strange times dddddddd

It was nite time people were walking in the big city of Bob and all the citizens of Bob were taking a walk in the city centre then they started to fade and then all of the people stated to disappear  and then they came back  as a horrerfing  gost redy to kill enyone ho derd to kum nere them and then they notist me I ran for my life and I just out ran them but they were just bhind me so I hid in a shed and then at of the blouw a gost came and all of a suden he killed me and I will get you

The camp out.

Amelie and i where going out camping. So sins the nearest fild was the cow fild but the cow,s where gon for the easter.But when they where there there where qite a lot of jobs to do.The first job was to find sticks to make a camp fia. the girls where getting tired so they  looked at there basket and they had a chicen  so with the stiks they rubbed them together to make fia  and so they uest there sause pan made out of ston  to cooc there chicen. After they had finisht  there tea they  went to bed in there tent.


Hi my name is bob I’m on my way home and suddenly a car smashed into the wall and spun into another car and there was a lot of smoke I was there from one hour suddenly the smoke cleared. The cars are cleared and I’m back on my way home again. I’m at home. My mum ask me why I took so long and I said I was a long and I ran up to my bed and had a rest and then I had diner and then I ran up to my bed and played on my Ipad


Wen we went to the fire stashen we sor loots of fire trucks and cars and there did a fire test it was intresting but evry one scremd and I went and loocd and some one said to me theav coot on fire and its a posebol to stop we had to woon evry one so we did thets get the jeep and we started at Japan there was lods of peape but we wond them in time.

The Earthquake!!!

I was just in my bedroom doing some really hard math homework with my BFF Grace. We were working on the same question because we were going through them one by one.But just then Grace and me felt a huge thump in the ground.Suddenly Grace ran out of the room and i followed her”were are you going?”i shouted ”to see what happened”Grace said. When we got there there was lots of smoke but as the smoke cleaed me and Grace saw a EARTHQUAKE!!!It was so hot when you got up close up.Me and Grace ran to my house and told my mum.

Heathers secrete sleepover

It was Heathers birthday and she’d never had a party before,she was 9 now so she really wanted a sleepover.She went and asked  her mum “mum can i have a sleepover PLEASE”? Her mum thought for a few seconds “NO”,Heather was  upset.When Heather got back to her room she called her friend Meg “do you want to come to my sleepover”,said Heather. “Yes said Meg”, Meg had gone and was at the door already”hi” Meg said. Hi Meg lets have a bonfire “ok” as soon as they got the fireworks BOOM smoke went everywhere as the smoke cleared Heathers mum apperd.

The School Is On Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name Is Samantha [my friends call me sassy because In reception I won a sass contest]   my best friends are Gigi and JJ are friendship group is called The Perfect 3.                                                                                                      Anyway back to the subject so we were walking to school as you do most days then we went to English then maths then we heard screaming, ”get out get out”me and my friends grabbed our heavy colorful school bags and ran out as fast as we could then we got in our fire lines then we went home and talked on the phone for a lots bye.

Bonfire Night

It was 4:30pm and it was already dark ready for the bonfire.I invited my best friend Amelie over.It was ten to six and Amelie got here in a bright,sparkling, blue car.Amelie jumped out the sparkling, bright blue car and skipped over to me.”Wow, your car is amazing,”I said amazed.”Come on it’s almost time,”I said .Then my dad was lighting the first fire work and it lent the wrong way and it made a big cloud of smoke.As the smoke cleared we could see that there was a big hole in the tree and the sky was full of beautiful colours every where you looked!

the bonfire !

At school we wear going to have a big bonfire. I hate fire last time I nearly got court on fire. That was my worst nightmare ever. But if I say I do not want to do it my friend’s will think I am a big baby. But if I do do it then I might die I do defently not want to die. Would you like to die from your worst nightmare? 1 day later luckly  I did sivive the bonfire. Suddenly a big puff of smoke appeared it was the fire. As the smoke cleared it was raining really hared.


