Once there was a town called New York . In the middle of  Tilted Towers was a gun called a rovolver. It has weird not on the barrel  and the person who made is a metal worker. It took 56 days to build. It is to stop shooting guns and stop having them. So every time you go to  New York . loads of people  stand in frount of the gun about 10 000 million people visit New York to see this gun. 


The Twisted Trebuchet

The Twisted Trebuchet is an example of serenity. You could stand for hours marvelling the statue of tranquillity, a sign of peace and calm. It stands outside the the government blocks, New York, United States. It was a gift from the rulers to the people, a gift of quietude, a gift of silence. They gave it because they wanted a good place, a BETTER place. They dreamt of no more wars, they dreamt of a flood of peace, a flood of good people, where a sudden wall of gentleness hit the city, a much better place it will be, soon.

A Twist In The End

On a normal day, in America on planet Earth, there was a gun factory. It sold all sorts. But one day one their machines broke…

One day, when the bullets were being made, one of the revolver making machines went wrong. It started creating twisted revolvers. They had twisted handles, twisted triggers and twisted barrels! No one knew what was happening. Everyone wanted to find out about the strange appearances of the revolvers. Suddenly, the factory lights started flashing and machines stopped. They called in some engineers eventually.

After three hours, the machines were fixed and all was well. The  kept one revolver in a museum.

The Revolver Statue

My name is Billy and one day I was walking around New York and I walked by a brilliant artistic statue of a revolver.It was a gift from Luxembourg  in 1988 and now it just  sits there sometimes being stared at. One thing I noticed this time I went is that there’s a knot on the barrel. I have just figured out that the knot is there because if it was a real gun then it wouldn’t fire, and its also saying there shouldn’t be war. And I agree with that because there shouldn’t be war and lots of other people agree.