner got back she looked all around but couldn’t find him….


Once upon a time there was a boy called bob.  One day bob was walking to school when he saw a red snake in the long grass he stole a bike and cycled to school(savage).  When he got to school he looked at the clock to see what the time was it was 8:00,before the bell rang he ran to his class and got ready.  When bob got back home he saw the snake in his garden but somehow it was massive now.He got a bit of toilet paper and threw it at him.  He went to bed without dinner.  He woke up with the snake throwing toilet paper at him. he screamed to death.  He called his mum and it was just in his dream.