Hello my name is Josh and I am a fire man. To day I have all ready put out one fire and I am on another trip to put out a fire. We are zooming in and out of traffic the fire is just round the corner nee nor nee nor. We are currently putting out the car witch is on fire and as the smoke cleared. BANG!!. The car exploded. The fire men needed more men to put out the fire. When more fire men arrived the fire was put out carefully and every body was safe and happy.

5th Of November

” Today is bonfire night at cubs ” said Eric  excitedly as he was on the way to school to his Mum and friend Josh. when we got to school we did maths, English, outdoor P.E and now we doing 100 word challenge (my favourite lesson out of these is 100 word challenge). After school was over I went to Josh’s  house before cubs. When we where at cubs there was a big fire behind the hut when we got behind the hut a load of  smoke  went in my face when the smoke cleared I saw a table with food and drink “this is the best day ever” he shouted

My bad day

I woke up and I know it going to be a bad day because it always is a bad day. When I got to school I got detention because I was latte. I found a cat and it ran into the class room and they all blamed me then there was a fire and after lunch the smoke cleared. We all had to write a sentence on the white bored. We all wrote about what we did at lunch we all had a lot of fun like always. At the end of the day I went home and played a lot.

The Fireworks

Today is firework night and i’m really looking forward to it . Thats if I make it on time as i’m running late.I’m taking a bunch of friends with me.Finally I made it and I was on time .  It was the final firework and it was a big one 5..4..3 …2 ..1.There was a big bang and then there was loads of smoke it was so scary but it slowly disappeard  . Then there  was a massive fire we were all told to leave as it was spreading quickly. It was the next day and I can’t wait to tell my adventure.


”Today I am getting sent of to the army well maby  not the army  but traing ”.In packystan one of my friend’s died there reasently.I need to be care full if i want to survive evryone needs to lern how to frow a granade    10 houres later i am at the train station 20 mins later .Hi i just got changed i am going out side now  i see the captin. he tell’s  me to get a granade out out and take the pin out and frow when the smoke clears  i see an armydog hase been hit but i explained thow

a wired smell

Hi my name is Jake and I’m moving house. In a couple of days with my mum and our new house has a massive garden and a wooden porch. When we get there I’m going to get a massive bedroom with a big TV, what more could you asked for. and when we got there my mum went outside on the new porch and I followed her very slowly. i went outside and it smelled so wired and as the smoke cleared I went outside and asked mum “what is that”? and she said it is smoking. I was confused.


Once there was a school. It was a school with a chimney and the chimney was on fire and then it caught fire”everyone get out and lineup in a straight line at the fire assemble point! The smoke poured out of the school. The smoke was a dark thick black and the firemen came to put out the red hot flames soon when the smoke had cleared all you could see was a big mess and a lot of bricks scatted around the place well we all went home after a few weeks we found a new school. THE END.



“Hi i’m Megan and i’m moving to a new house, my friends say its scary, creepy and HAUNTED! When we had painted and settled we put all of our belongings away carefully. I hadn’t been in my bedroom, my parents painted and sorted it out so i was really scared to go in the room! I went in and found… green slimey monsters! They said “were friendly don’t hurt us”, so i made friends with Bob glob and Glubber!we sat by the fire and talked then glubber blew it out as the smoke cleared we coughed and laughed and ate”.

never trust smoke

aaaaahhhhh as the smoke cleared I sore a light it was very bright and the school was not there anymore I was in prison!

”get up you lazy bagges you have some cleaning to do.” said the prison gard ”what I am not cleaning.” yes you are or I will get my gun out and.” ok ok ok I will clean but only if you give me a tenner for it.” i said ”no way your in hear for a reason.” said the gard what reason.” aaaaa you mm you ha just go before I get my gun out ok ok ok I am gone


my friend is mia and grace and lola and they are nice to me and sometimes i play with them i play with mia more then i do grace and lola i went to the shops and i meat my nan she was shopping she got me sweets and i said thank you and then we went to her house and i played with my dog and i played with mia as well and she had a sleep over at m house and played with my dog and she is a puppy she is so so so cute and plays