The Tea cup

I looked in my Mom’s cupboard but it wasn’t my teacup it was a cracked one! I took the teacup out, I tried not to crack it, but I showed it to my Mom and she shouted strangely “REENA DATS NOT MINE WHERE’D YOU FIND IT”, then I said “Excuse moi, I found it in the cupboard”.  I put it outside just for one day then the next day it was full of seeds! It looked really good, and it grew flowers on it.

I was in CHARGE!

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Joe.Joe was always getting told what to do.He thought to himself its not fare why can’t i tell them what to do for once!One day he went for walk in a forest and saw this shiny gem Joe picked it up and brought it back to his home when he got back to his home  his mum and dad said clean your bedroom now! Then he did when he touched the gem 5 times it got more shiny.When Joe went down stairs and everybody was doing what he said. It was amazing his wish came true when he said to a police can i drive your car and the police said yes i driven it to the best toy shop in the world and he took lots of money and bought every thing THE END

If I was in Charge

Not long ago I wondered, now what if I was in charge, well it’s quite crazy so if you want to hear get reading!

If I was in Charge                                                                                                                                                              By: Adam B

If I was in charge,                                                                                                                            The sky would be light blue,                                                                                                      The only change there,                                                                                                                  Would be that it would never get dark,                                                                                  And it would never rain, Woo Hoo!

The grass would be pink,                                                                                                              The pink would have spots,                                                                                                        Those spots would be black,                                                                                                        It would would be nice and thick,                                                                                          But thats not it!

The sun would always be there,                                                                                             And It would always be sunny,                                                                                            But with a tiddle, tum, tum,                                                                                                        The world would be happy!    

I hope you enjoyed it! More coming soon!

The Egg Team!

On Friday, the egg team decided to go to Australia. They always wanted to go to Australia and now they are. Ben really wanted to be in charge of the tickets and he was because he kept on moaning and every one got annoyed so they shouted “yes”. Hannah was in charge of the passports and Chloe was in charge of the sweets for the plain. Freddie took us to the airport in his car. I was in charge of booking the plain seats and the hotel room. When we got to the plain Ben couldn’t find the tickets in his bag Chloe said” But if I was in charge they wouldn’t have been lost.

Why Cant I Be In Charge

But what if I was in charge” I shouted. That day was the worst day of my life,my brother made a secrete club and wanted to be in charge but I wanted  to be in charge to. So mum said that we would have a race. We had to jump over the bench and climb the climbing frame in the end my brother won (but that’s because I let him) The club was amazing though we had cupcakes and cookies every Monday,and went on loads of secret missions to find treasure and our dog was in the club to and very funny. I WAS THE BEST CLUB EVER.

Can I Be In Charge

One day I was at school and I thought to myself how call would it be if I was in charge. So at break I went up to are headteacher and said can I n charge of the school ? The headteacher screamed NO way!!!!!!!!!! you can not be in charge of the school why? I asked because your not triand to be a headteacher. So it was the end of break so I ran back to class and I said to my friend Jake that it didn’t go very well she said that I cant be the head of the school.

snow blizzard poetry

one day in part of England there was a blizzard so big and strong the wind blew so wildly big balls of snow blew of the roof when will the blizzard stop we don’t know on the snow went leaving no peace of the ground to be in sight only the snow could be seen we inside of the school wanting to go out to play staying is side for break times isn’t so fun  so much for playing out side a hole white play ground still no ground to be seen everbody waiting to be free little ones.

                                                                THE END

The Music Group

This is a group called the Music Group and it had so many talented children! The Music Group had to go everywhere and perfome in a show and many countries. They had a teacher called Miss Burning who was in charge in the group! When the Music Group had to perfome everywhere they had to stay in different hotels so that they can go to a show. Miss Burning had more talent than anyone she had started fantastic talent since she was four years old.

I don’t have much talent as usual so I’d rather be charge of a group!


What If I Was In Charge?

It was early  afternoon on  Monday . We were having a maths lesson . The class was doing a maths lesson in which we were working in groups . By the way my name is Molly and I am like the most shy person in the class . My table and all the other tables of the class started to do their work.  On are table Olivia was leading . All of a sudden I heard a fluster of arguing . Clearly Olivia wasn’t doing a very good job at it . Then a strange idea came to my head ,

what if I was in-charge? 
That would be so cool.

The Day I Was In Charge.

I woke up one day and I thought to my self, what if I was in charge. So I had a think about what I could do and I came up with a  pretty good Idea. What If I could have all the chocolate in the world, make everyone my slave, and all do the most evil stuff you could ever think of. But I still thought about helping everyone who would need food and water, homes, shelter and even clothes. So I decided to do that even though I wasn’t in charge and It make a pretty big difference.

Truth Or Dare Breakdown!

