It had been raining all morning, and we were planning on going to Disney Land but we couldn’t because the rain was so bad. Sad upset I dragged myself upstairs and sat on y bed and FaceTimed my friend. We were on FaceTime for ages. Finally the rain stopped , My mum called my name [I thought we were going to Disney Land]but no she called my to go walk the dogs. What an awful day.

One Rainy Day

It had been raining all morning, rain trickling down the rose patterned windows and pouring down the roof to the gutters below. Everyone was sitting miserably in their little colourful cottages slurping up hot,delicious soup. They were watching television and covering themselves with warm, fluffy blankets. Today was not a very nice day to be going to the play park or going out with friends and family. People working in Tesco were just sloughing n their chairs also wrapped up in warm fluffy blankets. No-one was out today. It didn’t warm up for the next couple of weeks. It was just a cold day.

The Cooks

Welcome to the Cooks family. Meet Emily Cook . She is 10 years old, loves gymnastics and it learning to do a backflip! She has an younger brother called Jack . He is 3 and loves football all ready but can bearly kick the ball as to small. We have now got mum and dad to into juice you to mum is 42 and loves knitting , Dad on the other hand said that he is 21 in a joking way but the kids  recon he is 44. The other day Jack kept on asking mum and dad where the rain comes from . This story will lead on to another story called Why is it Raining?

The rainy day

I was downstairs eating my breakfast when my mum called me and explained that football is canceled because of the rain “ooooohh,”I moaned. Ok can Archie come round, fine because there is nothing else to do she replied.But I don’t want you to go on any devices play a game or something.When Archie arrived we played monopoly for a bit and then we played catch with a tennis ball then we had lunch and it was still raining it had been raining all morning.Then he went home and we played on the PS4 together.