Hello today I am going to the zoo. When we arrive we get out we go straight to the giraffe’s first because we saw on the news that there was a giraffe that has PINK SPOTS. When we where walking to the giraffe’s some bilders bilding but it was very quiet so we sneaked past them very quietly but we heard a drilling sound. When we got to the giraffe’s there was a huge one and of cause it had pink spots. I was amazed. Also while i was there i saw my teacher. I had a very good day.

Boring Day At School

It was a nother boring day at school. We were in a middle of a lesson in till we heard an noise we turned auroned and we saw a pink giraffe.Then we heard a noise it was comming from a man who was drilling a whole then he stoped he got a bucket full of water and pored it in the whole the giraffe saw and it wallked over and drunk the water the man dissipered. Everybody was chatting the teacher said turn a round and stop chatting.The man came back with a bucket of strwa and went a way quitely.

My Creasy Dream

One night I went to bed and I had the most creasy dream.There was a pink fluffy bird and even a pink giraffe.I saw my teacher in my lovely house drilling quietly in my wall.It was creasy.So I just took my mind of it.Then something else was creasy.I saw a baby elephant flying in the sky.It was so creasy.I was freaked out.So I went to the park to take my mind of it.It was mind blowing.I was getting the hang of it after all the creasy i’ve had today.It was actually kind of fun.Come to think of it.I loved today.

Ellies Weird Day

Today was the weirdest day ever, it started like this. I woke up and heard a drilling noise so I went downstairs. Then I dragged myself to school, the teacher walked in quietly instead of shouting at us for getting our homework wrong again, that was so weird. After lessons it was home time and I went on the field to play for a while, and saw a pink giraffe! I helped it out of a black bush and I think it thanked me and disappeared, no one believed me but I don’t mind. I finally went to my bed.

A pink giraffe

Last week I went to a zoo. My favorite  animal is a giraffe. I was shouting to my mum “can we go to the giraffes first?” Then we went to the giraffes and one was pink , but they all walked very very quietly. After I heard a man drilling threw a hole for a new playground and that day a school came to visit and all the children where shouting “lets go to the new playground” and the teacher  said “no come back” then we had to go home after that we walked back to the car and dived home.