The Journey To Kent!!

I am on my way to Kent but I am super tired as we had to get up at 6:oo in the morning! My mum and dad usually give me and my brother the telly to put on the back of the seat so we can watch the telly while on an extremely long car journey but today they said we have to look out of the window. While I looked out I saw a HUGE BRIGE SPRINKLED in PINK DAFFODILS! It was the best site and oh wow we are here at the Kent hotel. My room is amazing.


pink billy goat

one there was a billy goat lived his name was billy.He had a pink daffodil and he loved playing with his frend called dilly they were best frends.The bridge was under the a1 it used to be a wonderful forest but it got cut down. Billy had to big horns he got up to mishtif with the a1 one day billy and dilly went to the a1.They did there normal mischef but this time there was someone ho went to fast.And he was on the phone him and dilly ran in frount of the car crrrack
poor billy and dilly.

The cake

In a little village near town lived a girl called lily she loved cakes. One day she was mixing up the cake mixture for her cake. She poured it into a tin which she put in the oven to cook.When it came out of oven she noticed that it was huge. It was bigger than big. Lily iced the cake with a nice green minty flavour of icing on the top. After lily placed a pink daffodil on the top of the huge cake she sat down with her mum, dad and her sister.A nd the huge cake of corse.

Huge Pink Daffodil

One day there lived a huge pink daffodil. It was amazing it sparkled so much and sprinkles out stars. One day the daffodil was walking on a bridge and it got smaller and smaller and greyer and greyer in till the daffodil disappeared. He reappeared in very grey world he was thinking why did I cross the bridge if I didn’t cross the bridge i would not be here then at  that second he heard a roar he was terrified in a flash of lightning he was laying on the floor dizzy when he got up he was prepared fight the monster he ran to the bridge got his sword out and appeared in the world. THE END

Summer holidays

Today is the beggining of the summer holidays.Me and my family are going to drive over a huge bridge to the airport.We are flying to Spain.I brought my bright pink suitcase with me and all of the things I will need.I brought a shiny daffodil at the airport to remember when I went to Spain I go to Spain every year.As soon as we got to the apartment we all went in the swimming pool.I have a sister called Ellouise and i’m Amelia.While I was sat down drying of Ellouise came and sprinkled me with water!.(True story appart from the daffodil,bridge and we didnt go at the beggining of the summer holidays).

Pink cupcake sprinkles

Lucy loved making cakes and dreamed of going on the bake off one day . Lucy had brown hair, Blue eyes and pink earrings .Lucy wanted to make a cupcakes for her friends birthday . So Lucy went to town. She went across the bridge and admired all the daffodils  ,down the alley and into Tesco. Lucy bought all the ingrediants and then went home to get started. She put all the ingredients in the bowl. Then mixed them altoghether to make the cake mixture.After that she put them in the oven to cook. Then got them out of the oven to decorate.She put the pink icing on them and placed the sprinkles on. They turned out to be great and Lucys friend had a great birthday xx


One day ,there was a girl  called Lily walking to school with her friend, Olivia.They were talking about Lily’s new bag Olivia was jealous.It was the end of the day and Lily and Olivia were walking home they got to the bridge and there where crouds of people on the bridge Olivia and Lily didnt pay atention they just walked passed by what they did see was pink glitter sprinkeld every were…

Huge Pink Daffodil

Hi there my name is Jacob I am 11 years old and this is my story,

One day,I was walking back from school over the bridge. I felt loads of flowers coming down they sprinkled on my house. I found out what they were. They were huge pink daffodils they were so beautiful I was staring at them and I couldn’t stop.  I ran as fast as I could home and told my mom and she knew what was happening it was gods anniversary. So he had to celebrate it so everyone knew.  I woke up and it was only a dream.

The Huge Sparkly cake.

Last week, on Monday, I made a cake which was shaped as a bridge. While I was trying to find some sprinkles I found some pink edible glitter and they were perfect because I was going to put something that looked like glitter and thats why it was perfect. When I had finally put the cake in the oven  I went to get the grey food colouring. Then after 30 minutes  I put the cake on the side and coved it in grey icing with pink glitter. Then I went to Hannah’s house and ate the cake with her and family.

The huge bridge strange bridge.

One morning me and my dad went out for A run and where we where there was lots of bridges but there was one bridge there that looked really wobbly and that was are only way to get back to where we started. So we went across the bridge slowly  we maneged to get across safley and about 5 minuts it started sprinkle with rain and then we got to another bridge and this one had a big pink daffodil I was going to bring it home but dad said it was to big to take home.




