®Stickman Attack!!!!!!®

One day, I was walking around the park and as I was walking I saw cute stick man but when I touched one it came alive and attacked me it was bad his face turned around and had make up.  I worked at the police station so called backup and we had a fight it was police vs stickmen of course police won it was a crazy day!!


There was once in a far land all of these stick people.They were mean and bad people.All they wonted to do was fight.When a new person came they treted him very badly.He said that he will get all of the bad sticks that treedid him in that way.But little that they new he was the gratest wizard of all time. And he was called gas. He put a spell on the hole stick men and women and all most strat away evry thing stoped all of the sticks had stoped now all that rmans are sticks ha ha ha ha!



The weird stickmen

This is such a weird day my brother is coming up to the stickmen and laughing at them I just started shouting at my brother and said “HEY YOU, HOW IS THAT FUNNY EHHHH?” My brother just went inside the house and didn’t reply. I went up to the stickmen downstairs and I started thinking about why is it down here? Where did it came from? I just became confused where it came from BECAUSE WHY IS IT OUTSIDE OF MY GARDEN??? But something actually just weird a one stickmen just moved! I started screaming and running around.

The Haunted Woods!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

“Come on you guys, there is a whole wood out there and we’ve only just got here.”
” Oh so they are going to explore these woods eh, they definetly won’t live for much longer!”
As the explorers ran through the woods with their cameras, the Ninja Warrior had ran back to her home and had told ,weirdly enough, the trees that roamed the land around her home!
“Woah…stop there are some sort of ninjas here. How do we get to the other side?”
The more they worried and cried the more the ninjas crept closer!
“What do we do now…….?”

The Fighting Camp

One evening my mum found a camp and she thought it would be good for me jack. I am a big boy and I have not  been to a camp yet  and I thought it would be fun . We went the next morning and the entrance said fighting camp I and mum said “this is not the camp I booked ” but lets try it and see she dropped me of and said”seems good”and I started walking I had walked about 20 mins and I saw a group of people and didn’t look real and that was because they weren’t. But I got to sleep and didn’t Like so I didn’t go the next day.


The war happened in a church

Since day one in 1901 this was a complicated day but not a very nice day… I went down to the church and there was a dangerous thing is happening is war. I saw dead people there was sticks of people and how horrible is that?  I don’t want to die if there is war coming to our town. If there is war coming to my house I’ll have to get my house empty and move to Birmingham or somewhere,I’ll have to go near my Mom’s family. A church is where god came from and somewhere to pray.

If there is war in this time of year don’t think about it, move somewhere.

Tree Men

Believe it or not I saw tree men. The tree men looked like they were running. I had to rub my eyes about 3 times. It was unbelievable! At the time it was only me at the park. There was tall and small trees. In the middle of the trees there stood the tree men. Some were tiny and some were humungous. On my phone I took a picture and sent it to all of my friends. I asked if they had seen it. No-one had. It was the weirdest day of my whole entire life. Maybe it was just me.