The Dangers of the statue 2.



Amy jumped off petrified and nervous but she thought that she had a crush on the very hot boy running over! Millie picked up Amy.

“Are you ok?” she asked but Amy didn’t answer because she was too busy looking at the boy.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for this to happen.” he said.

Millie and Amy ran back to the car park to see a bus there. They jumped onto the bus roof and clung on! On their way back Amy said to Millie…

“Did I trick you? I  wasn’t in love with him though he was hot!” Then they both laughed!!


It was the best day ever, I opened the door and I saw a rabbit IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE I SCREEMED AND RAN  TO MY MUM  PLEASE CAN I KEEP IT but of course she”No” I was just like ”WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY”. She still said ”no” but I ignored her and I still bang  in the rabbit and kept it in my room.It was the next day and my mum said”we need to get rid of it” but I really wanted to keep it. When I went outside the rabbit was on the roof I thought how did she get there…. 

Rainbow Eggs

It is finally Easter. Days of school , time for time with the family  and chocolate and holidays. I am in New Zealand about to go in the pool. Oh yes, I shall tell you about what happened this morning. I woke up and it was Easter day, then I got ready to go down to reseption and there was no breakfast out in the ball room. Just rainbow coloured chocolate eggs. ” witch were the best “. Now I am going in the pool.

The Big Fall

When I was eating my breakfast i saw some thing strange outside near the guinea pigs cage. the strange thing I saw was  my brother climbing onto the roof. The first thing I thought was why was he on the roof. The more I thought about it the more I got worried. I tried to warn him but it was to late he fell of the roof.  We took him inside and put a plaster on his cut leg we asked him why he was up there but he didn’t tell us. I knew why he was up there but I didn’t tell any one.

The mystery of the easter eggs

One day i woke up and shouted it’s easter! I ran down the stairs and looked under all the pillows and I found 10 easter eggs. I ran to my mum and dad and said look what the easter bunny got me and there faces looked weird and they snatched the eggs of me and said these are not chocolate eggs these are real eggs. Then dad said we need to move house right now! We packed are things and moved house I said why do we have to move house and they said er we can not tell you. THE END