School Project Copy

My name is Bob Im at school Im finishing my maths and next is DT and my topic in DT is making a junk instrument and Im looking throw the materials and the materials felt like a soft bed. Im making a drum I brought some sellatap and a buckit I pot the sellatap in the buckit. I pot aficon patton on the buckit and went out and play wive the drum and then my techur called me in and I had my pichur taken wive my drum and then me and all my class played are playing the instrument.

The day I lost my horse

It all started when I in the stable is getting some hay for my horse Becky.And man behind me crept over to Becky’s stable and unlocked the gate to Becky’s stable and then the man ran off and I didn’t notice then I look behind me when I was just about to give Becky her food then she was gone I called out for her but I got no answer so want to go look for her(10 minutes later) wondering in the woods hopping that I would find Becky then all of a sudden something coming from behind I turned around and I sore Becky standing right in front of me my eyes lit up like the moon I was so happy that I had found Becky so we went back to the stable.


There was a new girl in swimming she wore a swimming costem that felt like it was made of water proof sikle. It was so soft and smooth.It was as soft as a fluffy kitten.She could swim realy well I was sprised.I was not realy consentring because I was consentreting on her swimming costem.I toushed her swimming coostem. She snapped stop it at me.Our instruckter told us both off.

The fashion show

It all started when Amy and Annabel where very little about 2 there where thing to do was dressing up .But when they where grown up guess what they wanted to be when they where grow up they wanted to be a fashion disener. Oh no they went any fashion disener they made dresses pretty dresses . They went any old dresses oh on the mitre it was shimmy ,glittery,sparkly. With pink roses and a purple ribbon with a bow on it .Amy and Annabel tried it on first thing they a dordit they danced ,danced,danced,danced,danced,danced,danced all night




The shoe factrey

In the fatrey sum one got there hand stuck in the mashene. in one of the boxes there is a hundred pound and if you get it you can get a free pair of shoes. This child walked in and said mum can I have them shoes no if you wont them earn them but but do I have to yes you do. Defendley not now its closing now so we better go now. Mum wye dident you by them becase I dident want to spend all my money.Can we go tomrow no you got werck do I have to.


2016 I was in prison but  I exgapt prison  it was hard.   The gurs wer  looking for me it was hard enof.   I am stil on the loos I swam to as there as I  sor an ilond i went on the ilond  on the ilond WAS LOTS OF PLIES  lukly there was a bot. I went on the bot the plies went on to me    on a sumbreen  and they went under water.  1 of the sumbreens popd in thrunt of me 2 miments .Later I was Sronded 

the BOT SANK I was doomed im in prison 1s agen biy. FOR ever

The Dress Maker

Once a polar time there lived a wedding dress maker. She made dresses for everyone and they loved them.She had lots of soft things in her house.She had one really soft material .The material felt like a soft kitten laying in a cosy bed with you .On Tuesday she had lodes of customers in fact she had over 400 people so the line had to go all the way out the door.She made them as fast as she could but she couldn’t keep up with everyone.So she made one of her own and they liked it .night night i said OK.

The shoe fatrey

Inside the shoe boxes all the shoes well lets see not all of the shoe boxes. If I had told people to see what the material felt like if I had made the new shoe boxes if I had asked for help then none of this would of happened. I know I shall go to that room Jamie I sat up I hope you are getting on with your work otherwise its detenshon what 3:00 now oh no the school bell rang ok if you have done one word or more you can go home said the crazy teacher Mr Crazy.


The New Dress

I was looking in my draw and I could not find any think. When I say anything I mean anything no shoes no anything so I am going shopping “mum we are going shopping in are PJs” I said “OK I will get the car” she said

we were at the shop tha taw the best most expensive shop in the world and I sore the best dress ever the material felt like christmas and birthday put into one it was the best thing EVER so I bought it but it was $1000000000000000 pounds so much so we did not get it. :[


One day there lived a girl called Ruby. Ruby was really good at art. She was very exited because there was a art day. “Do you know what  your material feel like and she said I do not know”. Then I said “can I feel It”. Then she said “sure.” Then I said “don’t you not know what material this is no”. Then I said”It Is soft animal fur”. And the story went on and on and on. After that she never wanted to do art again….so Ruby started screaming she sounded like the fire bell so everybody got up.

