The lost kitten Copy

There was a kitten walking on the path and it kept on looking at all of the house’s and it looked like it was sad and I thought that it had lost its owner so I came up to it and took it home to what and till its owner came back(one minite later) I was in luck and I could find on of my kittens colers and put it on the lost kitten then went to the shop and bought some cat food, as soon as we got home I got one of my kittens bolls and gave the cat some food then its owner came back and took the cat home.

Peace with to friends

One day there two friends called Charlotte  and Cody. They were best friends and Charlotte brane  a new teddy and Cody tripped and cody palled of the bears leg. Charlotte keept on pushing Cody and palled Charlotte’s leg.And they sat together and said ”sorry”. we were friends and had a trip together  and they had a sleepover they played games had pizza ate a lot of candy. visted friends and had party’s had fun and fell to sleep. the next morning they went to the water park  walked the dog went to the park and went to the pet shop.


This story is about to brothers that fight and then make up.One day too brothers began to fight ” I hate you I wish your dead    mum could you tell him to stop” ”come down stairs and tell him to stay up stairs”. ” mum please can you tell him to go down stairs and i stay up stairs”.10 hours later ” mum can you bye me a new game ”. ” no because you keep fighting with your brother ”.”please hhhh she didn’t awnser ges im going to have to stop fighting with my brother  he is still very  anoying well im going now

Sisters Arguing

”I do not like you any more” ”,i said.”Well i do not either ”said my sister.”Stop arguing you tow” that was my mum,”i mean it”. So i went to my room my sister followed me but i shut it very loudly.”Let me in let me in,”she shouted i just ignored her.”I thought i told you to get along,”  ”we know mum you already told us”.”Hey sis should we get along from now on,” ok then why knot”.So know we get along just fine.”I can not believe they get along now it just makes life so easy. That is my story.


Hi Im George Im going to tell you what happened yesterday.I hate you too.” My sister said ”shooooooooooooooosh sassy pants.”  then mum came  In she said  ”Did you just call your brother sassy .””ummmmmmmmm yeah .”  ”YOU NAUGHTY GIRL .” then she sent us both up to our rooms then I text my friend saying can you come over some pranking to be done once my friend was over we went into the bathroom  and got some of dads shaving cream and put all over my sisters room when she got in there she went HAYWIRE ”GEORGE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE