Stickman, Oh Stickman

One fine day, Billy was taking his little sister Lila out to the park. In the morning, they got dressed excitedly and hurridly wanting to get to the park early. So when they had finished getting themselves ready upstairs, they shot straight down the stairs. They then opened the door and when they got out they slammed the door behind them. They ran into the car and waited. When they finally got there, Billy took Lila to the pond to feed the ducks. They had too walk through the woods to get there. So when they got to the woods they tip-toed in. Right in front of them they saw they saw things dancing and those things were………….

The worriers of the woods

One day me and my friend were going for for a walk in a forest we took a picnic and it was a beautiful day to have a picnic before we have are picnic we were going to have a look in the woods because my mum said that there was a really good  park on the way into the woods. We were nearly  at the park on the way we saw something really suspicius it took us quite a while to find out what it was and we got a bit closer and we saw it was dancing trees we went back to our mums and said we saw dancing trees



The Wood Worriers

One day there lived a whole army  and there was a king and his name was will short  for William. and they wanted to go to the woods to scere people so the whole army went to the wood and there were no people so they went into a huddle. they said “should we stay in a huddle and then supprise them” yes” so they stayd there and then they heard foot steps one pirsen looked and it was sir BOB oh no  we must get him so they all struggle to get him then the king got him and they lived hapilly ever after.


The … errrrm … ninja … um … trees … well … errrr …. ATTACK !

One day there was a little boy who … um … was attacked by sum … errr … ninja trees that where hiding … um … behind them. After being attacked they … errr … ran home and told the police. After they had told the police, the police went to investigate and they found the ninja trees and fought them with pistols but the ninja trees were too fast and pined them down but the police renenforcemence eraved and captured thev ninja trees so they could be studide in a lab in london. And in the end they became soldiers in the army. have a nice time rereading this story.

® Stickman Academy ®

Stickman Academy was for the bravest stickman in all the world.And every year there were trials but only 9 would get in and some people would have   to drop out. They had training 5 days a week even when it was a freezing tempriture. The only bad thing was that 4 years ago some of the stickmen went to the evil side and had been training ever since that day. Everybody is now ready in the village to strike back and bring them back to the good side. You should now know that tale for ever in your bright big hearts. Be ready.