Hello today I am going to the zoo. When we arrive we get out we go straight to the giraffe’s first because we saw on the news that there was a giraffe that has PINK SPOTS. When we where walking to the giraffe’s some bilders bilding but it was very quiet so we sneaked past them very quietly but we heard a drilling sound. When we got to the giraffe’s there was a huge one and of cause it had pink spots. I was amazed. Also while i was there i saw my teacher. I had a very good day.

Boring Day At School

It was a nother boring day at school. We were in a middle of a lesson in till we heard an noise we turned auroned and we saw a pink giraffe.Then we heard a noise it was comming from a man who was drilling a whole then he stoped he got a bucket full of water and pored it in the whole the giraffe saw and it wallked over and drunk the water the man dissipered. Everybody was chatting the teacher said turn a round and stop chatting.The man came back with a bucket of strwa and went a way quitely.

My Creasy Dream

One night I went to bed and I had the most creasy dream.There was a pink fluffy bird and even a pink giraffe.I saw my teacher in my lovely house drilling quietly in my wall.It was creasy.So I just took my mind of it.Then something else was creasy.I saw a baby elephant flying in the sky.It was so creasy.I was freaked out.So I went to the park to take my mind of it.It was mind blowing.I was getting the hang of it after all the creasy i’ve had today.It was actually kind of fun.Come to think of it.I loved today.

Ellies Weird Day

Today was the weirdest day ever, it started like this. I woke up and heard a drilling noise so I went downstairs. Then I dragged myself to school, the teacher walked in quietly instead of shouting at us for getting our homework wrong again, that was so weird. After lessons it was home time and I went on the field to play for a while, and saw a pink giraffe! I helped it out of a black bush and I think it thanked me and disappeared, no one believed me but I don’t mind. I finally went to my bed.

A pink giraffe

Last week I went to a zoo. My favorite  animal is a giraffe. I was shouting to my mum “can we go to the giraffes first?” Then we went to the giraffes and one was pink , but they all walked very very quietly. After I heard a man drilling threw a hole for a new playground and that day a school came to visit and all the children where shouting “lets go to the new playground” and the teacher  said “no come back” then we had to go home after that we walked back to the car and dived home.

Emilies strange day

One day, Cora, Annie, and Olivia where going to school but the roof had fallen down so a bus pulled up. Every body was wondering why if the school roof has fallen down.But suddenly, the teacher came out and said where all going to the zoo so they all went to the zoo. And they saw every animal except from the giraffe so they went to the giraffe and they saw that it was a pink giraffe quietly, the zoo keeper said we have to do some drilling now so they went to go back to school and and left.

Year Five Zoo Trip

Last Monday year five went on a school trip to the zoo. When we got there we sore a teacher drilling quietly on a stool .As we walked round we sore a monkey and a snow leopard. As we kept on walking we sore a pink giraffe . everyone was making fun of it because it was a different colour .So while the rest of the class carried on moving I stayed behind and tried to make it feel better. But it was very hard I don,t
know why.It was fun going to the zoo and seeing my friends night night.


Well there was a pink giraffe walking quietly towards a man in a mine with a very big drilling drill. The giraffe died when he went in the drill. There was a school who came the teacher was called Mr Orr. Then someone said in loving memory of giraffe now throw the flowers everyone so everyone threw there flowers. Suddenly a fire had started a man called phone nine nine nine fire so they called the fireman it took a long time but it was worth it. So everyone helped to clean up and they had a party. THE END. 


My Diary

I woke up in the morning and I dabbed After that  I made my pink bed and put my giraffe teddy on it. Then I sang seven years old I went downstairs and made myself some breakfast and let the dog out. Then I heard a drilling noise then I looked out my window and saw my teacher . After that I went to get dressed I also was humming quietly. then I went to the skatepark and met my friends there we had so much fun we also had ice cream and so much fun my bestie is called grace

Megan’s Weird Day

One day Megan was going to the zoo she dreamed about  pink giraffes, and a real life lego man drilling in a park and a mean teacher.While Megan was thinking about that she didn’t realise that she was at the zoo. And guess what as soon as she got out of the car she saw a pink giraffe, she got straight back in the car and went to the park. It was weird when Megan was going down the slide there was a  lego man was down at the bottom with a drill and a mean teacher Megan went home.

