The Owl Of The Dark Forest.

One dark night a young boy about sixteen named Jack was exploring the forest that stood behind his house, first he ran through the long grass until he got there. But then he saw a sudden light , he went to see what it was. He heard laughter.Could it be a den of thieves? He crept closer and closer he started to wonder what it was. Jack took a peep inside , wait nothing? But he was sure he heard something, then there was a sudden BANG!!!AHHHHH!!! Just before he drifted away he heard something hooting. What could it be?


To be continued…

Australia’s mythical secret…(short)

Jeff the mythical zookeeper loved to train birds and wild birds! like humming birds and blue tits. One day he went to Australia to train more birds and also he trains birds what live in Australia? BUDGIES! Yes budgies, anyway while he was walking a sudden thunderbolt appeared next to him and a flock of budgies bolted past him and then a mythical flaming budgie flew over to him and this budgie is called Tresie. Tresie was a steaming flaming budgie what was flying all over the place and Jeff managed to tame the flaming budgie by frowing seeds into its flaming wings of fire and Jeff tamed the Legendary and Mythical budgie. Didn’t think it was legendary huh?

The magic lion

One day a boy woke up and saw a portal right next to his bed he had nothing to do so he decided to go in the portal. The  boy saw tow magic lions and sparkling sand. The lions started chasing him he ran away the lions jumped  on him and some reason tryed to play with him and the boy just realised they had long tails and goggles. The boy was confused why would lions where goggles.It was turning night time so the boy found a place to sleep in the morning he saw the portal right next to him.

Millie’s Book

“Mum mum look, I wrote a book its called * The night zoo keeper*” said Millie excitedly

“Great because I have entered you into a book contest”, said her mum with a great smile.As Millie walked up stairs she thought of the contest, that her mum said 5minutes ago,Millie came down and shouted” Mum can I go now to the contest”,

But her mum just wailed” fine go to the car now please darling”. Millie got in the car and raced to the contest, She got out and exclaimed ” Here have this its my book”,

” Sorry the contest is finished come back in 1 year sorry”, said the assinent.

Lemon the Lion

Once there was a lion called Lemon Lion, he lives in space.He lives on a  planet with lions it may sound wired but it is true. All they eat is carrots they have carrot drink carrot cake carrot meat for real vegetarians. carrot every thing. Thats what makes them orange and yellow. Every night they go to Tesco they steal carrots even from peoples houses from rabbits then they fly off to there home to eat carrots all morning then they do it again and again forever until they have piles and piles of carrots to share with my family.

 The End

Night Zoo keepers Adventure

As you all might know the night zoo keeper is very adventurous and this week he is going to the visit the fire desert and is very excited.So the journey begins he said.The sand was incredibly soft and the heat was blazing.Finally he had reached the fire desert.Now the sand really hard and the heat was twice as hot. In the distance he could see something running round in circles, by the time he had got there the creature had stopped and sat down, in front of him he could see that it was a lion. But how did it survive her he thought.


I Am A Robot

Hi, am a robot. I am fighting in a robot war in another dimension from you… the reader. Lots of scratches cover my body, but luckily I am a robot and I can’t feel anything. My colour is red and so are the rest of my friends. Right now I am fighting one of the strongest robots in the other army. Oh no! I have just been hit by the robot and I’m flying to wards Earth. I’m in your atmosphere and now I am on fire! 5..4..3..2..1.. CRASH. Oh, I landed on a tree . What, where are my legs!

To finish off I am just going to say… his legs were very far away.

My New Book!

Wow, I just finished and my hand is aching so bad! Oh wait, did I tell you what I was doing? Ugh I am so forgetful! Anyway, I just made a new book called ‘Night Zoo Keeper The Lioness Of The Dessert’. I need to show mum this! Be back in a minute.

YESSSS she said she would read it later!! It will take her ages!  I think you all would….. oh man is that the time? I spent all my night writing this book. In 5 minutes I need to get this book into school. See you the next time!


There was once a jaguar called Jag he lived in the jungle.He was special because he can tern into a boy people call him jaguar boy. He was a very strong and fearless cat. He got into a lot of fights with tribes. This got  him in a lot of trouble and made him fearless as he got older he had a lot more fights. And then he became a king he had one fight and he came out of it with a scar. Now he is called scar the king of kings and he was FEARLESS ha ha ha!!!!!!!

Finishing The Best Book

” Yes! I have finally finished my book called Night Zookeeper The Lioness of Fire Desert. Well I have finished reading the book anyway. I’m going to write my own Night Zookeeper book. It is going to be about me finding a really cool mermaid swimming in a metallic, purple pool. Right, time to start my book. Once upon a time there was a girl called Olivia ( that is my name.) This is getting boring already. How does the author not get bored writing a really cool story? I just wish I knew. Sorry. I have to go to dinner now.