One day I got home from school  and there was a huge parcel with my name on it I said to my mum what is that parcel there with my name on it? My mum said thats your birthday present I thought to myself what could this be? and when will I get it. You will get it on your birthday how many days is it until my birthday I dont know I cant be bothered to work out how many days until your birthday. I think your birthday is a week a way so I went upstairs and asked my sister what my present for my birthday yes I do know but you will have to wait





 As I got home from school(I walked home by myself everyday, I was always grumpy when I got home so I went into my room). Like I always do, I ran upstairs and went straight to my room past my mum, and sat on my bed and went on my phone. Finally, it was dinner time, I ran downstairs with my phone and sat at the table. There was a random man sat in front my face looking dusgusted. I said ”when did he arrive”?  I said.” Have you been hiding from me that I now have a step dad I ran upstairs [even though I was so hungry] and busted out crying………

Oh No

On Friday, Louise was having a lie-in and she woke up at 12pm. She went down stairs to eat something. Then Louise saw Ben her little brother with his annoying friend Harvey. So she went to her Mum and whispered “When did he get here and why is he here?”.Once her Mum told her she made a really loud OH NO. The worst thing Harvey had done to Louise, was making Ben take her to his room and Ben told Louise open the door then a bucket of water fell on her head. She wounded what was going to happen this time…

The Missing Parcel!

It is 6 in the morning and I ordered a parcel 6 days ago and it still hasn’t come. I think this means a trip to the Sorting Office!

“Hi, I ordered a parcel 6 days ago and it hasn’t come. My name is Merabella” I said

” Hmmm. This is weird, the people who had got your order said that they had delivered it to your house!” The lady said

” When did it arrive?” I said

Back at my house I looked everywhere. I crawled around. I walked. I tried to be a duck! But whatever I did I couldn’t find the parcel”