The cup of doom Copy

One day I was out with my friend Mike and we were going out on our bikes down to the park. When we got there me and Mike saw  this really awkward thing sticking out of the ground the first thing that came in to both of are heads was that it would be a new sort of ride. But when me and Mike went over there we both just saw that it was an old cup embedded into the ground we both thought what is an old cup doing in the middle of the park. THE END

how did he do that?

One day there lived a poor boy named Matthew and he was the most poor boy in town. one day he wanted to go  rock climbing at first he went in doors and He  was the best at it   so i went to a small mounting and all the children said how did he do that? He felt proud so he went to climb a higher mountain and the parents said show off  so he went big like mounte Everest he climbed and climbed until he got to the top and said hooray 😁 and the perents said how did he do that?



The Boy

Once I was walking through a city, New York, when suddenly I heard someone scream at the top of their voice. ” HEELLP,” screamed the voice. I looked around. I couldn’t see anything. ‘Where could the voice be coming from’ I thought? So I looked up and saw a little boy with a flare on top of the Empire State building. I didn’t know what to do. Then I wandered, ‘How did he get up there?’ So I told a nearby fire station to get their longest ladder ever! So they got, leaned it against the building and only just managed to reach. The boy clambered on and toppled the ladder. It sent him and five firemen flying!

The End

The best Easter ever

One morning I got woken up by my mum she reminded me that it was Easter . Then She said that me and my brother had an Easter egg hunt .We got our shoes on and went to look for the chocolate I found one egg under a plant .There was even one in the tree another was on the roof and the final one was in the barbecue my brother found five and together we found eight they were all different colours they formed a rainbow when we put them together we were an amazing team next year I will remember Easter


Pot stuck in the grass!

One day there lived a boy called Jack and he loved his precious pot what could be worth 1000 pounds! He loved it so much he could burst. One day he was throwing his pot up and down until he almost smashed it, after that his heart was beating really fast. Jack went the mall with his mom and brought some clothes with the same texture as the pot. After that a portal open up in the pot and sucked him in because I hate logic. He went to a land were every thing was giant and when he teleported he dropped his giant pot and the pot has still got the portal thought it so he jumped into the portal  and came out of the pot and spent an hour trying to get it out.


My big teacup

One Saturday I woke up and my dad said we are going to a fair I was very excited . We got in the car and drove to the fair it looked very fun I could not wait to get in the first ride I went on was the giant teacups they were massive I got on it was very fun until they broke they went flying through the air one of them got stuck in the ground another hit someone and broke their leg the rest of them hit rides and the fair went crazy luckily no one got hurt

I Droped It

one day there lived a boy called Larry and he was the most richest person alive  so he bought the biggest mug ever and he gave it to his son Barry and he could carry it so he carryed it all day out side the next day he didnt see the mug he thout it was with Barry little did he know it was  out side beeing berred so he went to the shops too get some food  and he came home and the house door was locked so he went round the back and he seen the pot and it was as dirty as moldy cheeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tea Cup

Once there was a boy called Jake, he loved tea. Every day he had 5 teas every minute. One day he went to a castle and in stead of a sward he found a masive cup half in the ground and half in the air he was amazed  he sear people trying to pull it out but they couldn’t because it wayed 200000000000000 tones not even the hulk could lift it was that hevey. He went home and lifted some wates the next day he went back to the castle and tryed to lift it and he was amazed because he lifted it out and got to ceep it.

The Teacup ride!

One day, someone called Felicia Jones fell through a massive portal that sent her to another world and every thing was gigantic. But she stayed her normal size. She wanted to get out of the gigantic world, she went for a big long walk. While she was walking things started to get smaller and smaller but she wasn’t getting taller. Suddenly she saw lots of tiny teacups and a huge teacup in the middle of them. Felicia saw a little baby rabbit with is so cute and sent her home some how…

Wonderland’s Wonders

The teacup, lay upon the wet, fresh grass. It’s motionless, ceramic cover stay dry and rough. I stood beside it, wondering what it does. My body crept closer, and closer until I fell down, down and down! I landed near a huge redwood tree that towered over her like the Eiffel Tower. I scrambled my way over to a small cottage a few steps away. I politely knocked, but no reply! I knocked a second time, but still, no reply. So I walked over to a huge bay window and peered through. All I saw was rabbits, just rabbits, weird…

Rainbow Easter eggs

One day I went outside to find my Easter eggs which my mum hides in the garden every year, but this year they were different instead of the normal wrapped this time they were the colour’s of the rainbow. It was weird, mum did not recognize any of the eggs at all. mum went to investigate in the garden but in the end she found absolutely nothing. We decided to unwrap the Easter eggs to see if they were real chocolate Easter eggs. They were chocolate but the chocolate was the same colour as the wrapper it came from. It tasted much better than the old ones. It is still a mystery today.                                                                THE END 

The Underground Basket.

