Can I Be In Charge

One day I was at school and I thought to myself how call would it be if I was in charge. So at break I went up to are headteacher and said can I n charge of the school ? The headteacher screamed NO way!!!!!!!!!! you can not be in charge of the school why? I asked because your not triand to be a headteacher. So it was the end of break so I ran back to class and I said to my friend Jake that it didn’t go very well she said that I cant be the head of the school.

snow blizzard poetry

one day in part of England there was a blizzard so big and strong the wind blew so wildly big balls of snow blew of the roof when will the blizzard stop we don’t know on the snow went leaving no peace of the ground to be in sight only the snow could be seen we inside of the school wanting to go out to play staying is side for break times isn’t so fun  so much for playing out side a hole white play ground still no ground to be seen everbody waiting to be free little ones.

                                                                THE END

The Music Group

This is a group called the Music Group and it had so many talented children! The Music Group had to go everywhere and perfome in a show and many countries. They had a teacher called Miss Burning who was in charge in the group! When the Music Group had to perfome everywhere they had to stay in different hotels so that they can go to a show. Miss Burning had more talent than anyone she had started fantastic talent since she was four years old.

I don’t have much talent as usual so I’d rather be charge of a group!


What If I Was In Charge?

It was early  afternoon on  Monday . We were having a maths lesson . The class was doing a maths lesson in which we were working in groups . By the way my name is Molly and I am like the most shy person in the class . My table and all the other tables of the class started to do their work.  On are table Olivia was leading . All of a sudden I heard a fluster of arguing . Clearly Olivia wasn’t doing a very good job at it . Then a strange idea came to my head ,

what if I was in-charge? 
That would be so cool.

The Day I Was In Charge.

I woke up one day and I thought to my self, what if I was in charge. So I had a think about what I could do and I came up with a  pretty good Idea. What If I could have all the chocolate in the world, make everyone my slave, and all do the most evil stuff you could ever think of. But I still thought about helping everyone who would need food and water, homes, shelter and even clothes. So I decided to do that even though I wasn’t in charge and It make a pretty big difference.