Easter on my 20th birthday

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Jim he was nineteen his birthday was on easter for his 20th birthday. his dad said he would get him a BMW!! for his  birthday now it was easter  he opend all of his presants but one.He  didn’t open his BMW!! but when he saw it he took the keys from his dad and hugged him hard so Jim drove to the easter egg hunt and then arfter 3 hole hours he drove home happy as the sun and he said to his dad ‘thank you for the best birthday ever .

The very tall tree

“Hi my name is Nia, I’ve come to say that I’m stuck up a tree, I know it is weird but here how it goes”.

I was in the living room and my dad said to come out side to climb a tree, it was weird why my dad would say that, I went out side and said ” I’m going to climb the tree”  

I looked at the bird nest and then I heard my dad say ” How did she get up there”. 

I felt weird now I was up a tree trying to get down but it was cool up here, then my sister came and got me down, but she said It was her magic,( all I did was jump). 

When I jumped I felt like I was flying WEEEEE”. 

You’ve been Framed

You know the program you’ve been Framed well that is what this story is about . A fact about me is I love the program, but half the time I wonder how people get into these weird situations I mean for example when someone gets stuck in a baby swing . How do they even get stuck in there . Unless they are some stupid person trying to get stuck in the swing. Or like when someone is singing on a perfectly unstable table and they can clearly see that it is . Plus some of the people must be doing it on purpose because how did they get it on camera ?

Naughty Pet Monkey

My pet monkey loves climbing trees just like his knees.

He likes to play with his knees.

But when he wakes up he always has to snap a branch on a tree.

This my question  how did he snap them branches I always think to myself.

This monkey is unique because monkeys swing on branches not break them.

At least it is the end of the day and that is when he sleeps so cute.

But wait in the morning…..