Pink, Fluffy Unicorns

Once upon a time there was a unicorn. The unicorn was pink, very pink. It sprinkled dust wherever it went. In fact he was so pink, that he would definitely stand out in a group of  flamingoes. This day I am telling you about is the day that changed his life. He was about to get a completely different friend.

The pink unicorn was prancing over some daffodils, when suddenly a fire ball came flying towards him! It was another unicorn. But it was green unlike the other unicorns. 

As you know reader,unicorns can’t speak so I am going to translate it for you.

“NNEIIGGGHHH,”said the pink unicorn.

To Be Continued


One Peculiar Flower

Me and my family were on a long car journey to France. It was late afternoon, so we stopped to get some lunch. My mum is the sort of person that would cook huge meals and snacks that there is enough left over for another week! After we had a toilet trip and a lot of lunch, we set off over a large bridge in London, called London Bridge, (it is quite a unique name don’t you think)? Anyways, I peered out of the front-seat’s window and glanced over at this strange, pink daffodil! It was huge, it was in the middle of some small, yellow daffodils that had been sprinkled in a large, crop field. I didn’t think much of it, it might be rare or dyed! It’s not some scary, poisonous flower from another dimension… Is it?

The Lovely Spring Walk

It was a lovely warm spring day and a little girl was playing on the grass in her back garden. Her name was Anna. She was playing with her little fairies when her mum came out. Her mum asked Anna whether she wanted to go on a walk. Anna said yes. When they got back from their walk, Anna went to write in her diary. This is what she wrote: I went on a walk and saw a huge pink bridge. After the bridge there was a row of daffodils and they were sprinkled with fairy dust. The End.Then she went back out to play.

The Pink Daffodil

Hi guys I know this is strange but I LOVE daffodils with there huge petals, that are pink.One day I went to this shop called ” Daff o dil” me and my family well mum and dad all bought 1 flower.

When I was there I saw a sprinkled bridge with daffodils everywhere, I screamed in happiness and started to cry real tears, I saw one of them just about to fall so I ran with all my heart and I caught it.

My mum said “have you found one you want darling” I said yes, and walked to the till, we got home and I looked at this one it had a nice pink petals. And that was when I loved daffodils.

Pink Fluffy Unicorns

In a magical kingdom far far away on a rainbow  where only the happiest  unicorns walk on there  was a, PINK,FLUFFY,UNICORN dancing on RAINBOWS.Not many unicorns walk on rainbows because most of them are grumpy for example Darky the unicorn was always grumpy and never said hello.But he lived on a bridge and there was a swamp underneath it, on the sides of the bridge daffodils had been sprinkled all over the place. But the lord of the kingdom was very sick and had been sick for days but a few moments later the pink fluffy unicorn had brought him some medicine so after a few days he was much better.

The Pink Daffodil on the Huge bridge.

Once upon a time, in the centre of London , on the very famous tower bridge ,there stood a small daffodil. This daffodil was very different as it was pink

One day a girl was travelling across the bridge and she noticed this strange pink artical  ” this day is magical,” said the little girl as she walked across the bridge. Suddenly she felt a sprinkle of rain but it was still sunny .  She sore a rainbow ” and it just got more magic;” . she started singing the rainbow: red orange yellow green blue purple pink

pink billy goat

Once there was a farmer called Terry Barnns he has all the farm animals you can find every owl every cow, sheep and lots more he has 300 acres of land full of pink dafadiles  sprincels. You have to walk over on a bridge so you have to water the plants on the bridge who ever walks on the plants will get tazerd. Terry’s favorite  animal is called pink billy goat the reson why he is pink is because Terry has a huge can of pink spray paint and Terry’s middle name is billy. And he is a goat.


The daffodil bridge

In my country, We had a bridge what had daffodils all over it what was sprinkled with petals. The bridge was one of the huge bridges in the world and people with a cold was forbidden to walk on it. There are fences near the edge because someone tripped and fell and that person is haunting the bridge today.

“Oh, no…”

That was the first bad sign… PINK DAFFODILS! Yup, you read that right, pink daffodils, it was funny at first but now it’s not, Humf… what kind of  town has pink daff-, oh, great, now the HUGE bridge is being sprinkled with, ARRGGHHH, turquoise chewing gum!! I’d better go and stop them readers, so bare with me for a second! “Hey, what on EARTH are you doing!” “Errrm, sprinkling turquoise chewing gum on the bridge.” “YES, I CAN SEE THAT, BUT WHY!!!!!” I shout “W-e-el-l it’s t-he l-l-lat-e-st f-fa-d, a-nd  so i-s pai-nt-i-ng  d-d-dafodils pink!” Uh, oh… I’d better call this off, see you guys later!