Heathers secrete sleepover

It was Heathers birthday and she’d never had a party before,she was 9 now so she really wanted a sleepover.She went and asked  her mum “mum can i have a sleepover PLEASE”? Her mum thought for a few seconds “NO”,Heather was  upset.When Heather got back to her room she called her friend Meg “do you want to come to my sleepover”,said Heather. “Yes said Meg”, Meg had gone and was at the door already”hi” Meg said. Hi Meg lets have a bonfire “ok” as soon as they got the fireworks BOOM smoke went everywhere as the smoke cleared Heathers mum apperd.

The School Is On Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name Is Samantha [my friends call me sassy because In reception I won a sass contest]   my best friends are Gigi and JJ are friendship group is called The Perfect 3.                                                                                                      Anyway back to the subject so we were walking to school as you do most days then we went to English then maths then we heard screaming, ”get out get out”me and my friends grabbed our heavy colorful school bags and ran out as fast as we could then we got in our fire lines then we went home and talked on the phone for a lots bye.

Bonfire Night

It was 4:30pm and it was already dark ready for the bonfire.I invited my best friend Amelie over.It was ten to six and Amelie got here in a bright,sparkling, blue car.Amelie jumped out the sparkling, bright blue car and skipped over to me.”Wow, your car is amazing,”I said amazed.”Come on it’s almost time,”I said .Then my dad was lighting the first fire work and it lent the wrong way and it made a big cloud of smoke.As the smoke cleared we could see that there was a big hole in the tree and the sky was full of beautiful colours every where you looked!

the bonfire !

At school we wear going to have a big bonfire. I hate fire last time I nearly got court on fire. That was my worst nightmare ever. But if I say I do not want to do it my friend’s will think I am a big baby. But if I do do it then I might die I do defently not want to die. Would you like to die from your worst nightmare? 1 day later luckly  I did sivive the bonfire. Suddenly a big puff of smoke appeared it was the fire. As the smoke cleared it was raining really hared.