Why do Teaches have to be in charge

It was a normal Monday,  I was at school like usual, the teacher came in and said

” NO SPEAKING “, I saw my friend and she was reading but, I thought to my self (what if I was in charge). The mean, teacher came over to me and said 

“How dare you look at your nose”, go to the head teacher”, it was sad because it was like she didn’t want anybody doing anything. 

So I went to the head teacher, and I told her that i was just looking at my nose, the head teacher sent me back and said to the teacher ” YOUR FIRED”, yay maybe I was meant to the in charge after all 

“I will come on you and make you not in charge”, the teacher said


The Little Girl Who Was In Charge!

Once upon a house in Florida lived a little girl called Livvi. She always had to have a disgusting dinner. It was always cabbage soup. Her mum and dad loved it and couldn’t have enough of it. Livvi had had enough of it. So what she did was call a meeting with her parents. “Listen,” she said “I have had enough of this cabbage soup. It makes me sick.”                                                           “Well you have to have cabbage soup for dinner,” exclaimed her dad.                “But what if I was in charge? I would get to pick the food.”                                      Livvi’s mum and dad said that Livvi could be in charge for a little while. It was sweets every night!

The Gold Group

Once upon a mine there lived a little group of gold diggers and they were always digging for gold. But they never found any so they kept on digging and digging until the boss said ”I don’t want to be in charge” so the other one said”But what if I was in charge cause I really want to be in charge” and then the boss said ”ahh ok”. So now the other boss was in charge and it was all good until the mountain they were living in fell down and they were all gone and never seen again.