One evening a boy named Jeff was out riding his bike  when he bumped into something he picked up his bike up and examined  the thing he bumped into, it turned out to be a basket he tried to pick it up but it was stuck in solid, but then a hatch opened  he didn’t know what to do so he crawled in. He was wowed it seemed to be a whole secret base all to himself, so he made himself at home it was a miricale!



He was a mad scientist…..all because of this…..

To be continued. For EPISODE 2 please follow my stories about Jeff!

A teacup in the garden!

It was a Saturday night and we were all watching a movie. All of a sudden everything started to shake, the lights flickered, we thought it was an earthquake. My sister got up and  looked outside, to her amazement in the middle of the garden, on it’s side laid a huge beautiful china teacup. All I was thinking inside my head was where did this come from? How did it get here? We all rushed outside to take a closer look, our street was a live with people trying to take a closer look at the mysterious cup.



100 years ago

100 years ago there were only one old giant, the giant dropped the tea cup and then ran away. The the giant done that because, he saw a tiny animal, with 2 legs and 2 arms. On Monday, there was a little boy called Fin, he went out side to find a rock, then he didn’t find a rock he found a massive tea cup.

Fin felt tiny and miniature( although he was little), Fin saw his nan coming this way. He said

” na na there is a massive tea cup” the nan looked and in a shock she said ” oh golly gosh what a surprise”. Then heard a voice

” I’m stuck help, please HELP”. 


This is amazing the nan took the boy and said” your just fine now go”.

The boy saw his mum but the weirdest thing is that it was 100 years ago an he wasn’t dead.” ha ha ha i’m free the next giant is slowly getting bigger”.


Big Cup, Little Cup

Once upon a time in my house, I was drinking a cup of tea, when suddenly I was being sucked into a parallel dimension. I was spinning and swaying until finally, I had touched the ground. My head was going all funny and then I had adjusted to my surrounding. Weirdly, I saw a flying donkey and a singing monkey until then I saw a giant tea pot. Buried in the ground. It was around the size of a cow.  There were flowers on it and it looked like it had been chipped. Then I heard a whizzing sound I was travelling back home. I wish I had been there longer, I really wanted to see everything else.

The storm

Last weekend I went on a picnic with my family.We packed everything on Saterday morning and went at 1:30pm . I gave a tea cup to my little sister and my mum and my dad and me. Then my little sis decided to through it on the floor. And it smashed of course. Once we had our picnic we went home and we left the broken tea cup. That night there was a storm. I felt sorry for the tea cup all alone in the terrible night sky! The next morning I went to the park again to see what had happened to the tea cup. I was massive. Was it just a dream

The Massive Cup

One day a boy name Jim was just walking along the small alleyway in the woods when suddenly heard the most loudest sound ever and then he heard it again BANG BANG BANG!!! He walked through the trees and spotted a massive cup and thought it was a house Jim didn't have a house because a storm came and his mum and dad died a their house got destroyed. He was so happy so he went back into the woods and got some leaves to keep warm. And then he saw a giant and started running and then he got eating because he was to slow.


The Huge Tea Cup

Once upon a time there was a boy called Timothy,Timothy and his friend were playing football. as Timothy was running his foot hit something really hard and he looked on the floor and saw a tea cup in the grass. They both noticed it was growing bigger and bigger by the second! And now it was so big they used it as a second goal. The next day mum told Timothy about the cup she said she had thrown it out, Timothy said “that’s impossible, how did it get dug into the ground like that?” and Timothy and my friend gasped.

The cup of doom

One day I was out with my friend Mike and we were going out on our bikes down to the park. When we got there me and Mike saw  this really awkward thing sticking out of the ground the first thing that came in to both of are heads was that it would be a new sort of ride. But when me and Mike went over there we both just saw that it was an old cup embedded into the ground we both thought what is an old cup doing in the middle of the park. THE END