Once there was a town called New York . In the middle of  Tilted Towers was a gun called a rovolver. It has weird not on the barrel  and the person who made is a metal worker. It took 56 days to build. It is to stop shooting guns and stop having them. So every time you go to  New York . loads of people  stand in frount of the gun about 10 000 million people visit New York to see this gun. 


The Twisted Trebuchet

The Twisted Trebuchet is an example of serenity. You could stand for hours marvelling the statue of tranquillity, a sign of peace and calm. It stands outside the the government blocks, New York, United States. It was a gift from the rulers to the people, a gift of quietude, a gift of silence. They gave it because they wanted a good place, a BETTER place. They dreamt of no more wars, they dreamt of a flood of peace, a flood of good people, where a sudden wall of gentleness hit the city, a much better place it will be, soon.

A Twist In The End

On a normal day, in America on planet Earth, there was a gun factory. It sold all sorts. But one day one their machines broke…

One day, when the bullets were being made, one of the revolver making machines went wrong. It started creating twisted revolvers. They had twisted handles, twisted triggers and twisted barrels! No one knew what was happening. Everyone wanted to find out about the strange appearances of the revolvers. Suddenly, the factory lights started flashing and machines stopped. They called in some engineers eventually.

After three hours, the machines were fixed and all was well. The  kept one revolver in a museum.

The Revolver Statue

My name is Billy and one day I was walking around New York and I walked by a brilliant artistic statue of a revolver.It was a gift from Luxembourg  in 1988 and now it just  sits there sometimes being stared at. One thing I noticed this time I went is that there’s a knot on the barrel. I have just figured out that the knot is there because if it was a real gun then it wouldn’t fire, and its also saying there shouldn’t be war. And I agree with that because there shouldn’t be war and lots of other people agree.

the noted revolver

One day there lived a boy called Jeff and  he went for a walk and saw a revolver on the ground and it was noted on the end so he kept it for a test he had an amazing idea. so he kept that idea. ten years later Jeff was 38 and it was ten mins un till he was going to do his big idea. 5 mins later he was getting ready for it and he was setting up the tap so  people can see it. IT WAS TIME  for it at the moment it was just a block of stone he hit it with a hammer and it became  a revolver with a note.


The Big Revolver

Today is the day we go to the museum I thought on my way to school.As soon as I got there it was time to leave and I was just in time for the bus.On the way there I sat next to my best friend Alfie.When we got there my group went to the sculptures.The best sculpture was a big revolver it was as big as a giant.Next we went to the war artefacts.We also found a life size revolver.I loved this trip but I will be happy to go back home.On the way back I sat next to my friend Thomas and when I got home it was time for bed.


”Finally,the summer holidays” I said. We were heading to New York. After, a very long flight we finally arrived. We got to are hotel and unpacked our stuff and went for a stroll. When we were walking past the hotel I saw the biggest statue, it was massive.It was like a well, it was so cool I  stood in front and we took lots off nice pictures. We had been in New York for two weeks and my parents said I could go out by myself and  lost my way…

The Contest

It was a bright early Saturday morning and Aiden was up early for the Jibbleybob revolver contest. He was polishing his revolver practising with his bent nerf gun revolver  yes another bullseye Aiden was  so ecstatic he was almost screaming  he still has 2 more minutes until the Jibbelybob Competition. So minutes later he was in the car heading to the competition.  All the competitors were nervous so was Aiden. The ref fired a blank as a signal to start. They all fired, Aiden shut his eyes. Then the loudspeaker boomed, ‘ AND THE WINNER IS ….. AIDEN’ the crowd went wild Aiden was just pleased.

