The cup of doom Copy

One day I was out with my friend Mike and we were going out on our bikes down to the park. When we got there me and Mike saw  this really awkward thing sticking out of the ground the first thing that came in to both of are heads was that it would be a new sort of ride. But when me and Mike went over there we both just saw that it was an old cup embedded into the ground we both thought what is an old cup doing in the middle of the park. THE END

how did he do that?

One day there lived a poor boy named Matthew and he was the most poor boy in town. one day he wanted to go  rock climbing at first he went in doors and He  was the best at it   so i went to a small mounting and all the children said how did he do that? He felt proud so he went to climb a higher mountain and the parents said show off  so he went big like mounte Everest he climbed and climbed until he got to the top and said hooray 😁 and the perents said how did he do that?



The Boy

Once I was walking through a city, New York, when suddenly I heard someone scream at the top of their voice. ” HEELLP,” screamed the voice. I looked around. I couldn’t see anything. ‘Where could the voice be coming from’ I thought? So I looked up and saw a little boy with a flare on top of the Empire State building. I didn’t know what to do. Then I wandered, ‘How did he get up there?’ So I told a nearby fire station to get their longest ladder ever! So they got, leaned it against the building and only just managed to reach. The boy clambered on and toppled the ladder. It sent him and five firemen flying!

The End

The best Easter ever

One morning I got woken up by my mum she reminded me that it was Easter . Then She said that me and my brother had an Easter egg hunt .We got our shoes on and went to look for the chocolate I found one egg under a plant .There was even one in the tree another was on the roof and the final one was in the barbecue my brother found five and together we found eight they were all different colours they formed a rainbow when we put them together we were an amazing team next year I will remember Easter


Pot stuck in the grass!

One day there lived a boy called Jack and he loved his precious pot what could be worth 1000 pounds! He loved it so much he could burst. One day he was throwing his pot up and down until he almost smashed it, after that his heart was beating really fast. Jack went the mall with his mom and brought some clothes with the same texture as the pot. After that a portal open up in the pot and sucked him in because I hate logic. He went to a land were every thing was giant and when he teleported he dropped his giant pot and the pot has still got the portal thought it so he jumped into the portal  and came out of the pot and spent an hour trying to get it out.