strange times dddddddd

It was nite time people were walking in the big city of Bob and all the citizens of Bob were taking a walk in the city centre then they started to fade and then all of the people stated to disappear  and then they came back  as a horrerfing  gost redy to kill enyone ho derd to kum nere them and then they notist me I ran for my life and I just out ran them but they were just bhind me so I hid in a shed and then at of the blouw a gost came and all of a suden he killed me and I will get you

The camp out.

Amelie and i where going out camping. So sins the nearest fild was the cow fild but the cow,s where gon for the easter.But when they where there there where qite a lot of jobs to do.The first job was to find sticks to make a camp fia. the girls where getting tired so they  looked at there basket and they had a chicen  so with the stiks they rubbed them together to make fia  and so they uest there sause pan made out of ston  to cooc there chicen. After they had finisht  there tea they  went to bed in there tent.


Hi my name is bob I’m on my way home and suddenly a car smashed into the wall and spun into another car and there was a lot of smoke I was there from one hour suddenly the smoke cleared. The cars are cleared and I’m back on my way home again. I’m at home. My mum ask me why I took so long and I said I was a long and I ran up to my bed and had a rest and then I had diner and then I ran up to my bed and played on my Ipad


Wen we went to the fire stashen we sor loots of fire trucks and cars and there did a fire test it was intresting but evry one scremd and I went and loocd and some one said to me theav coot on fire and its a posebol to stop we had to woon evry one so we did thets get the jeep and we started at Japan there was lods of peape but we wond them in time.

The Earthquake!!!

I was just in my bedroom doing some really hard math homework with my BFF Grace. We were working on the same question because we were going through them one by one.But just then Grace and me felt a huge thump in the ground.Suddenly Grace ran out of the room and i followed her”were are you going?”i shouted ”to see what happened”Grace said. When we got there there was lots of smoke but as the smoke cleaed me and Grace saw a EARTHQUAKE!!!It was so hot when you got up close up.Me and Grace ran to my house and told my mum.