Gi Gis Worst Nightmare!!!!!!

“Omg a big spider cool!” I said. Hi my name is Fath and I have a younger sister who I such a girlly girl her name is Gi Gi short for Ginny. “Aaaaaaa Fath help me there is a spider at the front of the school”. said Gi Gi. “Ok ok  Gi Gi calm down we all know so I think you should calm down and take a bubble bath.”I said. “why a bubble bath.” said Gi Gi. “because you are bubble.” I said. Ha ha very funny my name is bugs bunny. said Gi Gi. “Good  it is gone”.


I have finish maths and I’m going on a school trip and we are going to a pack and we are going to the pack because we are going to see a sachow of a spied on a web. I’m on the bus. I’m at the pack at walking to the spied. It is giant and I’m tacking a picture. I back on the bus and to the end of the day I did PE and we did football I got 5 goals to noel and my team wins the football match and gets to go home 40 min before home time.

The bigest spider

One day there was a girl downstairs and her name was Mia and she turned and I saw a big spider on the floor I called my friend her name was Amelia and she screamed. One two three spiders came running out my bedroom so we ran out the house and went to Ruby’s house she said why are you here and we said there are spiders are in Mias house and ruby just laughed we had a sleep over at Ruby’s house I sat with ruby’s bunny.The next day we went back to my house they were all gone.

My biggest fear

Today i’m going to a haunted house and I hate haunted houses but you no what hate more then haunted spiders. on the way to the haunted house i saw a massive spider and i screamed, i was freaked out my skin went inside out. and as i want into the haunted house there was a lot of spiders and cobwebs,i was crying in tears. a few minutes later we where coming back and it was still there and i was freaking out and crying but when i went to sleep i had the worst nightmare of a spider……..oh no!

The new playground!

We got a new piece of the playground, it was so scary it was a spider! Every one was petrified of it, one kid fell of while on it. It was huge,it looked real and had looked as if had spun a web. Every one shouted “eeeeeeekkkkk” when they touched it. Eventually it was not scary anymore so we all went on and no one screamed but it came alive! It ate me but it spat me out “yuk” I shouted! They got rid of it and the children talked about it “I still feel slimy” i told my friend!