Down The Drain!

Oh no, I have fallen down the drain and I’m stuck. I cried for help but know one came, I saw rats running around by my feet and the smell was horrible. I know I had to get out of here. I tried to wriggle up the pipe but it was no use, it was to small. Then suddenly I saw daylight up ahead I tried with all my might and finally my body came free from the pipe and I was on the roof of my house! How was I going to get down. There it goes my best heir bow…


The Visit

One day me and my family were going on a visit to a place where there were ships. I was not excited because I can see ships anywhere where I live. When we arrived at the ship place i was so confused. All the ships were just sat on bark and sticks. I thought how on earth did they get there they were quite clean and could be used again. 

The hunted boats

“Where are we?” asked Milo “I don’t know scaredy cat.”said milo’s  sister Mekenzie  she was a year up from milo “AWWWWWWWWWW wow I did not just scream” Mekenzie said “yes you did  and I got it on AWAWAWAW” I said the boats where moving” milo said ” yer write the boats are achally moveing.” mekenzie said. When I stoped lughfing I ran but mekenzie did not “ok mekenzie very funny come on” milo said but she just stood soo I just ran but after 5 hours she still was not hear so milo went back out  for her.

to be continued. (never)  😉

Amazing Adventures ( Not)

” Its Monyay”groaned Lucy. “Whats so bad about Monday”replied Lucy’s mum.Lucy Saunders lived at home with her mum, dad ,and little sister Lottie. “Even worst I’m going to the woods thats the most intresting trip ever isn’t it.”complained Lucy.Quickly,Lucy went to school before she missed the bus. Finally Lucy was at  the woods.”Right class time to head to the boat expidition.”said Lucy’s teacher.They made it to the boats.The boats were blue and it looked like they were very old.Lucy climbed the boat and there was a cat walking on his hind legs.”Follow me young lady,”said the cat which was a bit weird…

The Lego Friends Adventure

Our main characters are Emma, Stephanie, Adele and Alesha. They went on holiday with their owner Harriet they were hot in her bag so Harriet let them out to play on her lap. When they got there Harriet let them play it have tea and nap on her bed. “Bedtime girls” said Harriet ”ok” all the girls chimed in. “morning” said Emma “what should we do today””can we go to the forest” “yes great idea”said all of the other girls. when they were at the forest they ran about “what are those?” wandered Stephenie “amazing boats have’nt you seen them before”giggled Harriet.

The mystery boats!!

The sun was sparkling in my face while I went for a walk in the afternoon. Suddenly I tripped, I got up and I saw massive boats everywhere! The boats were as big as pirate ships. I pondered when have these boats been here “oh well.” I thought I might as well explore so I did…  I climbed up and hauled myself on. Then i found gold i stuffed it in my pockets and set off for home. When I finally got home me and my mum were so happy! We were rich we then lived a happy life together.


The Boat Graveyard

Today was the day that my class is going to a place called Boat Forest.When we got there we had to get into groups .Me Grace and  Ruby luckily were in the same group.When we were exploring we found a really old boat .Someone said that we was not aloud but we went in there anyway.It was creepy dull and down below was a trapdoor.We opened it and there was a boat graveyard.

The Forriest

The Forriest is big and the trees in the forriest are big and they are boats they as well in the forriest as well they are 5 boats they in the forriest and they is a whole in the forriest because . i think it is off the boats because the boats are big and they is a tree with green leaves on the tree as well and they is a tree that dose not have leaves as well and they is a big big whole in the forriest as well so people can walk throw the forriest . and they is a
tree that dose have a branch on .

A Historic Event

One stormy, unwelcoming, rainy night Betty was reading a historic book about a terrible shipwreck. She read and read until she had finished all of the 468 clean, white pages. The next happy sunny morning she went and looked for the wrecked ship in the deep, green forest. Betty walked for hours until she saw some ships that extremely damage or in pieces. One of the boats was making a dreadful noise. No waiting, Betty was in the ship looking for was making the noise. It didn’t take her long until she fond a man in a corner of the boat which seemed to be dying!