A day at school

We where all at school .” We all  had a shock  . our whole  class was a whole new class. At first we did not now what door to go through . We found out that our teacher was Mrs Barnard.Our class was really ,really,really big.I leant that my table was called Cleaver Cookes .Right children.said Mrs Barnard.” Welcom to Willo tree class.Today because we have a table called Cleaver Cookes we are going to be baking cokiesies  we are going to be baking them . But we are going to have groups  . Lets see then Annabel Amy  you can be our first two.



Zoo Trip With Year Five

One day I got to school and went to the zoo we saw a lady in a pink dress. Next we asked the teacher if we can go to see the giraffes. The zoo had a fire drill. We walked past the monkeys quietly. Everyone was happy so the teacher said we can go on the park bit. We all had a lot on fun on the park. We liked the day at the zoo we had a fun day  at the zoo we had to go back to school. I was reading a book and went back home.

All About Giraffe

Once I saw some drilling and I saw a pink giraffe on it. So I went over to the teacher and said can I have a pink fluffy giraffe. She is like what are you talking about. Suddenly I screemed quietly in my head because I could not bealive I said that. Then I went home and told my mum and she said mabey  for christmas. I nearly fanted when I remembered I might have one in my loft. So I got my mum to go up there. I was very dark and gloomy and it had a masive pink giraffe.

The Trail Ride In The Zoo

”Come on Lenny its time to go to the ride in the zoo ! I’ve got you a new pink riding blanket ”as Zoe tacked Lenny up she felt a pang of exitement. Zoe mounted Lenny then went to the zoo .when she got there she saw the rest of the camp and trotted over ”hi” Zoe cried as she saw the waiting troop but then she saw her dad drilling the gate and she saw someone helping him it was her teacher!”Wow ”Zoe said come on!”she whispered to Lenny as he started a  canter Zoe walked quietly past the giraffes.

The Pink Giraffe

Once upon a time there was a teacher and me  My name is Sophie don’t worry its not just me. I was just sitting in the classroom just like a normal day at school. Suddenly there was a noise almost like a drilling noise .’ Don’t worry class its just the caretaker putting up are pink giraffe’.  Said the teacher.I loved the pink giraffe we made. Finally its break its been a very boring morning. Every one is exited and very loud’.shhhhh said the teacher queitly . She said it quietly but loud at the same time she wasn’t trying to shout.

My New Puppy

It was xmas and I wrote santa a letter for a puppy then I went to bed and then the next day there was a big box I opened It and found a puppy inside of the box so I went to the cupboard to get one of my old puppy’s collar and went to the shop to get her some food and a bool and a bed and toys then we came home and had fun in the garden then went back inside to have some food then had a drink then watched tv and then tea then bed.

The Pink Giraffe

One day I went to the zoo and I saw the weirdest animal in my life it was a pink giraffe. I looked and waited until I stopped day dreaming but the thing is I wasn’t day dreaming. I was really looking at a pink giraffe!I heard someone drilling a hutch of a lion up so that he didn’t come out.I also heard a group of quiet children with there teacher having a look round the zoo.It was just that there was something weird about that giraffe it was like it was special.I suddenly looked and my parents weren’t there…

My Birthday

I really want a pink giraffe for my birthday, but my teacher said that I am being silly I asked my dad if I was being silly but he could not hear me because he was drilling because that is his job. I asked my mum but ”quietly.” witch even a word. I don’t know what to do.

The next day I asked my friends if I was silly first I asked lola ”no you are not silly” said lola know I am going to ask  harley ”harley am I silly” he said no so I am going to just get a doll.


Once upon a time there was a teacher and  a class but this class and teacher were no ordinary people, because they are construction workers, hard working construction workers and that is why their teacher has a pink drill.  Right now the teacher  is drilling so far,oh look he has dug so far down that he has found a very pretty giraffe and has told every one to quietly walk away. Then after a while he realized that the giraffe is actually very friendly and that they should keep it as a new class pet and then they went home.