Rainbow Easter

Today was easter and i was really excited to go on a easter egg hunt. So i went into the garden with a basket but there was nothing there. I thought what had happened. But suddenly a big  rainbow appeared and it wasn’t even raining and also it wasn’t far from here so i went to go check whats happening. after 1 minute i found the end of the rainbow i found a few easter eggs: One red, One orange, One yellow, One green, One blue, One dark blue, and one purple. I couldn’t believe my luck so i took the red egg but then red on the rainbow was gone, i placed the egg back and red shot out of the egg. I took each egg one by one and before I knew a rainbow is coming out of the basket and brought it home and every time the rainbow hit something it would be like a cloud and disappear and reappear. I dumbed the eggs altogether. The next day i went out into the garden to see the eggs but they were gone, I didn’t know what happened to them. Suddenly a rainbow chicken came out of the chicken came out of the house then another, then another, then another, then another, then another and then another. I dont know what happened, the chickens ate the eggs or the chickens sat on the eggs, its a big mystery.

The Super Duper Cheecky Amelia

One day there was a babysitter called Anna and she had to babysit a baby one day but this was a cheecky baby and her name was Amelia . Amelia would climb up every wall she sees, she would stay there for about 1hr doing a gymnastic pose on a wall.Like one day she could really hurt herself while jumping off.For the children reading this please do not try to do the same as Amelia !.

The Cup That Never Gave Up

One day there was a cup on a table but the wind blew it away he tried to climb up but he was too heavy ,he tried to make a ladder, he did a lot of other things to get onto the table but he kept failing. On one amazing day he managed to stack up enough items to get up and he made it. He celebrated by giving his master a cup of tea. The moral of the story is never give up even if the chance is 1 out of a decillion  (1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) if you don’t believe me search it on Google.