Peace with to friends

One day  I went on a school trip and I met a girl called Cody.She was so mean .She blamed me four doing I didn’t do.She also tripped me over. Then the next day she was being nice to me.I thourght it was a trick but it wasn’t so we became best friends forever.We played together we sat together we even went to the same school together.So I decide that Cody could come for a sleep over.We had so much fun.Till Cody had to go home.I missed her so much.The next day I saw her at the park I said”hi”.

My new baby sister.

i thought well what a start. My Mum she was finally out of hospitall because she had a baby  . I was over the moon i really wanted to know if it was a girl or a boy . Well i could tell it was a girl because it had a pink pram  .Mum” i whats the babys name i said she is called Isla ” she was beautiful she had a pink bow . Mum i said can i hold her . ”yes saidMum you can but only for  2 minis  she will need feeding .”Ok i said thats allright mummy and daddy ok sister.



Fish and shark

The fish liked to swim and break  into fish houses . The shark was the police and he was going to eat any crooks . Then he found the fish and he said why cant cars play football I don’t know said the shark they only have one boot said the fish . Can I go now asked the fish yes yes yes mumbled the shark . Lets have a party of me being free from that shark . So they had a party and so they had some cake and some ather party food and then they all went home and now THE END .

The lost kitten

There was a kitten walking on the path and it kept on looking at all of the house’s and it looked like it was sad and I thought that it had lost its owner so I came up to it and took it home to what and till its owner came back(one minite later) I was in luck and I could find on of my kittens colers and put it on the lost kitten then went to the shop and bought some cat food, as soon as we got home I got one of my kittens bolls and gave the cat some food then its owner came back and took the cat home.

MY know freind at school

It was a sunny morning and it was the first day of nersery I was really excited because I fort that I mite make a new friend .So that very day I paked my rucksack and my mum drove me to school .At school we played a came of it whith  the teacher and as you can emagen  Iwon the game. …After that we sang a song about friends then that made m e relicse that I should probley start macking some friends .So at break time I found a friend called Amy.She was  very nice to me and kined.