The Journey To Kent!!

I am on my way to Kent but I am super tired as we had to get up at 6:oo in the morning! My mum and dad usually give me and my brother the telly to put on the back of the seat so we can watch the telly while on an extremely long car journey but today they said we have to look out of the window. While I looked out I saw a HUGE BRIGE SPRINKLED in PINK DAFFODILS! It was the best site and oh wow we are here at the Kent hotel. My room is amazing.


pink billy goat

one there was a billy goat lived his name was billy.He had a pink daffodil and he loved playing with his frend called dilly they were best frends.The bridge was under the a1 it used to be a wonderful forest but it got cut down. Billy had to big horns he got up to mishtif with the a1 one day billy and dilly went to the a1.They did there normal mischef but this time there was someone ho went to fast.And he was on the phone him and dilly ran in frount of the car crrrack
poor billy and dilly.

The cake

In a little village near town lived a girl called lily she loved cakes. One day she was mixing up the cake mixture for her cake. She poured it into a tin which she put in the oven to cook.When it came out of oven she noticed that it was huge. It was bigger than big. Lily iced the cake with a nice green minty flavour of icing on the top. After lily placed a pink daffodil on the top of the huge cake she sat down with her mum, dad and her sister.A nd the huge cake of corse.

Huge Pink Daffodil

One day there lived a huge pink daffodil. It was amazing it sparkled so much and sprinkles out stars. One day the daffodil was walking on a bridge and it got smaller and smaller and greyer and greyer in till the daffodil disappeared. He reappeared in very grey world he was thinking why did I cross the bridge if I didn’t cross the bridge i would not be here then at  that second he heard a roar he was terrified in a flash of lightning he was laying on the floor dizzy when he got up he was prepared fight the monster he ran to the bridge got his sword out and appeared in the world. THE END

Summer holidays

Today is the beggining of the summer holidays.Me and my family are going to drive over a huge bridge to the airport.We are flying to Spain.I brought my bright pink suitcase with me and all of the things I will need.I brought a shiny daffodil at the airport to remember when I went to Spain I go to Spain every year.As soon as we got to the apartment we all went in the swimming pool.I have a sister called Ellouise and i’m Amelia.While I was sat down drying of Ellouise came and sprinkled me with water!.(True story appart from the daffodil,bridge and we didnt go at the beggining of the summer holidays).