Peace and Gratitude

The war had just started between Russia and England. Russia was much larger, so they had a better chance. But England backed out, they said Russia was too strong. So every member of the UK army tied a rope on the end of their guns. They all spent months on building a huge gun statue with a rope on the end. It took a total of 1 year, 278 days, 19 hours and 25 seconds, that is a long time. Though loads of people passed away building this amazing landmark, it was still very worth it. It was a statue of peace and gratitude…


“Mum mum hurry we will be late”, Millie said in sadness.

My mum came down in a hurry getting all of the bags and rushing them, in the limo. Your all thinking wheres, my dad well he died in a car crash, but back to the my day. “We are here”, Millie said.

Millie got out of the car and her mum followed out with her, they both saw the gun but it had a knot at the, end.  “Right mum get the notepad, and start drawing” Millie’s mum knew she was a treat so her she all ready started.

“ZAP” mums picture was the gun “WOW mum that was cool and now people know how, the knot got there”, said both of them.




Revolver in America

In the middle of America, there is a big revolver sitting proudly on its stone platform. This revolver was used in the world war 2 were England was fighting Italy. After the world war 2 was over, the revolver was put in to a special machine and the revolver turned bigger. It also looked as if it was brand new. It was as shiny as a brand new car. After that, a man (who is so strong he once picked up a plane) bent the metal so the revolver could not be fired. Then it was put on a plane and flown to America. That is why its on its platform today.

The Twisted Gun

How was it twisted? why was it twisted? chloe didn’t know but what she did know was it must have been used before. She stared at the gun for so long her eyes heart trying to work out it’s past. Chloe thought it might have been used in the world wars or on a pirate ship but none of these ideas explained how the gun got twisted. It looked old and battered also a little rusty the bullets had been used and the trigger had been bent and that is how chloe new it was used before……

The Giant Black Gun Statue

In 1980,New York there was this strange black gun outside a hotel. I probably wonder that they created when they were young or something happened maybe an injury or something. I think it’s a great artwork,I don’t know how they did it but it is absolutley amazing! I have seen some giant artwork in pictures but not in real life. But now I am outside in New York looking at a big gun.

The End