Last week me and my best friends, and a couple of boys stayed round my house for a sleepover. My bestie, Carly insisted that we should play Truth Or Dare! Carly pointed at me and screamed “TRUTH OR DARE?”. I backed away for a moment until my other friend Poppy reassured me that it was fine, so I shrugged at leaned in closer and whispered “Dare!”. I saw Carly had a mischievous look on her face. She looked at me and then at Charlie (one of the boys). And giggled “I dare you to… Use your karate skills on Charlie!” She howled with laughter.” But, but thats not fair!”I mumbled. “Oh come on!” Carly whimpered in a baby voice with a smirk on her face! ‘But what if I was in charge?”I thought in my head. “Ugh you’re so boring, why can’t you be like us, The Dare Devils of the school!” After she said that I got up and went downstairs where all the parents were and said, “The party’s over, your children are so mean!” I shouted before I ran into the bathroom and cried! My Mum came bursting into the room and put her arms around me “It’s okay, you don’t need to be sad…” She said comforting me. I walked upstairs and cried my way to sleep…

Moan, Moan, Moan

If I chased the dog around in the fog………. Moan, Moan, Moan. “Don’t chase the poor thing Millie!” Mum will say.

If I look at a star through one big jar……….. Moan, Moan, Moan “Put that down it could smash!” Mum will shout.

If I slurp and burp at dinner time………… Moan, Moan, Moan. “MILLIEEE!” mum will mime.

But  If I was in charge…………..

I would chase the dog around in the fog,

I would look at a star through one big jar

And I would slurp and burp at dinner time.

My Mum would groan but she wouldn’t moan.

It would be so much better if it was like that,

I don’t know what my Mum is playing at,

But what I do know is that she is doing it for me and my own good!

who will run the company

One cold winter morning I woke up to go and see my grandpa . He was working on things for his company when I interrupted  “are you alright grandpa”. “No not really he muttered” I am getting to old to run the company just then dad burst in” I will run the company “he said but grandpa didn’t seem to keen on the idea . We all went downstairs to tell mum the news. She also asked if she could run the factory but grandpa didn’t like the sound of that either” what if I were in charge ” yes the company is saved .

The Terrible Idea!!

Hi I’m Gru I am a villain one day I went on vacation and I have these little helpers called minions and I let one of them called Bob definitely not in charge cause he asked me,”What if I was in charge.”             But instead I let Kevin be in charge he was a clever boy but this suprised me all he did was either sleep or party so instead of carrying on my vacation I had go back and stay with the minions. I had to tell Kevin off and  but I felt sad for him because my  mom  when I was little she used to tell me off just like I did to Kevin and it was the end of the day goodnight.


Me and my mum were planning my birthday party. Then, my mum got a text on her phone It was about work my mum and dad ,had a really good job that was how they were paying for my party.Me and my mum had made a date for my party this is what the text said” we need you here in work for next week” but I thought that the day of my party. My mum said” we mite have to cancel your party”.”No mum please what if  I was in charge” I replied ”sorry darling but your to young to manage” mum said feeling bad ” ok then” I said crying.

If I Was The P.M.

Once, I was watching the news. It was a special about Brexit. I wasn’t very interested, but my dad just kept watching. Every two minutes, I would ask my dad to TURN IT OFF. But he wouldn’t listen any of the hundreds of times I asked him. I decided to think of what I could do. So I thought “But what if I was in charge of the country”.

So these are the things I thought of what I could do:

I could make up my own rules for the country. Like children do not have to go to school, children make up the school rules, and finally children can’t get told off. I thought that was a bit too much for children. Maybe adults can have a day off.

I said to my dad again,”Can we turn it off.” He didn’t listen.

But What If I Was In Charge?

Do you ever wake up and lie in bed thinking about what you would do if you were in charge?

If I was in charge I would let everyone of school. We would not have healthy stuff, we would only eat ice cream and the schools would let the kids make up the rules! If I was in charge, at school you could bring in your pet and you could let them run wild!! You could marry the King or Queen. I always hoped to be in charge but never have.

What would you do if you were in charge?

The Plan

“Theres a whole new circus with whole new tricks and a whole new cast”.Millie heard on the radio. She was going there tonight with her closest friends called Amy,Sophie and Lily-may and her cousins Zac,Owen and Jade.[Millie was not old enough to go on her own with a thew friends into London so her cousins had to take them]. Soon it was time they all turned up at Millie’s house.”Hi Sophie”she had turned up first then Lily-may and then Amy at the same time as Millie’s cousins. Later they was at the circus in front seats but then the show would not go on because the showman was not there so Millie sugested that her and her friends could be in charge.So the show went on…

But What If I Was In Charge?

Once upon a time there was a boy called Bob,Bob was always thinking to himself”what if I was in charge?”Bobs mum and dad were always giving him what he wanted like a Nintendo Switch and a PS4.  Bob loved to play.   if Bob  was in charge he would send his kids to school on the weekend and punish his kids for saying a word when they were getting told off by their mother.For dinner he would give them Cod and give himself KFC.With a cold oreo milkshake from Shakie Jakes.


The End

The Day I was in charge

On a Friday morning the teacher wasn’t here but the teaching assistant was here so she choose a child to be the teacher for the day I was really excited.But right now its a thursday night I have to go to bed now bye .While I was sleeping I was dreaming  but what if I was in charge? I was dreaming .The next day at  7:30am I woke up and went to school hoping that she would choose me to be the teacher today i’m very nervous.The teacher of the day is Chloe said the teaching assistant. Yay its me I have been choosen finally.