The Concrete family

In a very windy dark day, the Concrete family came alive.The three family are very small and normally quiet. Sadly, they didn’t have a home they just live in the woods. They were walking for 20 hrs to find a home, they didn’t find a home again. The family found a church in the middle of nowhere, they went inside and no one was there.


The family lived in the church because they want food and also health. The church is the best thing for a home.


Concrete Family That Came Alive

On a cold autumn day there was a family of statues. This family of statues shared a secret. Now you are probably thinking how a concrete family shares a secret as they are concrete. This family came alive at night. After the owner of the cafe locks up and goes home the concrete family came alive and went to go and look for the book. That book was no ordinary book. It was a magic book. It told you all the spell and secrets that you would ever need to know. In the morning the concrete family went back to being concrete.


One day in front of a ancient times centre there was three statues with little square arms and weird little shapes for a head. There are glowing sparkles in the centre and some say when its 1:00AM  the sparkles come out of the building, onto the statues and they come to life. You dont think thats true do you? Well of course thats true! Theres been sightings of 2 statues missing, some one caught a statue in their front yard and it took months for it to dissapear, i know right? And if you see one out of its usal space please, dont harm them, just tap on with a hammer and within 24 hours while no one is looking it will go back to its usal space and cant absorb the sparkles until 48 hours

The stone family

Hi i am called stone teller this is my brother called Ben teller and i don’t have a mom or a dad  because they die.I live with my cousin and my brother we have loads of fun,  and by the way we are stones. I hate living here because people just hate me as the tall stone,

A FEW HOURS LATER it was dark and no one was around , but as i walked to wards the tree there was a taller stone than me i said to the stone ” hi i am called Stone teller” the answer was dull then it came over to the light “BOOOOM”, i screamed ” dad your your alive yayayayayayayay”.


The Concrete Family

One day I was walking down the road and I saw this poles and they looked like people like a family. When other people saw them they turned into human. Me and my friend Nicola we saw them coming out from the concrete me and my friend started running as far as we could and back to our house. We were so scared we started crying but then we said to our selfs,”We will defeat this monster.” So we went out and defeated the monster and the thing that was most cool of the whole day was when they got sucked up in the black, dark hole. We thought that we would get sucked up but we didn’t. the end

The crazy daisy restaurant!

One day there was a girl called Daisy who was a teenager and Daisy owned a restaurant called the crazy Daisy’s.On wednesday morning a van parked up outside the restaurant with three pretty statues which stood up straight in hight order on the patio.Daisy went to see what they were they were famous rich statues but the question is who bought them ? Daisy was worried that it wasn’t hers so she called up the place were the statues get made by famous artists and they said it wasnt a mistake.Now daisy is really confused.The wierd thing is that there mouths were talking what were they saying? hmmmmmm TO BE CONTINUED ……….