School Project

My name is Bob Im at school Im finishing my maths and next is DT and my topic in DT is making a junk instrument and Im looking throw the materials and the materials felt like a soft bed. Im making a drum I brought some sellatap and a buckit I pot the sellatap in the buckit. I pot aficon patton on the buckit and went out and play wive the drum and then my techur called me in and I had my pichur taken wive my drum and then me and all my class played are playing the instrument.


It was a very stormy night and there was crashing waves.
I had to sleep during the storm but I couldn’t because of the
crashing waves and the loud I decided
I would go out side and look at the waves and the lightning.
But as soon as I got out side I realized it was a bad idea.
I felt scared and i wanted to go back in my house but as I
was going back the wind blew and HELP I was in the sea.
I held on to a rock and the material felt like a squid.I fell off.P4

The Fashion show

Hi I’m Charlie I’m a dress maker I’ll tell you what happend yesterday I went  to by materials when I got to the shop I saw a amazing material it looked like silk I went to touch it . It felt like leopard  fur it was leopard print silk .Straight away I brought It.  when I got home I made a dress out of  the beautiful fabric because  I had spare then I made a headband and a few scrunchies  I put 2 in 2 envelopes and  mailed them of to my friends then I went to Milan  fashion show  bye from Charlie.

Going into town for the first time

As I woke up at the crack of dawn I wanted to go to town for the first ever time and I wanted to buy some new clothes and I did. So I went into the shop and  felt all the materials on the clothes and I came across one top witch looked so pretty and the material felt like smooth as a baby’s bum. And I bought lots of other clothes too and I went home and I ware all my clothes and I did’t forgot my favourite till last the best top in the world it was amazing.


The Magic material

I was building a shed in my back garden but my material was not real then my material .Came to live it said hi my name Alan Turing my name is mark lee and do you want to help me build my shed .but they went in side then some people look of magic wood they want to make all the.Money in the word buy anything in word but he was the one they need it was a magic wood item con fly if it was in danger and no one can’t touch it but the man went slide in the house and think i am in danger and fell up to the sky

Eric and the secret

One day Eric was in the car on the way to the blue john mine . When we arrived there was a boat to take us to the mine . when we where in the mine  all we could see was blue stone and black coal .  When we where at the bottom of the cave everyone was looking at the blue john .  But I saw some thing different I saw some stone out of place . So I hit it and a secret un raveled  with lodes of cushions  and a xbox and the materials felt like a soft duvet, it felt home .


The moment that I step in my bedroom I noticed that my bedclothes were on the floor so I decided to pick them up and make a fort of pillows and here I shall start and the material felt like the softest thing I have ever felt . I am half way through and it is so far so good and I have just finished placing the xbox in the sitting room and I am so close to being done and I have now made my bedroom it was so comfy and I am doing the final touch now, and done.


Art day!

One day at school we had a art day.I thought it would be a normal day of school.I met a friend called Freya.It was the best day of school ever. Me and Freya made slippers the material felt like a poodle.It took for ever to make but it was worth it.We did some sowing and glowing.It was so fun by the end of the lesson we had done are slippers.We war them for the hole day.They were so soft and warm.I wore them allot.I showed my hole family they really wanted some.I loved them to.So I made my family some.

The Girl In Art Class

I just woke up math finished it was know art class.I said to the teacher”can i get that peasce of material plaese”i picked it up the material felt like the skin of a crocodile.”Um mister Mack is this really a real bit of material”i said ”well of cause it is Grace”shouted mister mack.”Know get on we do not have much time left”i just got on with it so he would stop mouning.”I still do not belive it i still think that it is real crocodile skin”.”Hey Grace let me feel that material”said Graces bff Lola”that does feel like a crocodile.

The Magic Material

Yay it was finally time for D T I was so exited.We were making sunset pictures .I was looking for material when I found the most iece ever .It was purple and sparkly the material felt really soft like a blanket .I picked it up and  I was up in the sky  there was planes flying past me I was actuly in the sky!Suddenly I was dropped back down to earth  into school .Well back to boring  school luckily  nowone new  not even the teacher nowone  on my table new. Looks like its a secret for life!