The new dress

One day there was a girl and her name was Miya h and she went every were looking for a dress shop and she finaley fond a dress what she wanted but she did not want the orange one she wanted a white one. One hour latter the dress was not done. The material felt like silk.The next morning the dress was done at last the dress was so prity so Mia put on the dress. Every day Mia put the dress on her sister was so sad because she wants a dress just like her sisters dress so much

Ellie’s home alone

One Sunday morning Ellie woke up in a happy mood she didn’t quiet know why though.Then suddenly she rememberd she was going on holiday so she quickly packed her case and went down stairs as she heard a noise it was her mums car she looked out side and saw her mum driving to the airport. But she didn’t think it was that bad so she went and brought some sand and put it near the pool. By the time she had done that it was bed time she went to her room and the material felt like a cushion.

Working in a fashion shop

One day there was a girl called Leah and she was 18. She worked in a fashion shop. One day she was going to the shop and she went in to the shop and served a custormer and she tuched the dress and the material felt like as smooth as a daisy. so she served the costermor went home had a bath. Something to eat and went to watch t.v her favarate channel was on Matilda so she watched it and then suddenly, her mum came in and said go to bed so she did and she had a nice dream.

School car project

I got to school and I was ready…we got are things.I sat down and I got a long and I attached a weal on both sids and made another one and the material felt like the softest thing in the world.I put the body of the car on the wheels and glued it together. I painted it lime we put them on a table and the teachers looked at them.the judged them. it was on the second place was me i was sad because my sami got first place but I done beta then I thought I said well done.

The Horses Saddle

Today I wanted to go on a ride on my pony Twilight, so I went outside to tack her up and I suddenly saw that her saddle wasn’t her saddle!The material felt like a peace of silk over his back.For a minute I thought I was just feeling things, so I got on Twilights back and rode through the woods.The next day I went outside to check on twilight and to clean Twilight’s stable. I put Twilight outside and tided her up.Once I had cleaned Twilight’s stable I then went to her to check on her and she wasn’t there!”TWILIGHT”!

The Saddle Shop

“Come on Sugar, we are going on a trip to the saddle shop!” as Amy put Sugar’s tack on then got on.Sugar’s tack had broken so Amy used her sister’s horse’s saddle until she got a new one as Amy approached the shop she dismounted and went inside she felt a black saddle and the material felt like a peace of silk and it was just Sugar’s size so she picked it up and went to the shop keeper and paid Sugar gave a whinny of delight as he saw his shiny new saddle. “It looks great on you”grinned Amy.




my day with my friends

Me, Annie and Cora were going to the material shop. We were so excited so we went straight to sleep. The next day we met up at the material shop and went in! We went in and saw a huge shop filled with materials. So we all touched a rainbow coloured one and the material felt like soft but firm. Then after a long time we went back to our houses. I went to my room and said” I cant believe we did that”! Then I went downstairs had dinner and went straight to my room and went to sleep.