The Tea cup

I looked in my Mom’s cupboard but it wasn’t my teacup it was a cracked one! I took the teacup out, I tried not to crack it, but I showed it to my Mom and she shouted strangely “REENA DATS NOT MINE WHERE’D YOU FIND IT”, then I said “Excuse moi, I found it in the cupboard”.  I put it outside just for one day then the next day it was full of seeds! It looked really good, and it grew flowers on it.

I was in CHARGE!

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Joe.Joe was always getting told what to do.He thought to himself its not fare why can’t i tell them what to do for once!One day he went for walk in a forest and saw this shiny gem Joe picked it up and brought it back to his home when he got back to his home  his mum and dad said clean your bedroom now! Then he did when he touched the gem 5 times it got more shiny.When Joe went down stairs and everybody was doing what he said. It was amazing his wish came true when he said to a police can i drive your car and the police said yes i driven it to the best toy shop in the world and he took lots of money and bought every thing THE END

If I was in Charge

Not long ago I wondered, now what if I was in charge, well it’s quite crazy so if you want to hear get reading!

If I was in Charge                                                                                                                                                              By: Adam B

If I was in charge,                                                                                                                            The sky would be light blue,                                                                                                      The only change there,                                                                                                                  Would be that it would never get dark,                                                                                  And it would never rain, Woo Hoo!

The grass would be pink,                                                                                                              The pink would have spots,                                                                                                        Those spots would be black,                                                                                                        It would would be nice and thick,                                                                                          But thats not it!

The sun would always be there,                                                                                             And It would always be sunny,                                                                                            But with a tiddle, tum, tum,                                                                                                        The world would be happy!    

I hope you enjoyed it! More coming soon!

The Egg Team!

On Friday, the egg team decided to go to Australia. They always wanted to go to Australia and now they are. Ben really wanted to be in charge of the tickets and he was because he kept on moaning and every one got annoyed so they shouted “yes”. Hannah was in charge of the passports and Chloe was in charge of the sweets for the plain. Freddie took us to the airport in his car. I was in charge of booking the plain seats and the hotel room. When we got to the plain Ben couldn’t find the tickets in his bag Chloe said” But if I was in charge they wouldn’t have been lost.

Why Cant I Be In Charge

But what if I was in charge” I shouted. That day was the worst day of my life,my brother made a secrete club and wanted to be in charge but I wanted  to be in charge to. So mum said that we would have a race. We had to jump over the bench and climb the climbing frame in the end my brother won (but that’s because I let him) The club was amazing though we had cupcakes and cookies every Monday,and went on loads of secret missions to find treasure and our dog was in the club to and very funny. I WAS THE BEST CLUB EVER.