The day before halloween!!!

One day there was a house and it was the day before halloween and everybody was decorating there houses except from jazzy. She loved halloween and she begged her mum to go shopping for halloween decorations. So they went to the shop and there was a big, huge spider so Jazzy got a spider, 2 candy corn jars that are zombies, paper chains, and even a black cat. As soon as she got home she started decorating her room straight away. It was finally halloween she got changed and went trick or treating  she got some candy and went to bed.

Laura’s Legs

I’m Laura there are tons of spiders and spiderling where I live. Just then there was tons of spiderlings heading towards me .ran they were right behind me now all of a sudden I  heard a noise it sounded like…a hoover!  Its coming straight for me I was trying to dodge but I had nowhere to go.All of a sudden I was in a hoover .I felt a sharp pain and the hoover was all dark. Adventully I  was out but I realsed I was missing 2 legs. But  they will grow back  hopefully no more spiders will chase me again.

The house of dome

Ones there was a boy called Luke and he was going to moth house he realy wanted to and they left. they got there and the house was big…he was scared and said to his mum “Im scared”.they went in and there were lots of spiders and cob webs. I went up and it was pitch black I found a light switch and terned it on it was not a good light switch. he went in to his room and went on his bed and went to sleep he woke up and went to his mum can we go home.

My Worst Fear

Once upon a time I went downstairs and found no one there so I looked and I looked and I looked but all I could find was a… a… A MASSIVE SPIDER! I ran to my room and hid under my covers but also slowly crept back down stairs and this time it has made a gigantic web I thought to myself “It is okay they will be back any minute “,but they were not and they took ages “Where on earth could they be?”,I thought to myself and they just came out of the bedroom door and said “gotcha”.