Ha ha

Hi I,m watching my father open a few of his cans of lemonade for my friends and he has spit 10 of his lemonade and he has just filled half a glass of lemonade 10 minutes later a glass has been filled but there is 3 more glasses. Goodbye and I shut the door and then my dad came into the room he has filled up the glasses and I said my friends has gone home because it’s been 3 hours and my dad is going to throw the glasses out of the window. Dad my friend are coming to play and my dad got the lemonades ready and suddenly a asteroid hit the floor and glasses smashed onto the floor.

The duck story

A duck walked up to a lemonade stand and said to the man running the stand “Hey got eny grapes “and the man said “ne we just sell lemonade but fresh and it’s all homemade “and the duck said “goodbye”. then he waddled away to the very next day. A duck walked up to a lemonade stand and said to man running the “hey got eny grapes and the man said “no we just sell lemonade do u want to try some” and the said “I’ll pass” then he walled away to the very next day.

That’s the duck story

Eric Is A Comedian

“Right here goes nothing”  Eric said nervously. Then suddenly loud music came on while the  song kept going someone said introducing your host this evening Eric . Then Eric quickly  ran on the stage.  Finally after he stopped introducing himself  . He started to say jokes like knock knock jokes , cross the road jokes . One of his jokes where who is the spy in a pond and someone said I don’t know someone else tried to guess then Eric said James Pond everyone smiled and laughed . Then  someone said ahh i get it because James Bond is a spy then the show finished and Eric went home to get some rest for the next day . 

Water Fight

Once upon a time in a far away land lived a girl named    Molly.Everyone thought she was just a human living girl.But deep inside her she new she had a secret identity hidden inside her.She had a very kind friend called Amy.She was the nises person Molly had ever met.Amy always made Molly cry with happiness it was so amusing.When Amy and Molly were a baby they went on a road trip to Wimpole.It is a awesome place .They also went somewhere called candy town that was the best day of there life.And one day they are going to get a pet it will be a puppy.



Dear Grace

We are writing to tell you you mey try out for the L.A.H.G.I.N.G. They are prod to provide you with the L.A.G.H.I.N.G mascot

your sunsirly                                                                                               L.A.G.H.I.N.G


“what a weard letter” I said “I know I got one last week” said my BFF Lola “Ow they gave me a sweet”I said “NO DONT EAT IT!!!!” Lola said when I put the sweet in my mouth I dissaperred “ow no” thought Lola when I reappeared I was at L.A.G.H.I.N.G “nooooooo” I said I was on laughing gas “hahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahhahahah” I said “ow no this is going to be a long day.”