School Project Copy

My name is Bob Im at school Im finishing my maths and next is DT and my topic in DT is making a junk instrument and Im looking throw the materials and the materials felt like a soft bed. Im making a drum I brought some sellatap and a buckit I pot the sellatap in the buckit. I pot aficon patton on the buckit and went out and play wive the drum and then my techur called me in and I had my pichur taken wive my drum and then me and all my class played are playing the instrument.

The day I lost my horse

It all started when I in the stable is getting some hay for my horse Becky.And man behind me crept over to Becky’s stable and unlocked the gate to Becky’s stable and then the man ran off and I didn’t notice then I look behind me when I was just about to give Becky her food then she was gone I called out for her but I got no answer so want to go look for her(10 minutes later) wondering in the woods hopping that I would find Becky then all of a sudden something coming from behind I turned around and I sore Becky standing right in front of me my eyes lit up like the moon I was so happy that I had found Becky so we went back to the stable.


There was a new girl in swimming she wore a swimming costem that felt like it was made of water proof sikle. It was so soft and smooth.It was as soft as a fluffy kitten.She could swim realy well I was sprised.I was not realy consentring because I was consentreting on her swimming costem.I toushed her swimming coostem. She snapped stop it at me.Our instruckter told us both off.

The fashion show

It all started when Amy and Annabel where very little about 2 there where thing to do was dressing up .But when they where grown up guess what they wanted to be when they where grow up they wanted to be a fashion disener. Oh no they went any fashion disener they made dresses pretty dresses . They went any old dresses oh on the mitre it was shimmy ,glittery,sparkly. With pink roses and a purple ribbon with a bow on it .Amy and Annabel tried it on first thing they a dordit they danced ,danced,danced,danced,danced,danced,danced all night




The shoe factrey

In the fatrey sum one got there hand stuck in the mashene. in one of the boxes there is a hundred pound and if you get it you can get a free pair of shoes. This child walked in and said mum can I have them shoes no if you wont them earn them but but do I have to yes you do. Defendley not now its closing now so we better go now. Mum wye dident you by them becase I dident want to spend all my money.Can we go tomrow no you got werck do I have to.