The twisted gun

One Sunday morning my mum and I were walking in town. We were going to go and get some lunch but on the way to get some lunch we saw a statue of a revolver. But it wasn’t a normal statue of a revolver the end of it  was twisted and we stayed and looked at it for a bit it was the best thing I had ever seen. But I can imagine a proper revolver being like that you would have to line your shot up well because the end of the gun is twisted. But in the end we ended having a really nice lunch



The Weird Shop

I was in the shopping centre and I saw a weird shop with a statue in front of the door. The shape of the statue was a revolt gun but it was twisted and all my friends were feeling very funny about it because they thought it was a giraffe that has just twisted his neck. It was a cool shop but we were afraid of the statue so we just passed that shop and looked into smiggle for new stuff for year 6 so we brought very colourful stationary.

The wild revolver

One day,There was a man called Thomas he was 21 years old.  He works inside the biggest building in New York.  Just outside there  was a metal rusty revolver  on a stand.  It was a normal sized gun but there was something suspicious about it, There  was a rope around it because if anyone tried to shoot it the rope would stop it from shooting and pulling the trigger. One time someone actually tried to pull it off the stand and rip off the rope but it was impossible.The funniest day was the police was rapping all of it up in red and white rope and a man just jumped onto it.


The End


The Chase

I was running down the basement stairs, out of breath, trying to get away from whatever was behind me, chasing me. I slammed the door shut and locked it. I knew we had an emergency weapon down in the dark, scary underground room where I was standing alone, cold, waiting for my enemy to approach. I realised I had to get out the dangerous dark grey revolver to defend myself when whoever was chasing me came nearer to me. I sat and untangled the piece of string around the end of the gun and stood in a ready position. Me and the weapon waited for ages and ages until I heard three knocks on the basement door…


There was once a gun called Bang all he wanted to do was shoot.But he couldn’t because he had a rope on his noise.When he grew up he was glad that he could not shoot because he did not like hurting people.He started a buisness called NB short for no bang. He had 12345 billion guns that sported him.He was a very important man now.He was also very rich but he used all his money to stop shooting. He did very well he had an massive office in New York. Next to the united nations they had a statue of him!

The Poacher’s Twisted Gun!

On a windy day, far back in the forest, four poachers were ready to get some birds. The first poacher was called Billy, the second was called Bob, the third was called Maria and the fourth was called Mary. Now, they all lived at a shed and they had a cupboard were they put their revolvers, but on Thursday 21st June, Mary opened her cupboard to find her revolver’s end all twisted up in a knot! She was extremely shocked and frightened. She was so frightened she packed her suitcase and ran away! The gun is out on her street!

Giant vs Student

“AHH!” screamed the pupils doing the show. “The giants have attacked again” I said [as that was my line]. ” CUT” shouted Mrs rose as we all walked out of the room moaning that the lesson was over. Ohh I forgot to introduce my self my name is Jake but my friends call me Jakey. I’m part of the acting club at my school [ forest academy high]. I was doing the show of Giant vs student and I am the student. I have a gun in the show but its fake and has got a knot in it so …… yeah. WIRED SHOW

The artwork of the gun !

She sat there for about an hour thinking about what to paint, though she was a famous artist so she couldn’t rush her work. Then a weird thought came into her mind. Why it did I don’t know but she decided to paint ……… a gun! But she had a slit twist on it. It would be made out of liquorish. She went round the shops looking for some licourish . When she finally found some after what felt like 6 hours , this is what she said: super call fraud lipstick expi ally dotios.

The knoted gun

In a town near Sweden there is a statue on a stone pillar which is a gun… Not just any gun, the nose of the gun was knoted neatly. No one knows how the nose has a knot in it, in fact, when the people found it, they didn’t know still how it got like that. It said on the pillar it was a revolver once used in world war 1 and one of the enemies found the revolver and used it to kill enemies in a brutal way and after ww1 it was abandoned and its gold colour rotted away leaving its naked metal skin.

The Day The Guns Quit

It was a day of war, bullets were flying and bodies lay there on the floor . I was terrified and frightened. On that day I was driving along to an airbase when an enemy plane dropped hundreds of soldiers onto are base. Now we had to get are guns out and fight for are selves, It was horrible and my best friends where no longer with me. After about half an hour something amazing happened, the guns had suddenly twisted around and around and no longer shot any bullets. So now on we had peace and harmony throught the world.